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I help you create cherished memories and charming stories while making travel planning a fun part of your vacations!

Travel should be fun! Fun to plan, fun while you’re on your trip, and a magical memory to enjoy your entire life.

As a Travel Advisor with Creating Magic Vacations (an authorized Disney vacation planner), I’ll help you be the vacation-planning superhero!

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In addition to being a Travel Advisor, I’m also an author and have two podcasts:

  • Beer Thursday
  • All Things Travel Podcast

Check out the All Things Travel Podcast

Join Travel Advisors and Disney Destination Experts Ryan Hedstrom and Shayne Seymour as they share travel tips, travel ideas, and travel experiences to help you become a Travel-Planning Superhero.

Ryan and Shayne are both Travel Advisors with Creating Magic Vacations, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

Maximize enjoyment of your travel with the Must-DOs, avoid stress and misery with the Must-Do-NOTs, or dream along as Ryan, Shayne, and their guests regale their travel stories. You’ll enjoy travel tips, ideas, and stories so that you can experience the magic of amazing travel destinations like Disney, Universal, and Europe, as well as cruising, all-inclusive resorts, and the newest and hottest travel destinations.

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