Best Ways to Get Around Disney and Universal

The logistics of getting around during your vacation can be complicated. Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resorts both offer many different options. This post covers the best ways to get around Disney and Universal.

Best Ways to Get Around Disney and Universal

Getting to Walt Disney World

  • Mears Connect
  • Adults $19.00, Child 13.50 or 38/27)
  • Advantages/disadvantages of Mears
  • Uber or Lyft or Taxi
    – My last trip it was $41
    – Advantages/disadvantages of Uber/Lyft
  • Rental Car
    a. Parking at parks/resorts is included in stay
    b. Advantages/disadvantages of rental car

Getting to Universal Orlando Resorts

  • Uber or Lyft or taxi
  • Super Star Shuttle
    – The cost of a roundtrip ticket on the SuperStar Shuttle is $39 per adult and $29 for children ages 3 – 9.
  • Rental car
    – Universal’s three premier hotels all charge a $28-per-night self-parking fee ($37 for valet) for registered guests.
    – Sapphire Falls overnight guests pay $26 for self-parking and $45 for valet.
    – Cabana Bay and Aventura charge $18 for overnight guests (self-parking only)
    – Endless Summer charges $15.

Once you are at Walt Disney World

  • Bus System
  • Monorail
  • Boats
  • Skyliner
  • Walking
  • Minnie Vans
    – Cost between 30-70
    – Have two car seats

Once you are at Universal Orlando Resorts

  • Bus System
  • Boats
  • Walking

Question: What is your favorite way to get around Walt Disney World?

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