All About the Pandemic – 17

On this most spectacular Beer Thursday round so far this year, our courageous heroes begin with lame excuses for why they haven’t released rounds in so long and why they’ve now made their triumphant return. [HIPPA Approved.]

You Know Which Pandemic We’re Talking About!

As fate would have it, their return coincides with what might be, but most likely is not, the beginning of the end of the world.

A Doctor’s Information on the Virus

We reference an interview with a doctor on the Howard Stern Show.

This is the link to that interview so you can get better info than either of us can provide.

In this round, we gain the following valuable benefits:

  • Learn how Captain Jaymerica is coping with the closing of gyms.
  • Shaynos tells the tale of when he 1st heard of the COVID-19’s start.
  • The BeerVengers pontificate on the origins and powers of COVID-19 and the finer points of how Shelter-in-place and social distancing affects BeerThursday.
  • Our renegade Defenders of Truth dispel rumors that the Coronavirus is somehow associated with Corona Beer and attempt to ponder the Toilet Paper Madness in their own unique, professional way.
  • The Masters of Goodness pay respect and admiration to brave folks who are keeping our grocery stores running.
  • Invincible Spider-Jay realizes that we are a little late in making our 10:00 Minute Toast. They take a few moments to plug whiskey makers that they won’t get compensated for. Oh, what a world.
  • Shout-outs to local distilleries making hand sanitizer to donate to medical centers.
  • BatJay makes Shaybin wonder if the word “Ass” would be considered explicit.
  • Shayne the Destroyer is not under the impression that there is anything good or great about the virus. He’s only pointing out that since the symptoms don’t show up for several days, that we can have it and be spreading it without knowing it. He also means that it’s mostly spread as much as it’s going to if everyone stays home.

Beer Thursday Closing Thoughts on the Pandemic

Take it seriously. Stay home and help flatten the curve. During this time, try to behave and act in ways that you will later be proud of.

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Unrelated Conclusion

Here is the meme we mentioned.