That’s Right, We Said, “100!” – 100

It’s time to celebrate the grandest milestone in the history of grand milestones. Celebrate our 100th round as our friend Brian Builta destroys BeerThursday with a hard-hitting interview.

The Best Western

Don your favorite 10-gallon hat and grab your 6-shooter. [6, 7, whatever it takes.] Today we’re breaking down THE best western and giving a nod to a few others.

Favorite TV Theme Songs – 98

Grab your beers, turn on the tube, and groove to the grooviest television tunes you love. Today we discuss our favorite TV theme songs. 

Our Favorite Actor [Take 1] – 97

Prepare to be amazed by our insight and dramatic amazement-making as your heroes of make their first attempt at revealing their favorite actor.

Cruising the Greek Isles – 71

Beautiful beaches, white stoned buildings and blue domed churches, food, and wine! Today we’re discussing our recent trip exploring the Greek Isles.

What Did Jay Name His Dog? – 96

It’s time to crate your favorite heroes of talkin’ and drinkin’ as Shayne tries to guess what Jay named his new puppy. Good boy, Jay! Good boy!