What to Do When Your Flight is Canceled – 125

Flights have been interesting this summer travel season, to say the least. Cancelations, delays, lost bags, and chaotic airports. How do you handle a flight cancelation like a pro? On today’s show, we’ve got tips to help you deal with when, not if, but when your flight is delayed or canceled.

Top Tips for Pro-level Travel Packing – 121

Travel Packing can be fun and frustrating at the same time. What do you bring? What do you leave at home? After some big trips this summer, Shayne and I have some pro tips for you when it comes to packing.

Top Tips for Flying in 2022 – 92

Flying has gotten a bit “interesting” lately for many reasons. Great tips to help you fly prepared on your next trip flying in 2022 are detailed in this episode.

The Teen Perspective on Travel – 87

One of the reasons we love travel so much is how it’s enriched our families’ lives. Hear directly from two teenage travelers to get their perspective on travel.