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Do you know how long the average podcast lasts? 7 episodes. So want to thank you for helping, supporting us keeping us motivated to bring you new travel tips, stories, and ideas up to this, episode 100!

100 Episodes of All Things Travel!

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  • Rochester, Minnesota

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Episode 100 Transcripts

Episodes are transcribed with artificial intelligence,s so there are likely some highly amusing translations!

Shayne: Hello, and welcome to All Things Travel. Do you know how long the average do you know

how long the average–

Ryan: for that. Well, I mean, you sent me up one right there.

Shayne: Wayne Gretzky, just setting up the assists and you can be the Mark Messier knocking them in. Do you know how long the average podcast lasts?  Seven episodes. So we sincerely want to thank you for helping us, supporting us, and keeping us motivated to bring you new travel tips, stories, and ideas every week up to this episode, 100 original air day to March 16th, 2022.

Ryan: That was perfect.

Shayne: I know. I mean, thank you.

Ryan: Well, Shane here we are episodes in to all things travel.

Shayne: Yes. Sound the fanfair..

Ryan: Oh, right. This has been a journey for us friend.

Shayne: It sure has. It’s been fun.

Ryan: So I went back. Today. Cause I knew we were going to be recording and I went back into my Facebook messages and I found when you invited me to start a podcast with you,

Shayne: Now did you find the first time? Because I remember I had asked you,

when I first started and you were less excited about it and it might’ve been in person that I asked you.

Ryan: well, I,

Shayne: of months, maybe you heard how awesome Travel Wizard was and thought. Yeah, maybe I,

do want to do a

Ryan: well, I think it was so going back and looking at the messages, you know, you had invited me to be on your podcast at that time called the Travel Wizard. And I think I was very nervous about having a topic that I thought would click.

And so we went back and forth and back and forth. And then finally you said, you know what, I’m having some trouble doing this on my own.

I need a partner in crime. Would you be interested in that? And Shane, that was less than a month before we started All Things Travel. We went from a brainstorm. Doing our podcast in less than a month. And we’ve kept it consistent for a hundred episodes. That’s pretty awesome.

Shayne: That is awesome.

Usually, cause I went to the Pat Flynn podcast school and the setup for a podcast is usually considerably longer than the time that we had, but we had a good reason for wanting to start so soon. Didn’t we.

Ryan: Yeah, because Disney was reopening my family and I. And we want it to be up and running, to talk to people about the reopening of Disney because oh yeah, by the way, we started a travel podcast in the middle of a pandemic that shut down travel.

Shayne: Do you think we’ll start another podcast in the next pandemic? Are we just going to stick with this one?

Ryan: I think for good luck, we’ll just stick with this one and hope that there’s not enough.

Shayne: I

Ryan: Well, Hey, before we get too far down the rabbit hole with our hundredth episode merryment I know that you want to share with us today where in the world is All things travel.

Shayne: Rochester, Minnesota. on being featured in our 100 episode.

Ryan: Oh, right. A special shout out to Rochester, Minnesota.

Shayne: There’s a place called Cathy’s pub it’s downtown. They’ve got a rooftop bar. They’ve got a little stage where they have some live music. It looks like a blast.

Ryan: It sounds like a place that you would frequent often. If you lived in Rochester, Minnesota, Shane.

Shayne: I would get to know all the local bands and book, their tours and vacations.

Ryan: So Rochester, Minnesota, as I say every week, reach out to Shane and I, on Facebook on email because I do have a gift for you for being featured, especially on our hundredth episode.

Shayne: And to everyone we want to thank you for listening today. If you would please be sure and click that subscribe button, or if you’re using the Apple Podcast, click that follow plus sign to make sure that you never miss an episode of All Things Travel.

Ryan: So Shane, why did we start the podcast? You were already doing a travel podcast, you and I had talked and I think people would be interested in knowing. You. And I had met one time in person before we started the podcast and even more amazing. We’ve met one time in person since starting the podcast.

Isn’t that crazy to think about? I mean, we meet every week via zoom least once to record the podcast and we’re constantly in communication. You know, on text message or Facebook or things like that. But literally we have met once since starting this darn thing.

Shayne: Probably less different now than it would have been in 2019.

Ryan: Sure,

absolutely. Absolutely.

Shayne: a lot of things. So this remote working that we have here is a little more common now, but not that common. This is still kind of an extraordinary set up. got going here.

Ryan: So why the podcast, why All Things Travel?

Shayne: Well, had heard that there was a local radio station that was looking for some weekend programming and I thought that it would be fun to have travel talk radio show. So I reached out to our mentor, Rob Stewart and. Talk to him about the idea of having a radio show to see if he had any pointers.

And luckily for me, he knew a lot more about the radio business than I did. And he led me into the direction of a podcast instead of a radio show, which was a great idea. And I knew I wanted it to be a two hosts show. Most of the podcasts that I’ve enjoyed have been to hosts shows, and I asked one other person.

Because they were local. I thought that she would have been really good and really fun hosts but she, and she didn’t have the time at the time. I was thinking, well, who else, maybe I should just try remote. And that was when I’d reached out to you the first

Ryan: Yeah.

Shayne: Cause we met people at AgentPalooza.

our agent conference, and I just thought you and I had a better chemistry and got along better, had more in common where you might get some of my humor that others would just think of as weirdo or insane. You get me.

Ryan: Well what’s interesting, with your family’s connection to Spain. I wonder how much that played into it. That I had been to Spain that month when we first met, because that gave us a connection to talk about when it came to travel. In fact, the first time you and I ever interacted was when I was in Madrid.

And you made a Facebook comment about one of my pictures,

Shayne: Yes.

Ryan: I had heard that somebody in our agency had a family connection to Spain, and I knew it was you, but we had not interacted yet. And so wonder how much that played into it. So it’s one of those things where things just work the way they’re supposed to.

Shayne: Yeah, definitely. It was one of the reasons I wanted to make sure that I spoke with you at our conference. I wanted to hear about your trip and what you thought of it there. So yeah, that, that definitely played role in our meeting each other.

Ryan: So we started the podcast, the middle of July, 2020 when travel was very, very dear.

Shayne: At the time it was essentially non-existent when we first


Ryan: and I know that was one of our concerns is, I remember our second episode was about Aulani and Hawaii. And by the time that episode had came out, The requirements that we were talking about on the episode changed. And that’s happened several times to us as we’ve talked about Jamaica, as we’ve talked about the Caribbean, as we’ve talked about Europe and that just, that’s just been the travel world that we’ve lived in which to be quite honest, has been really.


Shayne: Definitely.

Ryan: something like a podcast, because feel like I’ve, I feel like I’ve gotten master’s degree in travel planning and travel logistics, because of the job that I’ve taken on and over the last couple of years, but also because of this podcast, because we’re constantly researching and talking and planning.

Shayne: It’s synergistic in that prep we do for the show helps our travel businesses. And likewise, work we do for the businesses help the show.

Ryan: So how do you feel that the podcast has changed over the last a hundred episodes?

Shayne: We always want it to have evergreen episodes. We never wanted to try to be a news podcast or the try

Ryan: right.

Shayne: anything. still we, the beginning, we covered some topics where by the time the episode was released, it had changed. So we’ve worked a little more at picking topics that aren’t going to change from week to week. And I, think as we’ve gone along, we’ve gotten to where we go deeper into topics and probably less current on topics.

Ryan: I agree with that. And if you look at the shows that have been the most popular, I think it’s certainly ones where we have, we’ve talked about. Travel in general, but also definitely where we’ve talked about travel specifically about this destination or this trip that one of us took, or we’ve had a guest on the speak about travel.

I think, it was important to us at the beginning. To tell, travel stories. And I think we’ve been able to do that even if we don’t have dedicated travel story episodes. I think it’s been really good for us to talk and tell travel stories throughout these hundred episodes.

Shayne: One are the things that got me into travel was hearing from and uncles, or, the older adults when I was a kid. Travel and that along with Disney being, So story-based, it was just a nice mix that got me into travel partially for seeing the sites and having the experiences, but also for hearing stories of other people’s travel, as well as writing my own travel stories to tell.

Ryan: So Shayne, before we hear from some of our, listener friends, been your favorite episode of all things.

Shayne: I’m going to pick two. The two episodes that our friend Tom, two tall Tom recorded with us. I think where. Probably the most fun, just because he is such a character.

Ryan: He’s a cool dude,

Shayne: Yeah. How about You What are your favorite episode?

Ryan: for me, Because I, one of the things that I’ve appreciated doing on this show, and I hope listeners have appreciated it too, I really talked about my family as a group of travelers

Shayne: Um,

Ryan: got to be the proud dad. I loved the episode where the kids came on, um, where Miriam and Caleb shared their thoughts.

That was a really cool experience for me.

Shayne: Yeah.

That was fun. I enjoyed that too. As far as a travel topic goes. Cause I love. And loving road trips and loving stories meant that, Elisabeth’s epic road trip when she was young was, is also a failure.


Ryan: That was a really cool, I, you know, it was one of those things where, we first met and I think I said this in the episode, She had talked kind of tangentially about this trip that she took and I was kind of like, yeah, yeah. You know, it, it sounded interesting. It sounded cool. And I remember her sitting down with the kids one time and going through this, photo album that the scrapbook that she had collected and I’m like, my gosh, like, this is an amazing.

I mean just the amount of things that she was able to do. So I’m sure she’s pleased to hear you say that. Well, we reached out to some of our listeners on Facebook. If you are not part of the, all things travel Facebook group, man, you are missing out. We want you to be there.

Shayne: What are you doing?

Ryan: So last week we sent. If you have a favorite episode, tell us what it is. And also tell us what you enjoy about the show. And I want to share some of these cause I felt really good after reading, these comments from folks, friend, Jen Neil, who was a guest on the show talking about Virgin.

It says I get at least one helpful tidbit in every episode, usually more, but I really like when you all talk about local destinations, I especially enjoyed learning about Traverse City. I’ve never thought about beaches in Michigan.

Shayne: There are some nice beaches.

Ryan: Our friend Mike Reed, who was on several episodes talking about our traveling Greece said, episodes with Tom . So he agreed with you talking Hawaii have been my favorite. I really enjoy hearing Ryan and Shayne learn from other travelers about unique adventures. And that’s been a lots of fun to. To have people who are professionals and travel to have people who are friends who have traveled different places and to have learned favorite them, our friend, Olivia from Ohio said, hi guys, hope you’re doing well.

I’m not sure if I have a specific favor, I loved hearing about Hawaii and your TSA pre-check episode. It was so informative that made me decide that my husband and I really need to sign up for it. You’re going to love it, Olivia. And of course I loved hearing that somebody from my neck of the woods also listens to All Things Travel.

So that, that was good to hear. Gene, our friend, Gene who’s been on several times says my favorite episode was number eight. Now I went back and I looked.

Shayne: Yes,

Ryan: that number eight Gene, and I’m sure he knew this was his episode that he was on.

Shayne: should we have a,

Ryan: was great.

Shayne: should we’ve added a stipulation about not voting for yourself.

Ryan: you go. There you go. he says he likes the different topics that we come up with and you’re right. That’s one of the things that we’ve really tried to do is we don’t want to have a niche. Other than we’re going to talk about travel. So we really like to do a wide variety of topics, which we know means that the episode isn’t necessarily interesting to everybody, but there’s always going to be something you’re going to find something along the way that you’re going to be interested in.

And Gene, I went back and looked, Shayne. Gene was our first guest ever,

Shayne: Yeah.

Ryan: he did a great job. And boy, we’ve had some great guests in.

Shayne: Well, he was one of the others that I hung out with quite a bit that first year, and at both conferences been to, he and I have hung out quite a bit. And he was a fun guy to hang out with.

Ryan: So Michelle has been part of our Facebook group for a long time. She is often on the lives that we do on Facebook. She’s a good supporter of All Things Travel, and we love her for it. She says it’s hard to choose a. I like to listen for research purposes. So I really liked the ones that review different types of resorts and locations.

learned so much from Hawaii, from Too Tall Tom, when he was on. And I like to hear different tips for traveling, especially internationally. You’re doing great. Keep it up. And I would say to We both have a love of international travel, especially when it takes us over to Europe. And so that’s been really fun to talk about and geek out and share about our adventures over there.

Patrick, our friend from Nevada says I don’t have a favorite episode, but I do enjoy the ones I listened to and I enjoyed the varying content.

We appreciate.

Shayne: Yeah.

Ryan: Rebecca says I enjoy the funny and scary travel stories episode. I also just generally enjoy hearing different travel reports and experiences. My bucket list keeps getting longer.

Thanks to you guys. Well, to be honest, my bucket list keeps getting longer because of this podcast, too.

Wendy Korn, who we’ve had on to talk about Disney.

Shayne: Yeah.

Ryan: says, I think my most memorable stories are when Elizabeth shared her story about traveling alone across the country. then when Shayne got himself situation in Jamaica. I love to hear about Spain. So I enjoyed that show. the show about Ryan talking about Riviera Maya with his family.

I also like hearing Amy south gate talk about Royal Caribbean cruises. So she said it was hard to pick just one. And I loved having Amy. I actually spoke to Amy a couple of weeks ago and she asked about the podcast and was excited that she was able to be on it. And Shayne, I booked a job for you.

I told Wendy that her and her husband needed to go to Spain and that you could be there full time, travel, guide while they’re over there.

Shayne: I will give them the tour. I will even bring my brother-in-law along as an interpreter.

Ryan: There you


Shayne: very offensive interpreter. you know, the funny thing about Wendi.

Ryan: What’s he saying you don’t want to

know? You don’t want to know.

Shayne: Wendy, like Tom is also loads of fun to be around. And I appreciate that she is willing to enjoy my misfortune and Jamaica.

Ryan: Ciro liked our most recent episode about Epcot. Cause he says that he loves Epcot. And I know that from being a Disney with. Chris said I’m partial to the national parks episodes, the ones where he was able to share his family experience. But seriously, I love the Universal insights, and your overall travel knowledge, Diana Walsh, who is a fellow traveled advisor,

says my favorite episode is the newest one about what travel advisors do I find myself explaining to people constantly about what travel advisors do you would think that they would know, but in this day and age, I find myself having to do it time and time again.

My favorite parts of the show is just the general banter between Ryan and Shayne I always managed to get a few good laughs out of each show. Diana. So do we.

Shayne: I bet she would appreciate the ones that get edited too.

Ryan: who. Was also on the show, talking about Disney dining says my favorite is definitely the scary, funny travel stories. I feel like those could be some hilarious comedy sketches. Hmm. I wonder who would play Ryan and Shayne?

So I suggested Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, but she didn’t get back to me about.

Shayne: I have always suggested that if was a movie about.

me that it would have to be Jackman that played me because he has the physique and he has the chops to handle the musical number

Ryan: s.


There you go. I like it. I like it. So our friend, Tom who people, really liked with this Hawaii episode says my favorite part is the tremendous growth. The show has shown from favorite stories to having a wonderful vacation. You guys have become strong storytellers and I look forward to more wonderful stories.

That’s awesome, Tom, thank you so much for those words,

Shayne: getting Misty.

Ryan: Jay Ray. Who Shane knows quite well from another podcast. And I’m going to have him plug here in a second. It says my favorite round, sorry episode, is that one that you did about me? I believe it was the biggest travel mistakes. Where you talked about traveling to see Jay Leno in Shreveport with no room reservations or luggage.

I believe it was Mardi Gras weekend. Coincidence? What I took away from that discussion was it’s probably a good idea to plan ahead and not be so young and impulsive all the time. And Shayne, tell us about Jay and the other podcasts that you do with him.

Shayne: Well, there’s actually a couple of things about that. The first is that my friend, Jay and I we’ve been friends for like 35, 40 years. A long time.

Yes. And, So we have a podcast it’s just “all things.” what we do is we drink some beer while we’re talking about just lot of pop culture topics.

And our formula is, and this is just between. Just between us, just the

Ryan: Okay.

Shayne: All things, travel, friends and us. formula is to have serious conversations about trivial topics and trivial conversations about serious topics. And the

Ryan: So Beer Thursday.

Shayne: oh, Beer, Thursday. Yes, Thursday.

I also want to apologize for those of you that Thursday morning, a few weeks ago, when you might have got a sampling of Beer Thursday.

in the RSS speed, I accidentally queued it to the wrong podcast feed. Sorry about that.

Ryan: I think you were just trying to get more people to, listen in to Beer Thursday, which we want everybody to do. And then our last feedback comes from my wonderful wife, Elizabeth. said, I like hearing stories, especially the ones with the teenagers. Of course, she’s talking about her kids.

Shayne: Yes,

Ryan: That was one of my favorite ones too. So

Shane, I was blown away when I read these responses from folks, I feel really good about what we do every week and that just really confirmed it.

Shayne: Absolutely. I mean, yeah, I was joking about Misty, but not really. When I was reading some of these last week, I was really touched by some of the things said,

Ryan: So. What are our plans moving forward? Are there going to be things that we’re going to be doing with, All Things Travel that people can look forward to?

Shayne: you know, one of the things I enjoy about reading through that list is thinking back to when. I think of the people on there I’ve had a chance to hang out with usually it Disney and, uh, just the fun we had with them. You and I a lot about setting up some meetups,

Ryan: Yep.

Shayne: places across the country, maybe other countries where could all get together and hang out some.

Ryan: Yeah, I really liked that idea. We really want to think about doing some meetups, maybe even planning trips, where folks can come together and, go to one of the destinations that we’ve talked about. It could be a theme park. It could be a major us city. Gosh, darn it. Shayne, it could be Dublin Ireland. Who knows where All Things Travel might take us, but seriously, that’s something that we have talked about from the very beginning.

And I think after a hundred episodes is time for us to get off our Duff and make some plans.

Shayne: you have a point there. Along with that. in the world is all things travel? I think a lot of those places might be good places to meet up. So if you have a place, if you’re listening to this from somewhere that we haven’t mentioned yet, and you have a fun place where we could all get together and hang out in your neck of the woods, be sure and reach out and let us know where in the world you are.

Ryan: Absolutely. I know one of the things that we want to do is the last year at the end of 2021, we started to do a couple of lives, on our Facebook group. I know we want to do more of that. We want to explore having episodes where maybe we have people come on and be part of the conversation.

There’s just some more, as we explore more technology, to interact with folks, there are some more options there. And I think we’re really excited about that.

Shayne: Speaking of lives. We never didn’t say why we canceled that last live that.

we had scheduled. And I don’t really want to go into all the details of why we canceled it, but I will say that it rhymes with Bro-vid. One of us may have caught

Ryan: This is true. This is true, we’ll get back on track with doing the lives cause I know folks, enjoy that. We enjoy doing that. It’s a really fun way to spend some time. So Shane to a hundred more episodes.

Shayne: that’s a lot of work, Ryan.

Ryan: All right.

Shayne: We can

do it.

Ryan: we’d like for you to, uh, pause.

Go and grab your favorite beverage, if you uh, don’t have one with you right now.

And now that you’re back, let’s have a little toast, a hundred episodes of All Things Travel. Chin, chin.

Well, after a hundred episodes, you surely know that Shayne and I are travel advisors with Creating Magic Vacations, and we would love to help you take the vacation of your dreams. You can reach out to me, Ryan, R Y a And you can work with us and we would love to help you plan one of the places that you’ve heard about on our first hundred episodes.

Shayne: Most families are confused and overwhelmed. When they want to plan a vacation. work with you to plan a trip for your interests, which saves you time, money, and stress.

at our at our at our What are you doing?