Our Favorite Female Actors – 103

All the world’s a stage and we are merely podcasters! The players are these female actors who delight us with their brilliance and hard work!

The Best Western – 99

Don your favorite 10-gallon hat and grab your 6-shooter. [6, 7, whatever it takes.] Today we’re breaking down THE best western and giving a nod to a few others.

Our Favorite Actor [Take 1] – 97

Prepare to be amazed by our insight and dramatic amazement-making as your heroes of make their first attempt at revealing their favorite actor.

The Mandalorian Talk – 61

Invite your favorite cute, little green friends and belly up to the bar as we talk about everyone’s favorite Mandalorian. We serve droids here.

James Bond Talk – 60

Put on your best suit and mix up a Martini. Today we finally discuss one of the greatest action-movie characters of all time: Bond…James Bond.