RunDisney [Everything You Need to Know!]- 127

You’re a runner. You’re a Disney fan. Boy, do we have a show for you! RunDisney is a series of events throughout the year that lets you combine your love of running and fitness with Disney Magic. Our friend Julie is back to share everything you need to know about RunDisney.

How to Choose and Book a Cruise – 126

Cruising is back more than ever since the shutdown in 2020. Guidelines are changing by the day as ports and cruise lines resume welcoming back travelers. Understanding how to choose and book a cruise is more important than ever. Read these trip-choosing do’s you can use to find the perfect cruise!

What to Do When Your Flight is Canceled – 125

Flights have been interesting this summer travel season, to say the least. Cancelations, delays, lost bags, and chaotic airports. How do you handle a flight cancelation like a pro? On today’s show, we’ve got tips to help you deal with when, not if, but when your flight is delayed or canceled.

Ciao Italy Tours Trip Review – 122

Italy is one of the most visited European destinations. The country contains 65% of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites, and many families can trace their heritage there. Today we review a partner we work with, Ciao Italy Tours, to plan magical Italian vacations.

Top Tips for Pro-level Travel Packing – 121

Travel Packing can be fun and frustrating at the same time. What do you bring? What do you leave at home? After some big trips this summer, Shayne and I have some pro tips for you when it comes to packing.

A Fantastic Way to See Volcanoes National Park – 120

As part of a larger vacation, we popped over to Hawaii, the big island, and toured Volcanoes National Park. We’ll fill you in on the experience and the great tour operator who can help you add some Aloha to your next trip to Hawaii.