Shameless Plug Thursday – 21

Recorded on “National Wear Pajamas To Work Day” and “National High Five Day.” Will we ever get to shake hands again? Only time will tell.

Iconic Movie Roles (Part 1) – 18

A long time ago in a video conference far, far away, our hometown heroes recorded their most 18th round ever! In that 18th round, they discussed iconic movie roles.

All About the Pandemic – 17

On this most spectacular Beer Thursday round so far this year, our courageous heroes begin with lame excuses for why they haven’t released rounds in so long and why they’ve now made their triumphant return. [HIPPA Approved.]

An Important Discovery! – 16

Today’s International round is also an individual round of Beer Thursday as Shayne hops into the pilot’s chair for a solo voyage through the amazing sounds of this podcast!

The Shayne in Spain – 015

In today’s International round of Beer Thursday, Shayne tells us about his summer in the place he visited most the summer he was there, plainly Spain.

Road Rage – 013

In Today’s amazing round, we tackle the least controversial and most angry topic yet: ROAD RAGE! Grrrr..