Adventures By Disney Alaska and Southern CA/Disneyland – 74

The ultimate family vacation just may be on today’s show! Whether you are looking for adventure in Alaska or the glitz of LA and magic of Disneyland, today Shayne and I discuss two North American itineraries for Adventures by Disney that will make you want to pack your bags!

Unbelievable itineraries combined with the Disney Difference!

  • Adventure Guides (Disney and local)
  • Family Fun (activities for families, adults, and children)
  • Authenticity (guides, itineraries, special extras)
  • Insider Access (backstage pass)
  • All-Inclusive nature of the trip packages!

Adventures By Disney Alaska

  • 8 Days
  • 16 Meals
  • 14 Sites
  • Anchorage Marriott Downtown
  • Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
  • Grande Denali Lodge
  • The Hotel Alyeska
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center
  • Activities at Eklutna Lake
  • Alaska Railroad Dome Ride to Denali National Park
  • Junior Ranger Program for Junior Adventurers
  • Scenic Wilderness Rafting OR Denali Natural History Tour
  • Visit a Championship Kennel
  • Gold Panning at Crow Creek
  • Spencer Glacier Float Trip & Salmon Bake
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Adventures By Disney Southern CA/Disneyland

  • 6 Days
  • 11 Meals
  • 14 Sites
  • Loews Hollywood Hotel
  • Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
  • Private Hollywood Excursion
  • The Jim Henson Company VIP Visit
  • The Walt Disney Studios & Archive
  • Walt Disney Imagineering Tour
  • Evening at Disneyland Park
  • VIP Visit to Disneyland Park
  • Character Breakfast at Storytellers Café
  • VIP Visit to Disney California Adventure Park
  • VIP Viewing of World of Color

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Episode 74 Transcripts

Ryan: Hello, and welcome to All Things Travel. The ultimate family vacation just may be on today’s. Whether you’re looking for adventure in Alaska or the glitz of LA and magic of Disneyland. Today, Shayne and I discussed two North American itineraries for Adventures by Disney.

That just may make you want to pack your bags. You’re listening to All Things Travel episode 74 original air date, October 6th, 2021. 

Well, Shayne, we have talked about adventures by Disney several times, and there are some good reasons why, because this is an amazing travel partner. 

Shayne: Yeah, any destination you want to go to any continent you want to see the highlights of and do it in style and with convenience and with service that won’t be matched by anyone else. Adventures by Disney is the way to go.

Ryan: Absolutely. So a couple weeks ago we knew we wanted to talk more about adventures by Disney. So I put out a poll in our Facebook group and Hey, if you’re not part of our, all things travel Facebook group, what’s the problem. Come on, get on there. And.

Shayne: on, get with the program, 

Ryan: So I put out a poll to our, to our listeners, and our Facebook friends.

And I said, where do you want to hear about? And the number one choice was north American trips. And so today we’re going to talk about several North American itineraries for adventures by Disney. But first, one of my favorite parts of the segment, one of my favorite parts of the show, where in the world are all things travel France. 

Shayne: Where in the world is all things travel. We are going internationally again, 

Ryan: Okay. 

Shayne: heading out to Strömstad, Sweden. 

Ryan: That is awesome. I’m excited that you are here and I want to come visit you. 

Shayne: We can go to Daftöland. 

Ryan: Daftöland. What’s that? 

Shayne: It’s an amusement park and there’s pirates and there’s a flume ride. And, you know, I love a flume ride. I love a flume ride. 

Ryan: That’s right. 

That’s so cool. Welcome so much. 

Shayne: Dateline Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ryan: Oh, right. 

Shayne: We can go out there and we can bring in visit some museums and 

Ryan: There’s great stuff in 

Shayne: yeah, we can check out the hotel, weight room, all kinds of fun in Las Vegas 

Ryan: or, well, I’ll just leave be 

Shayne: Nice Shang-Chi referenced there. 

Ryan: Or yeah, there you go. I like that. I like that.

Shayne: So we’ve covered what is Adventures by Disney? The epitome of the done-for-you vacation. One booking includes your hotels, transfers activities. It’s all planned out for you with a little bit of time to improvise and enjoy some, exploring on your own.

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. With, with ABD, you’re going to get adventure guides. So people who are trained specifically by Disney to give you top-notch, customer service, both Disney guides that travel with you the entire time. And if you’re visiting multiple locations, local guides that really help you understand.

The city or the town or the place that you’re visiting, there’s going to be family fun activities for everybody. So for instance, you know, there’s going to be times that there’s activities just for the kids. There’s going to be times that there’s activities just for the adults, and times that everybody’s together.

So Disney has really figured that out that, you know, sometimes we want to have family time and sometimes mom and dad just need a special dinner to themselves. 

Shayne: And to wax a little philosophic about the authenticity with the local guides. That’s one of the things that makes our trips to Spain. So meaningful is that having the relatives there that live there and that local guide that knows the nooks and crannies of the destination. 

Ryan: Right. 

Shayne: makes the experience so much more meaningful and that’s really cool.

That Disney includes that second guide. That’s a 

Ryan: Right. 

Shayne: on all of their destinations.

Ryan: You’re really with that Shayne, you’re going to get that insider access. So kind of feeling like you have a backstage pass, not only to the tourist destinations, but to the feeling like a local and feeling like you’re really immersed in the culture. And more importantly with that, all of this is really this all-inclusive nature of the trip.

You, you make, you, you know, you’re paying for one. And most everything is taken care of once you’re there. 

Shayne: All right, Alaska. 

Ryan: Alaska.

Let’s talk about that. I know that’s the one you picked for this show that you’re excited to share with folks. 

Shayne: So it’s an eight day itinerary. I’m going to be talking about the 2022 vacations, eight days, 16 meals and 14 sites, including places like Denali National Park. You’ll get to pan for gold and a river. Yep. That’ll be fun. Um, meet some iditarod dogs. 

Ryan: Oh, very 

Shayne: Yeah. And maybe some puppies, maybe some iditarod puppies and some reindeer and potentially see a lot of other animals in the wild, some wildlife.

Ryan: Very cool. 

Shayne: Right. So the first day it begins in Anchorage, Alaska, and you fly into the Anchorage airport. And like with all Adventures by Disney Trips, they will pick you up at the airport and transport you to the hotel because all your transfers are included 

Ryan: Awesome. 

Shayne: and they will transfer you to the Anchorage Marriott, downtown 

Ryan: I have stayed there. 

Shayne: Really. 

Ryan: Yes. Yep. I have stayed there. Very nice hotel.. 

Shayne: Very cool. That night they will provide your dinner for you. That’s usually on the itinerary. There is a dinner at the 49th Street Brewing Company. So you can have some house-made brews and some seafood and steak to round off your first night in Anchorage.

Ryan: All right. That’s a great. 

Shayne: Second day breakfast is offered at the hotel. Did they have a pretty good breakfast?

Ryan: Uh, we didn’t have breakfast as, as part of our stay there. So, but I mean, they definitely had multiple restaurants and things. And one of the things that Adventures by Disney often does is include breakfast every day as part of their trips. So they know that everybody starts off the right way. 

Shayne: Yeah. You know, I usually do intermittent fasting and I don’t have breakfast, but if, if I’m going to have days that are as full as these days are, I’m starting off. With a few calories. All right. So then the first thing you do is after breakfast, you arrive at the Alaska native heritage center.

You arrive when it opens and there you get to learn some of the heritage of native Alaskan cultures. You can learn from the guides about. Alaska’s indigenous population. You can see some of their art, see some of the games they played and here’s some stories from the locals and there’s also some local artisans there that will have some of their crafts on sale.

You can peruse those and you can purchase them if you like. There’s always going to be shopportunities. Oh yeah.

From there you’ll get transported to Eklutna L ake where there are a few activities you can enjoy. There’ll be some kayaking around the lake, some biking around the lake, which just sounds incredible out there. But those magnificent mountain views and that gorgeous lake.

And then in between the two, whether yeah, bike first or kayak first, you can enjoy a barbecue feast around a camp.

Ryan: Awesome. I bet there’s some salmon associated with that. Barbecue. 

Shayne: There might be a little salmon involved 

there in Alaska cookout. Then from there, you’ll travel to Talkeetna. Where you’ll check into the Talkeetna Alaskan lodge

and that night you’ll get to have dinner at the lodge. So on day two, all three meals are provided for you.

Ryan: Great. 

Shayne: Then on day three, you get to have breakfast at the Talkeetna Roadhouse, and then you get to enjoy the morning, cruising around the little mountain side village of Talkeetna, a beautiful quaint mountain town. 

There there’s only 800 residents there. So that’s be pretty cool experience.

Ryan: Yeah. 

Shayne: little mountain town. Now here’s the part you and I are going to love because it involves a train. 

Ryan: Oh, very 

Shayne: Yeah. get day ride on a scenic Alaska railroad dome train. 

Ryan: Oh, the dome trains with the glass ceilings. Awesome. 

Shayne: yep. 360 views. And you get to ride the train to Denali National Park. 

Ryan: Of 

Shayne: get to have lunch on the train for this ride.

There’s a junior ranger program for the kids where they’ll get to check off some activities. And then when you arrive at the Denali visitor center, then the junior adventurers, the kids get to be sworn in as junior Rangers. It should be pretty fun. 

Now I was looking at some reports on some of the vacations this year and because of everything going on in 2021, the Alaskan railroad made some changes to the schedule.

So for some of the vacations, they didn’t get to train ride. 

So if, yeah, if you’re going to be planning one of these, that’s something that you’ll want to look at to see how your time there lines up with the train schedules and make sure that. Get to have that dome train 

Ryan: Sure. 

Shayne: When you arrive at the Denali National Park visitor center, you’ll get to enjoy some time on your own.

You can explore some exhibits there and then there’s going to be Rangers that you can talk to, and they’ll give you advice on how you can explore the area during your free time. There, do some activities that m atch what you’re comfortable doing or what you enjoy doing. 

after that, you get to check in at the Grand Denali Lodge where dinner will be served for that night.

this Grand Denali Lodge it’s on a ledge overlooking the Denali canyon 

Ryan: Ooh. 

Shayne: that looks the lodge. And the views of the canyon, the miles and miles that you can see from adjust. Look spectaculars.

Ryan: And again, we we’ve talked about this. The, the places that Adventures by Disney curates is part of the experience. You’re not staying at just some place you’re staying at the place as far as, as far as the experience that you can have the vistas, the views that the resort like amenities are, is just top now. 

Shayne: Yep. There are no what you might call pedestrian accommodations or meals on these trips 

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. 

Shayne: day four of the Alaskan adventures by Disney trip. At the grand Denali lodge, then you get to choose between two different activities. You can either enjoy some scenic wilderness rafting or a natural history tour.

And this rafting trip is down the Nenana river. And I might not be pronouncing that correctly.

Which flows along the border of Denali national park. And you could see a lot of wildlife and it’s a two-hour trip down some class one and class two rapids. And I mentioned this when we were talking about Montana, I think how, if you’re not skilled at rafting or kayaking, being able to go on one of these guided river tours is such a great experience where you can enjoy the water and the scenery.

But without the danger 

of having any kind of accident. 

Ryan: Yup. 

Shayne: And then the history tour is in what they call a deluxe school bus. So 

Ryan: Uh, deluxe school

Shayne: DLAC school 

pass. So you get a great look at the history and culture of the wilderness in the area. 

Ryan: All right. 

Shayne: Something they say is that, the animals do what they do.

So it’s, not like the first scene of Harry Potter. When they’re banging on the glass, trying to get the snake to do something, you might see some wildlife, but then again, they might all be sleeping and you 

Ryan: Sure, sure. But they, but they know the best spots. They, they know how to make it into their advantage. 

Shayne: That’s built into the itinerary to include the best chances that is possible to give someone that wants to see the wildlife. Then you’ll have lunch. They’ll provide you lunch at Denali Park and the afternoon and evening you have on your own for dinner and exploring around Denali national park.

Ryan: I would like to sit on the balcony of that hotel with some whiskey and Just check out the vistas.

Shayne: Just nature. Watch. 

Ryan: Just soak it in, 

Shayne: We’re not people watching, like we would at 

Ryan: No, 

Shayne: in the city or anything, 

but just 

Ryan: I would just I would Watch.

the sunset over the mountains, over the wilderness. I would sit there and listen. And I would just, I would just take it all in because being in Alaska is very different from my, my normal life. 

Shayne: What time of year did you go to Alaska when 

Ryan: Um, we went, we went?

right at the end of the school year, so it was like late may.

Um, and it was, it was a great time to be there. When we flew into, Anchorage, it was about 11 o’clock at night and it looked like it was noon. I mean, it was very weird that the light being, being so late is, is really, is really a weird thing to get used to, but it was weather-wise.

It was perfect. It was, it was a little chilly in the morning as an evenings, but very comfortable during the day. It was, it was great. 

Shayne: Yeah. When you said watching the sunset, I S thinking that that might be a 


Ryan: that, that, that, that, that is true. You’re you’re up until like two in the morning, but. 

Shayne: which I saw someone say that on a July. They were able to see the sunrise and set out of their same hotel window. Yep. All right. Day five after breakfast at the lodge, you’ll depart Denali for Girdwood and during this trip to Lake Girdwood, this is where you get to visit the Happy Trails Kennels, real, get to interact with some of the iditarod dogs. 

Ryan: Very cool. Very, very. 

Shayne: you’ll have a private pizza lunch 

Ryan: Because nothing says iditarod dogs, quite like pizza, but okay. 

Shayne: Well, I think the, the, maybe the planning is, is if you smell like pizza, the dogs will smell the food. So 

Ryan: Ah, I like that Yeah. There you 

go. There you 

Shayne: be, that might be how they work that into the itinerary. So yeah, you get to spend some time with the dogs and then I’ve even heard that if they’re available, you get a hold some of the future.

iditarod dog, some of their puppies.

Ryan: Very fun. 

Shayne: After you’re visit with the Happy Trails Kennels, then you’ll take a bus ride to the Turnagain Arm, which is a drive with some great views where you’ll stay at the Hotel Alyeska. 

Ryan: sure. 

Shayne: This hotel is in Girdwood, which is a mining town.

And you’ll have dinner provided that night at the hotel. And on day six after breakfast, that’s when you get to go to Crow Creek and that’s when you get to experience panning for gold.

Ryan: right. That’s where you make back the money you spent on the trip. 

Shayne: You’d probably have to find a lot of gold to make that money back. But, but yeah, there’s still, if there’s still the chance there, then you get to be on your own and the town of Girdwood for lunch, you can ask your adventure guides and they’ll give you some great places where you can find something that might suit your taste and what you like after lunch.

There’s a Spencer Glacier float trip and a salmon baked dinner. So there’s that Alaskan salmon 

Ryan: that would be, oh man, the seeing the glaciers eating some salmon. I could do that, man. 

Shayne: And so you traveled to this Spencer Whistle Stop. So how do you think you’re going to get to Spencer Whistlestop? 

Ryan: I bet there was another 

Shayne: There’s a train involved. That’s right. And then from there you get on the rafts and you can get up close, looks at the glaciers of Spencer lake and enjoy one of the most scenic Gracer locations in the.

Before you go on a shore, get to go ashore. And that’s where you have the salmon bake 

Ryan: Awesome. 

Shayne: delicious. Day seven breakfast at the hotel at your Hotel Alyeska I hope I’m saying that right after breakfast, you get a visit to the Alaska wildlife conservation center,

where you get to see some of the efforts taking place for conservation, for the Alaskan wildlife. and it’s on the shores of the Turnagain arm. And in a beautiful mountainous setting where you can get some up close views of bear and moose and bison and learn about the animals that are there and how they’ve been rescued and how they’re being prepared to be rehabilitated and sent back.

You’ll also get a private reindeer presentation. And something I learned about this is that at least for the foreseeable future, you’re going to need to wear a mask to get your pictures with the reindeer, because reindeer are susceptible to 

Ryan: people. 

Shayne: reindeer better than people in some cases, but ranger susceptible ranger can get COVID.

So you’ll have to wear a mask for your rain gear 


Ryan: okay. 

Shayne: And then after you get to visit with the reindeer, you’ll be on your own for lunch in Girdwood. And you can just walk the streets, look through the shops and talk to people. And your guides will give you some great advice on where you can eat. 

Ryan: And that’s one of the things that I like is, is whenever you, you read through these itineraries and you learned about Adventures by Disney, they don’t just drop you.

off And say, Hey, we’re going to meet in three hours. They, they talk to you about, you know, if you want this kind of food, go here. If you want this kind of souvenir go here.

So there there’s, you know, they’re helping you all along the way, even in those types of details. 

Shayne: And it’s not just to give up. It’s not, well, we couldn’t think of anything to do here. It’s a great opportunity where you’ll have plenty to do at your leisure and at your own pace. 

Ryan: Yeah. 

Shayne: And then that night. You’ll have a farewell dinner at the hotel. Alyeska we can tell all your new friends by exchange, email addresses, and send each other friend requests on Facebook so that you can make these new friends for life.

And then the next morning, day eight you’ll have breakfast at the hotel and they’ll transfer you back to the airport, because like we said, all the transfers are included, 

Ryan: Very good. Very good. 

Shayne: you know, and there’s a lot of buses and train rides here.

And the one thing to remember is that this time too, you’re not carrying your bags from place to place. We’ve mentioned it before. In the previous episode, that Adventures by Disney is handling your, your luggage for you.

Ryan: Absolutely. I don’t want to see that bag till I’m in my room. So talk to me about the price for this. This is, this is a, a one trip with a ton of activities. How, how much does, how much does this cost? Shayne? 

Shayne: I’m picking the middle of the summer, July 18th, so that you can have about the longest days 

possible for plenty 

Ryan: liked that. I liked that maximize your time. 

Shayne: Yeah. for the children, the prices start at $5,559 per person. And for adults the prices start at $5,849 per person.

Ryan: yeah. Yeah. Like we’ve talked about with Adventures by Disney, not inexpensive trips, but the value is so high with these trips. Think of everything that you get to do during these eight days the chain talked about. And you know what I was thinking about when you were, when you were going through this itinerary, Shayne is when somebody goes on Alaskan cruise. How, how much money is put towards the excursions because Alaska is such a, a intensive place when it comes to going out and doing activities. Rightfully so. 

Shayne: Oh, yeah.

Ryan: You’re, it’s almost like you have an entire trip made up of those cruise excursions with Adventures by Disney. 

Shayne: Yeah. And you’re staying at the best places, the nicest, but also with the best views and the most convenient locations, you’re getting the best modes of transportation. And then everything’s included, you don’t have the hassles of carrying your bags, packing and unpacking, loading them up. It’s just all included for that.

So when you consider all the hassles that you don’t have, 

Ryan: Right, right. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, I’m taking us someplace very different. I’m taking us on the Disneyland resort and Southern California adventures by Disney. And unfortunately, I might be a little sad as I talk about this because my family was actually supposed to go on this vacation last spring break.

And it just didn’t happen because of the state of travel in the world. But I am very. Interested in this trip, partly because I’m a Disney geek, as we all know, but I just, I think this is a really good entry point to getting that adventures by Disney service while also experiencing Disney. And that’s, that’s one of the reasons I really, I really like it.

So to give you A highlight overview. This is a six-day five-night trip. So, so shorter than Shayne’s, you’re going to be staying at both the Loews Hollywood Hotel and Disney’s grand, California, and hotel and spa. So both high-level areas, you’re going to be in Hollywood Burbank and at Disneyland. it’s going to include five breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners. So 11 meals total for this, you are going to fly into either lax, Los Angeles, international or long beach airport. And so like Shayne did, I just want to talk about some of the highlights on the itinerary. So day one, you’re going to be picked up at the airport of your choice and you are going to be taken to the hotel so that you can, get all set in and you’re going to be steps away from places like the Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame.

So you can spend some time that afternoon. Checking that out, doing some kind of sight seeing on your own and then like most ABDS, you’re going to have a welcome dinner that evening at the hotel where you’re going to be formalized as a group. They’re going to talk about the trip. You’re going to get to know folks and it’s a good way to start. 

Shayne: It’s a pretty surreal experience walking down the street and seeing the stars of 

Ryan: Oh yeah. Oh  yeah. 

Shayne: My kid and I, we pulled up a list online so we could go find all the stars that  we wanted to see. Yeah. And then occasionally between the blocks looking up and seeing the Hollywood sign on the hill, 

Ryan: Uh, huh. 

Shayne: it’s kind of feels like you’re in the movies.


Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. Very cool. So the second day is all about Hollywood. All right. So you’re going to breakfast at your hotel and then you’re going to have a private Hollywood excursion. So again, you’re going to have a little more in-depth tutoring of the TCL, Chinese Theater and all the hand prints that changed.

Just talked about Hollywood Boulevard. You’re going to be able to kind of immerse yourself in all of That and then share. We’re going to the Jim Henson Company, you’re getting an exclusive VIP visit to the Jim Henson Company Lot, which before it was the Jim Henson lot originally it was the Charlie Chaplin studio in 

Hollywood. So talk about immersing yourself in Hollywood and you know, you and I grew up with the Muppets, you and I grew up with the Muppet movies and all the extensions of that. I mean, unfortunately for my kids, they wouldn’t be interested in this at all, but for me, this would be really, really cool.

There’d be some heartstrings pulled 



Shayne: definitely. Yes.

Ryan: And then you’re going to have lunch at the Tam o’ Shanter. And the Tam o’ Shanter is a historic Hollywood restaurant and it is actually one of Walt Disney’s favorite lunch spots. And so you’re actually going to have lunch here and see where he sat, what he had. You’re going to be immersed in that culture there.

And I’ve heard a couple people talk about this trip and what. Couple that talked about going on this at the Tambo Shanter, they actually had none other than Dick van Dyke came up and talked to the group. And when he found out about them being on adventures by Disney, he launched into all sorts of Mary Poppins stuff.

Can you even imagine, 

Shayne: That is awesome. 

Ryan: you even imagine. 

And so the afternoon is on your own and you have time to enjoy Hollywood. And again, when I heard about this, this trip from a trip report, people talked about, you know, even though it’s not on the itinerary, Disney will, They will throw in some special things. So like on this night, when you’re on your own, they said, Hey, if you want to be on your own, here are some things you could do.

Or we’ve got some ideas. If you want to go to the theater, that’s next to the hotel. It’s owned by. It’s owned by the ABC company. We’ll get you into any movie you want. Or you can go to a taping of, of the, Jimmy Kimmel. And we’ll get you into there. Or if you want to go, there’s this amazing chocolate place and they take you on a tour of that.

So they throw in some of these things that are just kind of, as they can make them happen. They, they, they do that. So that’s really cool too. 

Shayne: That’s kind of that insider access. Cause you might have trouble getting into seed the Jimmy Kimmel show. If you just show up trying to get a spot. 

Ryan: the day of, you know, it’s kind of, so the third day then is all about Walden. And you are going to be, heading to the Walt Disney studios and the, and the archives.

So you are going to go to the Walt Disney world studios, the archives, you’re going to have access. You’re going to have. Tour guides there to talk you through everything. Part of your tour includes going into a waltz private office. And just seeing all there is to that. And then Shayne, we have one more thing in, in LA before we head to Disneyland, we’re going to Walt Disney Imagineering. 

Shayne: That’s gotta be one of the coolest things to do anywhere.

Ryan: So you are going to take a tour of Walt Disney Imagineering. And you’re going to get to learn from Imagineers. You’re going to get to see Imagineering happening right in front of you. 

Shayne: That’s awesome. 

Ryan: Very cool.

And then you board a nice, comfortable tour bus and you head to Disneyland. You check into Disney, you check into the Disney Grande, California.

Okay. And as part of your time at Disneyland, you have, you have tickets to both Disneyland and California adventure, that day continues then with having a. Dinner at the Disneyland resort, and then you have a, priority entrance and to Disneyland park where you have a group experience prior to spending an evening on your own.

So again, guests, as part of this ABD receive a four-day Disneyland resort park hopper ticket that expires at the end of six days. Our day six of your adventure. So if you want to add some time your ABD and just stay at Disneyland, you can. On day four, then you’re at Disney and you start with a breakfast that is included at the Disneyland park, actually in the park.

So you have a VIP visit to Disneyland. You’re taking pictures in the park before the park is open. So you can get all those castle selfies and all that kind of stuff. And you have a guide that’s helping you learn about Disneyland, and then you have most of the day than to. Experiencing it on your own.

You have some fast pass opportunities, some behind the scene opportunities where they’re taking you to different attractions and you’re seeing how those play out. And then at the end of the day, you have a special VIP experience that includes the fireworks and the afternoon parade. So even though you have time on your own, there are special times where you have some, some VIP access.

I love it. 

Shayne: Yeah, because during this time on your own, you have this access to the things where you’re not, you’re not waiting in lines and you’re getting to see some things that the general public doesn’t get to see that’s part of the tour.

Ryan: And then the next day is all about California Adventure. So you start with a character breakfast at Storytellers Cafe, which is that the Grand Californian where you’re staying and then you basically have the same type of experience at California Adventure. So you have a privately guided VIP visit that includes a deep dive into the inner workings of the park at one of the iconic attractions.

And you also have a fast pass to that attraction, and then you have time to experience the park and you also then have a farewell day. So you go back to, the Disneyland resort and you have a farewell dinner with your group, but that’s not a debt. Then you go back to California adventure where you have a VIP viewing of the world of color, which is their evening show.

And then your time at Disneyland is over. Unless you decide to spend some extra time that next day, your breakfast is included and just like. They transfer you then to wherever you need to be, whatever airport. And they suggest you, you fly out of lax or John Wayne airport or long beach airport, and they will, they will transfer you, to any of those.

Or you can stay at Disneyland for a little longer. So when my family was planning for this, we were going to stay that next day, have another full day to experience the parks and, then, then leave the following day after. 

Shayne: How much does one of these trips set you back? Ryan?

Ryan: All right. So for me the same week that you’re going to Alaska, I’m going to Southern California in Disneyland. So July 17th to 22nd, 2022, for adults, the cost is $4,289. And for children, the cost is $4,069.

Shayne: And that’s one of the premium times to go. 

Ryan: Yeah. Oh, 

Shayne: do this itinerary less. And that’s why we were saying this is a good intro to Adventures by Disney you can experience the level of service Adventures by Disney gives with a lot less of a buy-in amount. 

And. That gives you an opportunity to see that level of service, but also once you take an Adventures by Disney vacation, including this one, then when a new trip comes out, when they release the itineraries for the next year, you get to have the first 

pick of 

Ryan: you’re what’s called an adventure insider at that point. So you have access to the trips at an earlier time, if you will. And remember Shayne, when we originally talked about adventures by Disney, my booking tip with this. So I have a family of four and the pricing is all based on double occupancy.

So when my family goes to Europe, this. To do ABD, Italy. Our family of four actually has two rooms and it’s the same cost. So my son and I will be staying in a room and my wife and daughter will be staying in a room. And it’s the same exact cost as if we had one room. So we have some extra space.

Everybody can kind of, I mean, so-so, and, and th and this is the same. So when we, for instance, when we booked the Southern California Disneyland, we had two rooms in the cow brain, California. For the same price as if we had one room. So if you have older kids, you know, there, there there’s an option to do. 

Shayne: Yep. That’s a great feature. You have a little more room and then if someone wants it, they can have a little more privacy.

Ryan: Absolutely. Well, Hey, if you have a specific place that you want to learn about, and one to know if adventures by Disney goes there, reach out to us, we would, we would love to highlight a different itinerary for you on the show. As far as the places you’re interested in learning about, I bet there’s an Adventures by Disney that might fit where you’re interested in traveling. 

Shayne: They definitely cover those most-coveted highest-level bucket list destinations.

Ryan: Absolutely. 

Shayne: And Ryan and I would both love to help you plan at amazing Adventures by Disney Vacation. Please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact Ryan at Ryan, R Y A N @ or me, Shayne, S H A Y N E AT And remember it is our job to make you. The vacation-planning, superhero.