The Ghost Trap – 50

A ghost trap, Marfa Lights, ghost photos, and graveyard demons. Your fearless heroes continue their fascinating discussions with a paranormal investigator.

Ranking the Star Trek Captains – 49

I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer! We’re also authorities on Starship captains. Transport to the bridge and grab a drink! We’re ranking the Star Trek Captains.

Time Slips and Spatial Distortion – 47

Your heroes of horror are back to creep you out even more as Paranormal Investigator Ashton Rogers reveals his creepiest experiences with Time Slips and Spacial Distortion.

JW Marriott Marco Island – 14

Ready for a beach getaway but not ready to leave the United States? Listen and learn why JW Marriott Marco Island might be the beach destination for you!