Madrid Summer Festivals – 134

We all dream of seeing the museums, monuments, fountains, and other significant landmarks of the world’s cities. To really enhance your travel memories, though, you must experience the festivals. I’ve had the great fortune of attending a few Madrid summer festivals, and we’ll tell you all about them today.

Tips for a Successful Honeymoon – 133

A major trip for many people is their honeymoon. This is a special time to celebrate each other and the new stage in your relationship. What are the considerations for planning the perfect (as possible) honeymoon vacation?

Scary Movies Talk – 152

Jeepers Creepers! On today’s very Beer Thursday, everybody’s favorite wise-asses of whimsical whatnot discuss scary movies.

Movies That Don’t Hold Up, Part 1 – 151

On today’s aerodynamic round of Beer Thursday, your scrupulous scalpers of all things great and not-so-great jump headfirst into a topic so controversial that it could very well cause a tear in the fabric of space and time. Naturally, that could only be one thing: movies that don’t hold up.