Batman Talk- 81

Put on your favorite wings and tights. Today our caped crusaders of cool finally capture the Dark Knight. Join us for Batman talk!

Rush Talk (with Tim) – 80

Time and our dynamic defenders of goodness and justice discuss what some (Tim) call the greatest rock band ever. Is Rush really that great or a little overrated?

Quantum Physics (Simplified) – 79

Ready to solve mysteries and have adventures with our glorious heroes of Science? Today we make quantum physics understandable and accessible by almost discussing it.

International Burger Day – 78

May 28 is International Burger Day. So pull up your french fries and grab your favorite pickles. Our fearless heroes break down all things burgers!

Growing Up With Tim – 77

Our fearless heroes confront their biggest friend and their oldest enemy. Reverse that. You’ve heard his voicemail tirades, not enjoy Tim as a guest!

The Best Chicken Sandwich – 76

Ready your wings and thighs and grab your bread, because we’re talking chicken again. In today’s round find who has the best chicken sandwich.

Fried Chicken Talk – 72

Don’t stop thinking about fried chicken, cos we’re always thinking about it. Today we break down the best and the worst of chicken that has been fried.