Alaskan Cruise Comparison – 131

On this show, we use input from our Facebook group’s cruise dreams to make an Alaskan cruise comparison perfect for a family of four.

Alaskan Cruise Comparison

Comparison Parameters


    • Family of 4
    • Kids ages 12 and 8

Where: Alaska

When: July 2023

Add-ons:  3 excursions

Shayne’s Disney Cruise Line Alaskan Cruise


$3,079 total excursions

$13,898 Verandah stateroom

$16,977 – Total price of Disney Cruise Line Alaskan Cruise

Ryan’s  Celebrity Cruise Line Alaskan Cruise


$2,380 total excursions

$8,080 verandah stateroom

$10, 460 – Total price of Celebrity Cruise Line Alaskan Cruise

Question: Which of these 2 Alaskan cruises would you choose for your family?

Please let us know in the All Things Travel Podcast Facebook group!

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Episode 131 Transcripts

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Ryan: Hello and welcome to All Things Travel. In recent episodes, Shayne and I have been discussing cruising. On this episode, we take our Facebook group’s opinions and share two Alaskan cruises perfect for a family of four, which will be your favorite?

Shayne, I have a lot of fun shopping for cruises. So when I have a client come to me and say, We want to go to Alaska, we want go to Europe, we want to go to the Caribbean. And we know we want a cruise, but we don’t know anything else. That’s a lot of fun because. Each cruise line kind of has their own personality and pros and cons, and I like kind of digging in and seeing what, how each itinerary might be a little different.

I don’t know. What do you think? Is that fun for you?

Shayne: Yeah. And a big part of that fun is helping someone who wants to have this experience but isn’t really sure how to. Go about it, not really sure what part of it to do, and you can kind of guide them into the right experience for them.

Ryan: Yeah, so I mean, it, this is, this show is really kind of the culmination of our last couple shows on cruising, right? Because we’ve talked about how to choose and book a cruise. We’ve talked about cruise myths and different things like that. And so, you know, this is really kind of showing what it would be like to look and find a cruise that, that would fit your family.

Shayne: And then we throw out a few options to our Facebook group, to the All Things Travel Facebook group, kinda like what we would do with a potential client and got their feedback and came up with a couple of options that we would present.

Ryan: Yeah. So first of all, we asked who’s going on the cruise, and I think we had adults, we had a family, and we had a multi gin. So grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunts, uncles, people like that. And the Facebook group landed on a family of four. So in our mind, Shayne that went to two parents and a 12 year old and an eight year old then the second question was, where are they cruising? And the Facebook group landed on Alaska And the third question was, what kind of budget are they gonna have? And I think it was kind of, you know, a very modest budget, a realistic budget, and a kind of below the bank budget.

And the, our Facebook group very wisely, went right down the middle. You know, so kind of, I’m willing to sp I think the descriptor was, you know, I’m willing to spend money, but I don’t wanna blow the.

Shayne: And probably a good idea. It would be fun to dream and plan out the most extravagant, adventuresome cruise we could find. But it’s also better to just find something that someone is more likely to realistically book

Ryan: So today we’re gonna compare those two cruises and Facebook group listeners. We want you to decide which one sounds best to you, not who wins between Shayne and I. You know, we’ve done that in the past and I don’t want to drudge, you know, those experiences up for Shayne. So more, you know, which one do you like the best?

Shayne: Wait, are you insinuating that you won that competition?

Ryan: I’m not sure if I did, but We’ll just, you know, I’ll choose to remember it that way.

Shayne: Now, if we go by the number of votes that you got, then yes, you won

Ryan: Okay. All right. If that’s the only way we’re going by it. All

Shayne: right?

Ryan: families are confused and overwhelmed when planning a vacation. We work with you to plan a trip. Perfect for your interests, saving you time, money, and stress.

Shayne: And we would love to help you plan your next amazing vacation.

Ryan: Reach out to me That’s r y n, at Creating Magic

So it was gonna be summer of 23 and we decided amongst ourselves, we had the ability, if there were onboard things that were special that we could spend on. And then to do three excursions, because Alaska is a very port heavy.

Excursion heavy type of cruise,

We have the experiences.

Shayne: there are a lot of excursions to choose from on this particular


Ryan: All right. Shayne, let’s hear it. Disney Cruise line.

Shayne: all right, well, we’re gonna go with my cruise first. Again. It’s a seven night Alaskan cruise from Vancouver, and I selected Disney Cruise Line, so this is going to be on the Disney Wonder.

A Monday to Monday seven day cruise, so there’s gonna be eight days, like you mentioned in the previous cruise episode. It’ll leave July 10th, 2023 and return July 17th, 2023. It says that there’s five ports that are part of the cruise, and those places are Vancouver, British, Columbia, DA Glacier, Alaska, Skyway, Alaska, Juno, Alaska, and Ketchikan, Alaska.

Ryan: Very similar to what we’re gonna hear with.

Shayne: But it starts in Vancouver and it ends in Vancouver. So really it doesn’t include Vancouver.

Ryan: any cruise is gonna be like that though, right? If you’re sailing outta Port Canaveral or Miami, they’re always gonna tout that as a port, even though it’s the port you are leaving from and leaving by. So, yeah. But that’s okay. And they do have shore excursions, so if you get in the day before and the morning of the cruise, you wanna do a short excursion through the ship.

You can absolutely.

Shayne: And while there’s a lot of fun things to do in Vancouver, unless it’s one of those excursions, you’ll probably wanna do those sometime. That Sunday before, or the weekend before the, this particular cruise boards at 4:00 PM so maybe you would have time early in the morning to get in some Vancouver site seeing, but you certainly wanna be ready to board the Wonder at 4:00 PM

and that means that your boarding might start before 4:00 PM but

Ryan: Right, Right. Absolutely. Ab, Absolutely.

Shayne: All right, day two, Tuesday is a sea day, and there are a lot of things to do on this ship and I’ll kind of sum up at the end what’s included. But on Disney Cruise line, most things are included that other than the excursions.

And some of the things you can do during that Tuesday Sea Day are playing some of the three themed pools, one of which is an adult exclusive pool. There are 11 restaurants to choose from, and that includes two adult exclusive restaurants. And they’ll have various types of food and snacks and of course there’s always room service.

There is the Senses, Spa and Salon, and for our kids, the Bty Boutique, and then also for kids. There’s the Disney Oceaneer Club for the kids, the Edge Club for the tweens, the Vibe Club for the teens, which stays open till 2:00 AM that. That’s just too late for those kids to be staying out. Just kidding.

A Sport court and then a fitness center with great views. Now it’s not very option often that I would want to go to the fitness center on vacation, but there are some nice views from this Disney Wonder Fitness Center.

Ryan: You know where else there’s nice views, Shayne?

From the pool bar. There’s also nice views,

Shayne: Day three is Dawes Glacier, navigate through icy Endicott Arm fjord passing, soaring cliffs, surging waterfalls, and wild animals during a voyage to the Majestic Dawes Glacier.

That’s a quote from the Disney site

You’ll have a chance to see bald eagles, brown bears, goats, and whales, and the wilderness during your day at Dos Glacier. this day was interesting and that it only had one option for an excursion, and it is a Glacier Explorer excursion, which I thought sounded pretty cool. So it’s

one of the

Ryan: I have heard that is one of the most amazing. Shore excursions, even though it’s not really a shore excursion because you’re at sea and you’re getting on another boat I’ve heard it’s one of the most amazing things that you can do on an Alaskan cruise.

Shayne: Yeah. You set out from the ship on a high speed expedition boat. Ed from the Disney ship to experience the Endicott Arm fjord, which includes some closeup views. And it’s not always guaranteed, but if you’re lucky, you can see one of the immense ice breaks,

Ryan: so you chose to do that excursion.

Shayne: Yeah. This is one that I chose. It

looked, Yeah. And not just because it was the only one that day.

Just kind of a balancing out among The rest of them.

Ryan: Too good to pass.

Shayne: Yeah. Day four, ska away, Alaska known as the gateway to the Klondike. This legendary town is steeped in history from the Gold Rush of the late 1880s. Also a quote from the Disney side, from now on in the itinerary, they’ll list the times that you are going ashore and then reboarding the ship.

And this says that you’re going ashore at 7:15 AM which might sound early, but you’re on Alaskan time, so chances are you’ll be more used to getting up at that time because of the time difference.

Ryan: Okay. All right.

Shayne: And then backboard the ship at 8:00 PM there were 51 options for excursions,

Ryan: So here we’re gonna have things like trains. We’re gonna have gold panning, mushing with dogs, stuff like that, right?

Shayne: interesting that you should mention trains

Ryan: Oh,

Shayne: because

Ryan: I I think we’re gonna have, I think we’re gonna have dueling train rides in Skagway. I could just feel it.

Shayne: I guess that’s one thing that, that you can count on is that Ryan and I will always pick, train So, and there’s cool things, you know, some trail hiking and rafting. Even a horseback adventure, which was, it weren’t for the train. I would go with the horseback adventure. But I went with the aboard steam if excursion, which is a steam train and ride on one of the world’s most scenic railways.

And it’s a 52 mile trip that takes about four hours for round trip.

Day five, Juno, Alaska. Alaska State capital thrills, nature lovers with its rugged mountains, sweeping glaciers and temperate rainforests. Another quote from the Disney page for this one.

You would head ashore at 6:45 AM and then Reboard at 4:45 PM. Juneau is the state capital with gorgeous scenery and mountains of glaciers and rainforests. There is a Mount Robert’s Tramway where you can get a nice view of Juno from 2000 feet. That sounds like it would be fun if you had some time and weren’t doing one of the 53 available excursions on this day.

And the excursion that I picked is a five glacier sea plane exploration because I mean, if you’re not picking trains, you’re gonna pick planes and you get to see five glaciers from the air.

Ryan: so do you win a prize if you do an automobile at some time? If you have a boat, a train, a plane, and an automobile during this trip.

Shayne: I think they give you some fancy earrings, some fancy hoop earrings. Yeah. I guess if you’ve seen plane trains in automobiles, then you’ll know what earrings I’m talking about you get to see all this from a sea plane from a flight over the Juneau ice field, which just sounds spectacular.

Day six, Ketchikan Alaska billed as the salmon capital of the world. This frontier town boasts Native American traditions and natural beauty. You get to sleep in a little bit this day. You don’t go ashore until 11:15 AM return aboard at 7:45 PM And one of the fun things to do in Ketchikan would be to see all of the totem poles throughout the area. You know, in addition to a lot of shopping Creek Street along a historic city boardwalk, there’s a few areas we could go see totem poles and cut, including the Totem Heritage Center.

Which displays originals and salvage totem poles that were abandoned, and

Ryan: And, you know, one of the things that I like Shayne about these is, all of these excursions that we’ve chosen are multi-hour, but not full day. So you still have time to go do something like that on your own if it’s not part of the excursion?

Shayne: Yeah, it could be. And that’s great because Ketchikan and Juneau are both places where I would want to spend some time wandering around and

Ryan: Yeah.

Shayne: the town, the city, for your day at Ketchikan, there were 37 excursions to choose from, including some back country jeep and canoe adventures.

And back country four-wheeling.

Well, you know, a Jeep or any kind of four-wheel drive is spectacular. I’ve done it in Colorado, so I can only imagine how amazing it would be in Alaska. There’s a Bering Sea Crab fishermen’s tour, which might be fun. Depending on how much it smells like

Ryan: Right. How wet do you wanna get?

Shayne: yeah. Yeah, it might be one of those where you had just have to be in the right frame of mind for that sort of thing.

so I’d already picked my three excursions and didn’t go with any of the excursions from Ketchikan, partially because I really like the other excursions and partially because catchy can is just one of those days where I could probably spend a lot of time just wandering

Ryan: Yeah. A and just because we’re choosing shore excursions with this you can do that. I mean, The, it’s kind of a balance between, you don’t wanna miss activities, but yet if you just want to get off and shop and walk around and have lunch at a local spot and take pictures and things like that, you can absolutely do that in all of these ports.

It’s just Alaska specifically. It’s nice to have some specific activities to do so, so you can get away sometimes from the port cities and actually see more of Alaska.

Shayne: especially if getting away from the port cities may include getting away from some of the people. So some of

Ryan: Yeah. And that’s what I mean, o obviously the cities are beautiful and have their own personalities you’re talking about, but yeah, it’s more, you know, do you want to get away from crowds and things like.

Shayne: Day seven is another sea day. As you make your way back to Vancouver on day eight, where you disembark at eight o’clock. Now, what is included on this Disney cruise? Some of the other things you can do on your sea days. There’s some Broadway quality shows. The pools, water slides and other recreation.

I think Disney Cruise Line has a little more space in the state rooms and some of the more budget cruise lines might have. There’s a upscale and casual dining or 24 hour room service, and I told you about the adult exclusive activities with the pools and the restaurants. And then the clubs I mentioned for teens, tweens, and kids. also included for entertainment. There’s a fireworks at sea on most itineraries, some character experiences, movie screenings. I think I’ve seen friends on Disney cruises that I’ve got to see new Avengers movies before they were released to the general public here on land.

And then all the pools, water slides, and splash stone. Some extras are the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique in the Pirate’s Lounge for makeovers for the kids. There’s the Royal Court Tea and Tea Party with Disney characters for ages three to 12,

and as far as dining goes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks are included. 24 hour room service and unlimited coffee, tea and sodas are included. Some adult exclusive dining at Palo’s

bottled water and specialty drinks and alcoholic beverages are an extra cost as are gratuities as far as the accommodations, the rooms have refrigerators, safes and hair dryers and television within room movies. Not that you would wanna spend too much time there in

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, come on. This would, to be honest, this would be one of the trips Shayne, where I wouldn’t turn my TV on. I have taken trips where, And I’m a TV watcher, at home and you know, when I travel on things, but sometimes if I’m in a place that I’m really interested in, that TV doesn’t even come on.

And I bet this cruise would be one of those places.

Shayne: while I never turn on the tv, if I’m traveling alone, the TV doesn’t get touched, I’ll listen to music or an audio book or something. But I know a lot of people do like to have it on either to watch while they’re getting dressed or it’s just background noise extras that you would have to pay for, include the wireless internet access, gratuities, ground transfers, of course, air travel, and your pre and post hotel stays or travel insurance, which we would also always recommend for any.

Ryan: I included travel insurance in mine.

so we’ll

Shayne: I didn’t include it. I Didn’t add the travel into it. Dang it. Brian wins again. And so we’re booking for July. This we’re doing this in October, and we’re booking for July of 2023 on this particular cruise. The inside cabins and the ocean view cabins are all sold out, so you really want a balcony or veranda anyway with

Ryan: Yeah, I, I. Was gonna say, you know, though I get that there’s advantages to both of those, but you really want to have the veranda.

Shayne: So in the price of the Veranda for this family of four was $13,898. The Glacier Explorer excursion was $977 for the family. The Skagway to White Pass Summit Steam Train, $946 for the family. The Glacier sea plane ride was $1,156 for the family, so that brings the total for the excursions to $3,079, and that’s just what it costs to go on an

Ryan: You know, and here’s the thing. All three of those excursions are lifelong memories when you remember this cruise. I mean, I mean, seriously I, yes, they’re expensive, but come on. I mean, the stuff you’re doing,

Shayne: Yeah, experiences you’ll treasure always, which brings the grand total for the cruise and the excursions to $16,977.

Ryan: And I’ve sailed Disney, and you know, the value is certainly there. If it fits your family, there’s a lot that’s included and the service level is super high.

Shayne: And when it comes to breaking the bank or budget or wherever the cruise is, that’s gonna be relative to where you’re cruising in Alaska, you’re gonna, is gonna be a little more expensive. In general than Mexico or Caribbean. And if you really wanna break the bank, there’s some concierge

Ryan: Nice.

Shayne: cabins available where you could break the bank if you wanted to and really elevate your experience on these Disney cruises.

Ryan: Well, that sounds like a great cruise, Shayne, and those excursions sound great. The cruise fair does not sound too crazy for Disney cruises in, in that location, for that amount of time. So I’m excited to share mine. But first, as always, I wanna know where in the world is All Things Travel?

Shayne: College Station, Texas, Home of Texas A&M, home of the Aggies!

Ryan: That that’s true. Yes. Absolutely. So I bet there’s some really good places to meet our listener from College Station, isn’t there?

Shayne: You know, growing up in Texas there are some notorious hangouts in areas of College Station, but Ryan we’re adults now.

Ryan: You chose a little more refined option with this. I was surprised to read this in the outline.

Shayne: I, Yeah. I think for this one, you and I. And our families probably look probably a little more our speed. The Messina Hof Winery, which

Ryan: right.

Shayne: the winery that you can tour tasting room and a bed and breakfast. That’s probably gonna be a little more our speed then as much as we enjoy having a beverage now and then a college party town might be a little fast for us.

Ryan: All right. Well, hey, College Station, Texas. Thank you so much for listening to All Things Travel. We really appreciate it. Do us a favor, reach out. You can do that either via email or on the Facebook group because I have a little thank you gift for being featured on today’s show.

Shayne: And to make sure that you hear where in the world is All Things Travel next week, subscribe to the show or follow the show to make sure that you never miss any of our travel ideas, travel stories, or travel tips.

Ryan: All right, Shayne, well, I went with a different cruise line. Obviously. I went with Celebrity Cruise Line. And Celebrity Cruise Line is part of Royal Caribbean’s family. It’s a little more elevated. They Have a lot more options when it comes to dining specialty dining, different things like that.

And so I, I really thought that interested me and so we’ll see if it interests this uh, family of four. So in July, you could sail out of Seattle. See where Alaska or Vancouver, bc And instead of sailing out of Vancouver, I chose Seattle just for the ease of travel for this family of four. Shayne did a really good job of going through the itinerary. So I’m not gonna redo that because a lot of what he talked about. My cruise is doing as well. We’re starting out of Seattle and we have a day at sea and I actually kinda like that because. You have some time to get used to the ship, right?

It’s kind of like when you’re at a new resort and the first day you don’t know where anything is and you keep getting turned around and backwards and it kind of takes that first day to figure it out. I like the fact that I’m starting my cruise with some time to relax, spread out, you know, unpack and just enjoy my time on the ship.

And this is on the celebrity solstice, by the way, which is a beautiful ship with lots of activities and options.

Shayne: I love a good built in excuse to relax and take it easy for a


Ryan: And, And you know, and here’s the thing. if you’re coming from the East coast or if you’re coming from the Midwest and you’re flying into Seattle the day before, you’re not gonna be on West Coast and Alaskan time yet. So having that day at sea really is good. And then we’re in Ketchikan, and then we have a cruising day where we go by the Indico. And then we’re in Juno, and then we’re in Scag way, and then we have a day cruising through the Alaskan Inside Passage. And then we have a day at. And then we go to Victoria, British Columbia, and then back to Seattle. So some really good cruise stops, but also some really good time on the ship. This is a really balanced itinerary, which is part of why I chose it.

So for this family of four, I chose a veranda state room for the same reasons that Shayne did. I wanna make sure that I have that veranda so that I can see you. Everybody talks about, I wanna be able to sit and drink coffee and watch Alaska go by. Well, with this room you can, I will say from experiences with clients and I will be going on this cruise next summer.

So I’ll be able to experience it myself, but with clients that I’ve had in the past. The one complaint about celebrity is the state rooms are smaller, so my guess is they’re going to be smaller for this family, and you have to decide if that’s okay with you or not. But I did do a verandah state room, My Juneau excursion is my biggie. Okay. And that’s day four of the cruise. And this is Alaska’s whales, glaciers and rainforests, and essentially it’s a hike. Where you have a naturalist that takes you through the rainforest areas of the Juneau area. You get to see The Mendenhall Glacier Glacier, which is one of the most spectacular glaciers in North America.

It’s 13 miles outside of Juneau’s downtown. Then you also get to get in a boat and go whale watching. So you kind of get a variety of different things that you’re gonna see that day. That’s gonna be a day where you wanna take your external battery, cuz you’re gonna be taking pictures all over the place.

Shayne: A lot of pictures.

Ryan: My second excursion is in Skagway, and it’s interesting, I knew that you were going to choose the train ride. So I actually went with something different. I went with the mushers’ camp and gold panning cuz that’s kind of the two other activities in Skagway. And so they actually take you to a musher’s camp.

Where you learn about dog sledding you learn about kind of the culture and the training of dog sledding, and then you also spend time panning for gold. You also can have time to take a self-guided nature hike next to waterfalls. And there’s also a gift shop and saloon there. For my Third shore excursion that I chose. I did something a little different in Ketchikan. I did a Rainforest wildlife sanctuary, Eagles and totems.

So kind of a highlight. And again, I just, I kept it in mind that there were kids, so I wanted to have them see a variety of things, but also have different activities. So they’re. Just sitting on a bus and staring. So with this, they delve into the heart of Ketchikan’s rainforest on a scenic eco tour at an exclusive reserve led by a naturalist.

So you go through a nature hike through the rainforest, and then you go to a wildlife preserve where you can see birds like bald eagles. You can see bears, you can see seals. If you’re there during salmon spawning season, you can see that and you can also see wolves. So a lot of that’s our wildlife day.

Let’s break this down. One of the things that we talked about with Celebrity in the past is that they include items that you traditionally have to pay extra for, like gratuities drinks and wifi. Now, I haven’t worked with Celebrity in a while, and to be quite honest, when I got on to get ready for today, they’ve changed the way .That they book it.

So the, what they’re offering now is what they call the cruise only Fair. I think they’re doing it as an advertisement so that they can show a lower number to be honest with you. And then what you can do is you can add what’s called an all-inclusive package. So for instance, if I do a only, it’s 1130 per person.

For the veranda room. If I add the all-inclusive, which is the. Drink package, the wifi and the tips that breaks down to $46 per person. So really, to be honest, with a cruise this long, you know, a week long cruise, it’s kind of a no brainer. Cuz if you have a couple cocktails, if you’re using the wifi, you don’t have to worry about tips.

It really plays out.


Shayne: that for, Do you purchase it for the entire cruise or

Ryan: you

do? No, you do have to purchase it. It’s an all or nothing. It’s an all inclusive, so everyone in the state room has to get it or not, and you have to do it for the entire time or not. So if you were to do the cruise only, it’s 1130 per person. The all inclusive is 1499 per person.

So again, that breaks down to about 46 hours a day over the course of your cruise. I did add travel protection because of, we’ve talked so much about it. And really for the state room for this cruise, it was 5 46. So pretty reasonable for, you know, the types of things you’re gonna be doing, the type of crews that you’re gonna be taking.

I did also, and Disney does not do this, so I didn’t bring this up with your cruise, but with a lot of cruise lines the price that they show is a non-refundable deposit. They do that again, so they, they can show you the lowest number possible to get you interested in cruising. So with celebrity, I Chose the refundable deposit, so the ability to to get my deposit back if I needed to move or cancel the cruise.

And so that was 4 68. On my state room, so the total for my state room thus far is $8,086 and 92 cents. Again, that’s a veranda state room. That includes my drinks, that includes my wifi, that includes my tips, travel protection, and a refund refundable deposit. What is available on the cruise?. All of my meals are included.

We’ll talk about meals in a second. All of my entertainment is included. I will say that Celebrity does not have as many kids activities, but they definitely have activities for the entire family. So they’re not gonna have the kids club that Disney has, but they do have a kids club. One of the cool things Shayne I, that I thought was gonna be a lot of fun on the sea days is they actually have a grass lawn.

That’s on the ship and you can go out and play bachi ball and croquet and different things like that. I thought that’d be a lot of fun. One of the things that Celebrity is known for is their dining. They have a lot of different specialty dining options. And so I wanted to make sure that on, especially on a week long cruise, that my family of four was able to experience some of those.

Better dining. I don’t know if I wanna say better, but signature dining. Let’s say it that way. And so I chose the three meal signature dining package. So three days, three evenings if you will. I’m able to make a reservation for a signature dining restaurant during my cruise, and that is 5 5 80 for the cabin over the course of the week.

That’s about $50 a meal. So, you know, it’s a nice restaurant meal tips are included with that. It’s a really nice way to up your dining experience while you’re there.

Now, Celebrity, also known for good dining beyond that signature dining. So there they definitely have good main dining options as well. Excursions the Juno trip, which is the whale watching is $248 per person, or $992 for the family. In Skagway, when we’re doing the mushers camp, the panning for gold, that’s $134 per person, or $536 for the family.

And then in ketchikan totem poles, eagles hiking, the kind of the wildlife aspect is $68 per person, or $272. So that means for the shore excursions, it’s an additional $2,380 for a grand total, including everything. So your cruise, your excursions, your signature dining of $10,460.92

Shayne: So about almost $7,000 difference between these two cruises.

Ryan: Yes.

Shayne: I think that you could cruise on Celebrity and have a perfect time, an incredible time and not know what you had missed unless you’ve experienced disney Cruise Line’s level of accommodations and service before.

Would you miss that? Do you think?

Ryan: I don’t believe so because I know the level of service that the, that this family would get on Celebrity. And I know. That when my family goes on this type of cruise next summer with Celebrity, my kids are the right age for that. They’re gonna be 17 and 14 at that time.

You know, Disney’s great. Don’t they love Disney? They’re definitely, that’s in their blood, but they don’t need that Disney aspect of the cruise. And I know we’re gonna get high level of service with Celebr

Shayne: Okay, so just being candid, I think we would agree that between these two we’d probably select the Celebrity cruise because then you almost have enough for an entire other vacation left while still experiencing this wonderful Alaskan cruise.

Ryan: I would I definitely would. I think there’s a lot of options, especially, to be able to add that all inclusive aspect of it. So I don’t have to worry about my drinks, I don’t have to worry about wifi, I don’t have to worry about paying gratuities at the end. You know, that’s just, that’s already.

Already rolled in to, to my cruise fair, if you will. So as we wrap up here, Shayne, what are some of the key similarities or some of the differences that you noticed between the cruises that we’ve talked about today?

Shayne: they both give you the opportunity to have some extraordinary excursions in the port cities, as well as having some time or having the full day to wander around that. Both are gonna offer all the food and drinks you could want for some extra charges. You could get some drinks or alcoholic beverages on the Disney cruise that, that are included with.

All inclusive package

Ryan: all-inclusive package, you’re right.

Shayne: Yeah. And as far as differences, Disney’s a lot more expensive, but if you saw just the Celebrity ship, you’d think it was a super nice, clean, luxurious ship. But if you saw both ships the Celebrity ship and then the Disney ship, you would probably recognize the difference in the premium charge for the Disney cruise. that’s probably the biggest difference when it comes down to it is. Do you want that elevated level of experience, or do you still wanna have a vacation with the celebrity cruise line, that you’re gonna have a wonderful time and have this fabulous memory of these amazing experiences for the rest of your life?

Ryan: Yeah, and like I said at the beginning of the show, you know, each cruise and cruise line has a really distinctive personality, you know, So finding the right one to. Your interests, your travel group, your budget is really important, but I guarantee there’s a cruise out there for you if you want to go to a place like Alaska.

There’s a variety of options. So Shayne, are we able to help people with that?

Shayne: That is absolutely something that we can help people with, and we would love to help you plan your next amazing vacation. Whether it’s a cruise to Alaska or another type of vacation that you’re wanting to experience.

Ryan: you can reach out to me at That’s R Y A n, at Creating Magic

Shayne: Most families are confused and overwhelmed when planning a vacation. We work with you to plan a trip perfect for your interests, saving you time, money, and stress.