Brian Interviews the Durango Brothers – 38

If you thought last week’s episode was funny, you were right! You’ll be right again this week when Brian fearlessly interviews the most Durango Brothers you’ve ever heard.

Brian’s Questions:

  • Jay, 1st song on the album, Bad Man: Are you still a bad man?
  • Shayne, The Ride: Are you still riding? And if so, where are you going?
  • For both of you, Love of Someone Else’s Life: What do you say about the…imagery in that song?
  • Shayne, are you still at Texas Kind Of Guy, or are there overtones of Oklahoma creeping in?
  • I still don’t get the song, Kay.
  • Why did the band break up?

Listen to find out their answers! Learn the mysteries of the mysterious Durango Brothers still not breaking up.

Check Out The Durango Brothers 1st Album!

Hear the album for yourself! You can purchase the Durango Brothers self-titled album on any of these sites.

You can also listen to it for free on YouTube, but mostly you can buy it from any of these sites.

While durangobrothers dot com is no longer in service, the Durango Brothers are still on Myspace! As much as anything is on MySpace. When’s the last time you checked out anything on MySpace.

What do you want to ask the Durango Brothers?

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