Our Favorite Sports – 94

Lace up your skates and paint on those black lines under your eyes. Your athletic purveyors or palavers are throwing back brews and talking about our favorite sports!

Ranking the Star Trek Captains – 49

I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer! We’re also authorities on Starship captains. Transport to the bridge and grab a drink! We’re ranking the Star Trek Captains.

Finding Normalcy in 2020 – 44

Struggling with life in these uncertain times? Brian is back to help with finding normalcy in 2020, whether we want to or not. Spoiler Alert: Not with normalcy.

Our Favorite Villains – 34

Grab your bald cat, your best evil chortle, and devise your most evil schemes, because today we’re talking about our favorite villains.

UFOs and Other Unidentified Objects – 25

Join our high-flying galactic wonders as the ponder UFOs and the existence of life on other worlds. And unidentified objects in the sky obviously visiting us from another planet.

Shameless Plug Thursday – 21

Recorded on “National Wear Pajamas To Work Day” and “National High Five Day.” Will we ever get to shake hands again? Only time will tell.

All About the Pandemic – 17

On this most spectacular Beer Thursday round so far this year, our courageous heroes begin with lame excuses for why they haven’t released rounds in so long and why they’ve now made their triumphant return. [HIPPA Approved.]