Beer Thursday: Future Topics – 002

Welcome to Round 2! Since it is Beer Thursday, we publishing rounds instead of episodes.

Future Topics

Still no sign of Darren and Scott.

In Round 2, Jay and Shayne discuss their flaws:

Shayne is short and needs a haircut.

What are Jay’s flaws? Listen and find out!

They also discuss future topics that will likely be covered on the next several rounds of Beer Thursday.

Shayne has been to 60% of podcasting school. He’s learned that podcasters should schedule what they’re going to talk about! Today’s round does not disappoint as the Jay and Shayne discuss what they’re going to talk about in future rounds:

  • Movies
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Ghosts
  • Gender
  • Bathrooms
  • Curtains

They also discuss the words we can’t say if they want to keep their Clean rating.

If you can name the musical Shayne references, let us know in the comments! (Hopefully, it wasn’t too obvious.)

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