New York Revisited: The Tale of Shayne – 011

Both of your favorite Beer Thursday Show hosts of all time recently visited New York City again.

The Tale of Sir Shayne

On today’s very special round 10. Or 11. I lost count around round 6. Then we lost round 10. (We’ll let you know as soon as we find it!)

On this remarkable part 2 of New York City talk, Shayne tells all about his family’s wonderful trip to the greatest city in the world!

Revel in stories of Broadway shows, meeting actors and Lady Liberty as Jay asks questions and struggles with the lameness of Shayne’s toast.

You’ll never stop coming back for more of being a fly on the wall for these witty, thoughtful and mostly unedited discussions!

Stay tuned next week for Jay’s exciting tales of his trip to New York City!

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