About Shayne Seymour

Welcome to Shayne.fun! You must have asked,

“What About¬†Shayne.fun?”

I’m glad you asked. Shayne.fun is about fun, but not my fun. Since I wanted to leave yourname.fun for you to create your own site, I created shayne.fun to let you know who is here to help you have fun.

Creating Magic Vacations

An obvious way to have fun is doing fun things. Sure, watching movies/tv is fun. But DOING, though. That’s where the real fun is had, where the best memories are made. Sometimes, I get this guy to help me help you have fun!

Click here to contact me for about booking a magical vacation.

Why should I use a Travel Advisor?

All Things Travel Show

In addition to booking and advising travel, my friend Ryan Hedstrom and I have a show in which we teach to you about travel. We share travel tips, travel ideas, and travel experiences to help you become a Travel- Planning Superhero.

Check out the All Things Travel Show!

In addition to helping you be the vacation-planning superhero for yourself, family, and friends, I do provide a way to have fun during your daily commute, walk, or chilling on the back porch.

My friend Jay and I have recorded hours of the Beer Thursday Show for your listening enjoyment.

You don’t have to listen to them all at once. Just subscribe on your favorite podcasting app and enjoy them one round at time.¬† Or you can start with Round 1 of guys talking about stuff!