89 Scary Clever Adult Halloween Party Names (for 2021)

Need a creative name for your ghoulish gathering to pique your friends’ interest? These scary clever adult Halloween party names should spark your creativity!

Is it Time for an Epic Halloween Party?

After spending so much time in isolation, a.k.a. social distancing, in 2020, we’re all ready to get back together in 2021. While many have done that for Independence Day and may do it for Labor Day, not everyone is comfortable yet.

Hopefully, things will continue to improve so that more people think it’s a good idea to get together in the Fall for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re ready for a party, I want to help you with a few [dozen] adult Halloween party ideas.

If you’re not ready to get up close and personal yet, I’ll throw in a few social distancing Halloween party ideas.

Since October 31st is on a Sunday this year, you may end up hosting your Halloween bash on a different night. Since you’ll want to be the ghost host with the most party guests, now is a great time to start planning your spooky spectacular.

Halloween Party Preparation

I want your party to be a success just as much as you do. And I won’t mind a little credit. So before we get to the adult Halloween party names, let’s have a look at your shopping list, food ideas, and a few unique Halloween party themes.

Halloween Party Shopping List

If you start looking for deals early, you’ll likely save money and time over waiting until the last minute. A good time to start getting supplies is now. Here are a few supplies you’ll need to make sure you have the best food, decorations, and party favors.

  • fog machines
  • party favors
  • black lights
  • plastic pumpkins
  • body parts (fake ones from a store, please!)
  • Halloween party games
  • spooky decorations
  • treasure chest
  • party decorations
  • party invites
  • spider webs
  • black paper
  • black bats
  • giant spiders
  • witch hat

Which hat? Witch hat.

If you want to plan for 2022, you can often find Halloween decorations and supplies discounted at the pop-up Halloween stores starting around October 30th until the stores close.

Food Ideas

Maybe don’t purchase food too early unless you want your party to be a different kind of scary. (Not in a good way.)

  • cheese plates
  • creepy cocktails
  • candy corn (Isn’t candy corn required?)
  • grapes ( so you can make them look like eyeballs.)

Those are a few staples for Halloween parties.

Remember all your essential items for your next trip!

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Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Here is your list of adult Halloween party themes. I categorized some of them but mostly put them in alphabetical order.

Which are the best Halloween party themes? That is up to you. Consider your audience, though. What great ideas will appeal to the people that you want to come to your party?

Halloween Costume Party

Not everyone likes to dress up. I don’t understand it, but it’s true. Still, costume parties are a must for Halloween.

I think many don’t like to dress up because it’s a pain finding a great costume. Assuming you can find one that you like, costumes can be expensive. Finding a costume that fits well can be a challenge.

One thing you can do to ensure everyone dresses up is to encourage homemade costumes. Encourage a shopping or spending limit on guests’ Halloween costumes. Even better, encourage everyone to make their own costumes.

Deciding on what to dress up as can also be challenging. Please help us out by selecting the theme of the party. Rather than choosing from everything, someone might pick their favorite superhero, monster, or Harry Potter character.

For everyone who dresses up, you’ll definitely want to have a costume contest! These costume contest trophies from Amazon would make excellent costume contest prizes.

Haunted House

Have you ever turned your garage or house into a haunted house? It’s a lot of work, but it can be fun.

When I was in junior high school, our church youth group used to turn one of our church buildings into a haunted house. We had a blast. The line to get in stretched down the street.

We got a new youth director after a few years. He thought it was weird to turn a church into a haunted house. Looking back on it now, he may not have been as wrong as I thought he was then. Who knows?

I do know this, decorating your house like a haunted house can be fun and make for a great Halloween party theme.

Scary Movies

Halloween is the perfect time of year to watch scary movies, so why not have a themed party based on your favorite horror movie or movies?

A few great options for scary movies and show themes for your

  • American Horror Story
  • Beetlejuice
  • Stranger Things
  • Halloween
  • Friday the 13th

Creepy Carnival

For a Creepy Carnival Halloween celebration, you might make or buy some circus tents. Red and white striped table clothes will fit. You’ll definitely want a few creepy clowns.

For Creepy Carnival food, include:

  • corn dogs
  • hot dogs
  • nachos
  • and, of course, some concoction of creepy cotton candy.

You could get or make some black cotton candy. Orange or purple cotton candy with plastic spiders and gummy worms would be super creepy cool!

Jack o’lantern

This theme teams with possibilities. In addition to all of the pumpkin decorations and costume ideas, you’ll want to have a jack o’lantern carving contest.

I remember having one at my day job one year. I don’t know why they only did it one year. Everyone really enjoyed it, even the people who don’t appreciate fun. We got to enjoy some highly unique carvings!

Peanuts fans could even incorporate an It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown theme into a Jack o’lantern party.

Zombie Apocalypse

As a culture, we’ve really fallen in love with zombies over the past few years. They’re not cute and cuddly like werewolves or perfect and beautiful like vampires. They eat brains. Wierd. Still, we love zombies. So Zombie apocalypse Halloween vibes would be fun!

Costumes would be reasonably straightforward. Old clothes and creepy makeup. Costume creativity can be encouraged, and costume simplicity appreciated and honored.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter parties are a great way to encourage costumes. Your friends can dress up as their favorite characters from the books and movies.

Equally fun and easy, you can dress up as wizards and witches who aren’t Harry Potter characters. It’s easy to find or make robes and wands. Likewise, you can dress up as any of the creatures from the wizarding world.

Murder Mystery

I have to be honest here. It’s what I do. I’ve attended three Murder Mystery parties. Neither was for Halloween, but there was murder and mystery. I just get confused. I’m no Columbo or Ichabod Crane. The clues don’t add up for me.

Two of the parties with Murder Mystery games that I attended were larger parties. One of the parties was a town holiday bash, and the other was a Bat Mitzvah. Local acting troupes conducted the Murder Mystery parts of these two parties. They were both fun, but I was lost.

The other Murder Mystery party I attended was a dinner party with friends. The host purchased a wizarding world murder mystery package from Etsy. Even though it wasn’t Harry Potter-related, we thoroughly enjoyed the game!

I was still lost by the clues, and it was merely dumb luck that helped me accidentally solve the crime. I ruined anyone else’s chances of taking a crack at solving it.

My point is that you can purchase themed murder mystery packages on Etsy for very reasonable prices.

Never forget to pack an essential item again!

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89 Adult Halloween Party Names

You’ll want to have enticing invitations to your party, so here are a few good Halloween party names to get your creative juices flowing. (In a good way.)

Without any further ado, here are the name ideas to through some epic adult Halloween parties.

6 Disney Themed Adult Halloween Party Names

Yes, you can have a Disney-themed adult party. Disney has just as much fun for adults as for children.

1. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has to be one of the most fun Halloween party themes. This party theme has lots of potential for wonderful [see what I did there?] costumes and food. Remember the cake from that Tom Petty video?

2. Haunted Mansion Bash

3. Mickey and Minnie’s Monster Mash

4. Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Bash

How fun would it be to exchange gifts at a Halloween party?

5. Corpse Bride Bash

6. The Princess and the Frog

The New Orleans setting and voodoo references in this movie are excellent for a party’s Halloween theme.

5 Movie and TV Themed Adult Halloween Party names

Nightmare on [Your] Street

Psycho Soiree

Salem’s Latte (might as well serve some coffee delights!)

Sanderson Sister Spooktacular

The Shining Shindig

14 Drink Themed Adult Halloween Party Names

Booze, Brews, and Boos

Cauldrons of Cosmos

Costumes & Cocktails

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!

Hallo-Wine Party

Inhuman Spirits

Martians and Martinis

Mummies & Mimosas

Salem’s Latte (This one could go here too.)


Unholy Spirits

Witches, Wizards, and Whiskey

Wicked Brew Bash

Witches Brew Bash

16 Food Related Adult Halloween Party Names

An Undead Dinner

Beast Feast

Demons and Donuts

Dinner with the Devil

Fangs-giving Day Feast and Frights

Feast of Beasts

Feast of Frights

Fiendish Feast

Ghouls and Goulash

I Scream for Ice Cream Halloween Party

Having Our Friends for Dinner

Night of the Living Fed

Phantom Feast

Poultrygeist and Vexings

The Haunted Pitchfork Dinner

Wicked Witch of the Feast

48 Various Adult Halloween Party Names

Angels and Devils Dinner

Carnevil Party

Carnival of Souls

Carving Out Some Fun

Cheers For Fears

Costumes and Candy Corn

Creeping it Real Fun

Danse Macabre

Dastardly Dance

Deathly Disco

Deathly Hallows Eve (Hary Potter-themed.)

‘Dem Bones Bash

Devilish Dance

Disco of Death

Drag-ula’s Ball

Fangs for the Memories

Feast of Fear

Fiends of Mine

Frightful Fall Frolic

Ghostly Gala

Ghostly Get-Together

Ghoulish Gathering

Ghouls’ Night Out

Gorey Gala

Halloween Hootenanny

Hallow’s Eve Hoedown

Haunted Hoedown

Hell’s Bells Bash

House Party on Haunted Hill

Marvel Mascarade

Monster Mash

Mummy’s and Daddy’s Night of Frights

Petrified Pumpkins Party

Phantom Funtime!

Pumpkin Patch Massacre

Pumpkin Patch Panic

Scary Skeleton Dance

Scary Skele-bration!

Slither In Slytherin Party

Spiders and Snakes Shakedown

Spooky Skele-bration! (Because it’s just fun to combine skeleton with celebration!)

The “No Effing Scary Clowns Allowed” Halloween Party

The Grave Rave

Till Death Do Us Party

VamPirates Halloween Extravaganza  (Because vampires and pirates are awesome. Vampire pirates? I don’t even have words.)

Zombie Apocalypse Planning & Prep Party

Zombie Zoo (Shout out to Tom Petty!)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Spoiler alert: You’ll find them at this Wizarding World-themed Halloween party!_

6 Kids’ Halloween Party Names

Calling All Ghouls & Boys

Casper and the Friendly Ghosts

Creepy Kids Boo Bash

Howl-o-ween Party

Kids Are Creepy Too!

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

We can borrow this name from Disney’s former Halloween party.

Question: What are your favorite adult Halloween party names?

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