Is Brian Even a Real Person? – 37

Have you ever seen an Easter Egg hatch? After decades of mentioning Brian every episode, we bring on the world’s best Brian to mention himself!

Disney World Reopening – 04

Get the scoop on Disney’s reopening after their 4-month closure due to the pandemic, and Ryan is reporting LIVE from his room at Walt Disney World.

Jay knows Superman – 36

Like Superman, do ya? Well, Jay knows Superman. Breaking down The Man of Steel is impossible, so Jay answers my fascinating questions about Supes McKrypton.

Disney’s Aulani Resort – 03

Aloha everybody! Today we are talking about one of my favorite places…Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa. The perfect blend of island paradise with Disney touches!

Tim, The Enchanter – 35

Today our fearless heroes tackle their greatest fear: a not-so-hateful hater who loves them. Listen in as he rips them to shreds, then admits his affection.

Walt Disney World: The New Normal Now – 02

To keep us safe while allowing us to still enjoy the parks, Walt Disney World made a lot of changes. Since there are so many, we break them down on today’s episode and give you the scoop on the new normal now at Disney.

Our Favorite Villains – 34

Grab your bald cat, your best evil chortle, and devise your most evil schemes, because today we’re talking about our favorite villains.