Cereal Talk – 31

Prepare your shiniest bowl and spoon, true believers! Our heroes take a stand against our friendliest foe and our most formidable ally, cereal.

Stephen King Talk – 27

Hide your phones in your freezer if you think it will keep you safe from the ghosts because today we discuss Stephen King!

Star Wars Talk – 26

The Jedi Masters of Jaw-Jacking smoothly start today’s round with smoothness and Star Wars. How did each rank the Star Wars movies? Listen and find out!

UFOs and Other Unidentified Objects – 25

Join our high-flying galactic wonders as the ponder UFOs and the existence of life on other worlds. And unidentified objects in the sky obviously visiting us from another planet.

Musicians Gone Too Soon -24

On this new most spectacular round of the year this month, your fighters of all things dull discuss musicians gone too soon, the deaths of artists who have had the most impact on them.

National Paranormal Day! – 23

Do you believe in ghosts? In one of the most frightening rounds of Beer Thursday History, we celebrate National Paranormal Day by sharing a few of our own ghost stories.