The Best Sauces (On Instagram Live) – 41

Do you struggle with what sauce to put on your sandwich? Select the superlative sauce every time as Jay and Shayne discuss the best sauces!

Jay and Shayne discuss their favorite sauces. Not only do they count them for the sake of fun, but they did also this live on Instagram!

Jay and Shayne’s Favorite Sauces

Number 5

Jay: Whataburger Fancy Ketchup

Shayne: Chick-Fil-A Honey Roasted BBQ

Number 4

Jay: Raising Cain’s sauce

Shayne: Big Mac Sauce. I mean, Thousand Island dressing

Number 3

Jay: Alfredo Sauce

Shayne: Yellow mustard

Sauces We Don’t Like

Jay: Duck sauce

Shayne: Arby Q Sauce, Taco Bell Sauce

Number 2

Jay: TNT Sports Page’s Ranch dressing, may it R.I.P.

Shayne: tartar sauce

Honorable mentions

  • Honey Mustard
  • Twin Peaks
  • Joe T. Garcia’s salsa
  • El Fenix salsa
  • Texas Pete

Number 1 Favorite Sauces in the World!

Jay: Jay’s Dad’s Bacon Gravy

Shayne: Chuy’s Jalapeño Ranch

Big shoutout to some friends who joined us on Instagram Live:

  • @colinboydmr – Colin is a singer/songwriter. He’s the one playing guitar on our outro music.
  • Jai – not the same Jay, a work buddy from when I had a day job.
  • Foreverfiarytaleco – Check out their cool stickers!
  • and J.R. who endured our previous attempt at IG Live.

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What do you think of our favorite sauces? What is your favorite sauce?

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