About Shayne Seymour

I offer you travel advising and booking to help you take your dream vacations without confusion and stress.

Some say that I’m an Experience Advisor.

What Booking Yourself Costs You

  • It’s easy to pick the wrong destination, resort, and time to visit your dream destinations.
  • It’s easy to waste time with a poorly planned itinerary.
  • Worse than wasting time, you might find yourself in places you don’t want to be.
  • Being in a new place and not knowing what to expect or do can be overwhelming and scary.

Worst of all, any or all of those problems might prevent you from living a fulfilling life of travel.

Why let Shayne plan and book your travel?

So you can live a fulfilling life of travel without the confusion and stress.

I’ve Been in Your Shoes

I’ve made the mistakes so that you won’t have to.

I’ve spent hours trying to decide when to go, where to stay, and what to do.

I’ve spent money and time on trips that weren’t worth what I spent, or worse, that I regretted taking at all.

I got lots of bad advice from people who wanted to show off what they knew instead of helping me plan the best trip for my family.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Here’s what a few of my clients say about my travel advisory services.

The Process is Simple

    1. Dream
    2. Decide
    3. Travel

1. Dream

Tell me about your travel dreams.

We’ll get on the phone for a few minutes so you can tell me your travel dreams, likes, and dislikes.

2. Decide

Using your preferences, I’ll put together 3 options designed just for you, and we’ll work together to book the trip that’s perfect for you.

3. Travel!

Live the travel life you’ve dreamed of. Live a fulfilled, inspired life gaining more experiences and stories while enduring less stress and regret.

You Should Get to Travel!

I know you want to enjoy the time of your life seeing our awesome country and the rest of the world. In order to do that, you need to book a vacation that’s perfect for your preferences and budget. The problem is that the numerous vacation variables and options can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

I believe that every person should get to experience the travel, and I understand how confusing all the options are and how expensive the wrong decisions can be.

Here’s how it works.

  1. We’ll get on the phone for a few minutes so you can tell me your travel dreams, likes, and dislikes.
  2. Using your preferences, I’ll put together 3 options designed just for you, and we’ll work together to book the trip that’s perfect for you.
  3. You and your loved ones enjoy the travel experiences you’ve dreamed of while saving time, saving money, and having fun planning.

So contact me now and let’s get your trip on the books! Waiting to book costs you more money and leaves you fewer options. Or worse, if you keep procrastinating, you may never enjoy a fulfilling life of travel.

Contact me now and start living your travel dreams!

What I Cost You

How much do you pay for my services?

The travel vendors pay me to help you get the highest-level experience while at their destinations.

You pay me nothing. Zilch. Nada.

In most cases, you’ll pay the same amount, if not more, for your travel packages, whether or not you use the sage advice of a travel expert.

“What About Shayne.fun?”

I’m glad you asked. Shayne.fun is about fun, but not my fun. Since I wanted to leave yourname.fun for you to create your own site, I created Shayne.Fun to let you know who is here to help you have fun.

I help you create cherished memories and charming stories while making travel planning a fun part of your vacations!

Creating Magic Vacations

An obvious way to have fun is doing fun things. Sure, watching movies/tv is fun. But DOING, though. That’s where the real fun is had, where the best memories are made. For your Disney Vacations, I get my friend here to help me help you have fun!

Why should I use a Travel Advisor?

At Creating Magic Vacations, we make you the Vacation Planning Superhero because I am your “Trusty Sidekick.”

A few areas I’d love to help you enjoy are:

You have so many choices when it comes to booking travel. That makes it laborious for you to plan your family vacations. I help you cut through the noise and confusion to help YOU plan the best trip so that you are not wasting your time & money. More importantly, you won’t disappoint your family because you tried to do it on your own, thinking that you would save a few dollars.

I look forward to working with you.

If you’re ready to book then hop on over to shayne.fun and contact me!

Disney Vacations

Walt Disney World is definitely the most magical place on Earth! However, booking a Disney Vacation can be complicated and stressful. And those are just things you know about!

My friend Mickey here wants you to return to the parks again and again. Disney pays me to help make sure you experience the most magical and memorable vacation ever!

At no cost to you, let me remove that complication and stress for you, make sure you don’t get surprised by what you don’t know, and help you reign as your family’s Vacation-Planning Superhero!

A few of the details I can help you navigate are:

  • The best times to travel to any of the parks & resorts
  • Selecting the resort that is best for you.
  • Planning and booking those mysterious Fast passes.
  • Planning the dining options that serve you.
  • Advanced Dining Reservations
  • Avoiding the crowds!
  • Tips for saving and paying for your vacation

After many trips to the parks, graduating from the College of Disney Knowledge, and daily research into the Walt Disney World, I can help you make the most magical memories of your life!

Universal Orlando

The details, theming, and immersion of the Universal Orlando parks are fantastic. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books or movies, the Fantastic Beasts movies, or Dr. Suess, you will cherish the memories you make at these parks.

Universal Parks & Resorts has amazing family vacation options. Fans of Harry Potter movies and books must visit this park.

I’ve explored Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Islands of Adventure several times, complete their annual required training, and stay on top of news and info about the parks.

Universal wants you to become a lifelong fan. They can’t risk your trying to save money by planning a vacation without a Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations Expert. So Universal pays me to make sure you love your vacation enough to return multiple times.

I’ll help ensure you:

  • Select the best resort for your family and occasion.
  • Visit the parks at the most desirable time.
  • Select the ideal ticket package for you.
  • Get the most out of your time at the parks.
  • Make the right meal plan choice.

Contact me, and let’s make some magic!

The Magic of Madrid

I fell in love with Madrid the moment my first flight there touched the ground.

My in-laws took me to visit the parks and pubs near their piso. (That’s Spanish for where they live. 🙂 )

From Madrid, we took day trips to Toledo, Avila, and Cuenca. They’re all historical, magical places, full of culture and wonder.

After living there for a summer, it would be easier to tell you all my Madrid travel stories.

One of my favorites is the first time I saw Fuente de la Cibeles (Cibeles Fountain). I can’t tell you what it is about Cibeles that entrances me. Maybe it’s the lions, the goddess Cibele, or the dancing waters. The architecture in Plaza de Cibeles is spectacular. Looking west from the fountain, you can see the famous Metropolis building. Maybe it was that.

Walking to the Plaza, we passed Metropolis first. It’s one of my favorite buildings. When we got close enough to see Cibeles, I fell into immediate fascination.

While my wife and her mom rested, I decided to venture up the street to get pictures of a building in the Plaza. The arched Puerta of Independence Square caught my eye, so I ventured a little farther to snap photos of it. Then I saw Retiro Park and wandered in.

I was in huge trouble when I returned to my wife. I had been gone for two hours! They made me stick pretty close to them for the next few days.

It is one of my favorite memories, though.

Let me help you lose yourself in Madrid.

Once upon a time, my wife asked me, “Honey, do you want to go shopping?”

I replied, “Yes!”

Okay, in reality, that happened many times. Madrid has it all!

  • Culture
  • History
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Art
  • Nightlife
  • Architecture

Did I mention nightlife?

If one of you wants to shop, but the other wants to crawl pubs and sample tapas, then get dressed and go out.

ou want some advice on where to go and where to not go, what to wear or not, or do or do not. I’ll help you safely have the time of your life.

I’ve spent enough time in Madrid that I can help you navigate your vacation like Madrileño!

Contact me, and let’s make some magical memories!

All Things Travel Podcast

In addition to booking and advising travel, my friend Ryan Hedstrom and I have a show in which we teach to you about travel. We share travel tips, travel ideas, and travel experiences to help you become a Travel- Planning Superhero.

Check out the All Things Travel Show!

Beer Thursday

In addition to helping you be the vacation-planning superhero for yourself, family, and friends, I do provide a way to have fun during your daily commute, walk, or chilling on the back porch.

My friend Jay and I have recorded hours of the Beer Thursday Show for your listening enjoyment.

You don’t have to listen to them all at once. Just subscribe on your favorite podcasting app and enjoy them one round at time. Or you can start with Round 1 of guys talking about stuff!