Beer Thursday Jumps the Shark! Already – 19

Our Dynamic Duo of Dialog continues their Podcasting-in-place with a topic that’s been at the front of everyone’s mind since they were kids and even more today. Has Beer Thursday jumped the shark? Or did they simply discuss shark jumping?

Favorite TV Shows From When We Were Kids

Jay starts off by thinking about thinking. Then our two Conquerors of Communications decide to select three favorite tv shows each. From when there were kids. In their 20s.

Get a birds’ eye view of everything they say by listening in and reminiscing on their favorite shows from when they were kids. In their 20s.

We–I mean they cover the shows from their childhoods and also cover a few shows from their childhood still on today. Listen intently to learn their favorite shows as a kid that they could remember today.

Today’s digressions and tangents include:

  • Shayne has to sneeze.
  • What is a bigger shark jump? Fonzie jumping a shark or an alien visiting Fonzie?
  • What does whiskey taste like?
  • More Groucho!
  • Who thinks Jay could be a good grumpy old man someday? Perhaps sooner?
  • Artificial Unintelligence, aka AU.

What are some of your favorite tv shows from your childhood? Please tell us in the comments below.

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