Comparing 2 River Cruise Itineraries

The last episode Ryan and I discussed the reasons why river cruising should be on your list of upcoming vacations. Today, we will highlight two different types of river cruises we love to get your travel planning started.

Comparing 2 River Cruise Itineraries

  • Danube River Cruise with Scenic
  • Columbia & Snake River

Question: Which of these 2 river cruises would suit you best?

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Episode 153 Transcripts

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Shayne: Hello and welcome to All Things Travel. Last episode Ryan and I discussed the reasons why River Cruising should be on your list of upcoming vacations. Today we will highlight two different types of river cruises. We love to help you get your travel planning started.

Ryan: well, it’s obvious to everybody from the last episode and from past episodes when we talked about this, that we really like river cruising. We, we think it’s a great way to vacation. And so I’m excited today cuz we’re actually gonna to talk about two different types of river cruises so that people can see what’s included, what they may have to think about going into booking one of these and why it might just be their next.

Shayne: and I think a lot of people might be surprised by the second one, probably something they didn’t know that we have available so close to home.

Ryan: That’s true. So I’m gonna start off by talking about a Daniel River Cruise, of more of their traditional European River cruises. And I’m going talk about a company that our agency works with quite a bit called Scenic River Cruises. We really like them because of. Everything that’s included and the level of service that they provide.

Then you’re gonna talk about a company that we highlighted in a past episode.

Shayne: Episode number 17.

Ryan: Holy smokes. That was like forever ago, man.

Shayne: That was, it’s gonna be a couple of years ago. What’s, what’s 153 minus 17

Ryan: I don’t know. I don’t need to, I don’t need to know how to do that in my head. But anyway. So tell us about American Cruise Line. Just give us a, a, a high level of it before we dive into the cruises.

Shayne: American Cruise Lines is, At American Cruise Company, it’s American owned. The ships are all built in America. All the employees are American. It is a good way for you to take a river cruise and sometimes some closer offshore cruises without needing a passport.

Ryan: Yeah. And so you can go up into Alaska, you can go up to Canada where you obviously do need a passport, but there’s some really neat American river cruises. One that we learned about at our, our last travel agent event was along the coast of Florida and like going. All around Florida, going down to the national park down there, that’s really hard to get to except by the water.

That was a really neat cruise. I think there’s, there’s a lot of types of cruising that people don’t think about in the US and you’re gonna talk about one of those today.

Shayne: Sure am.

Ryan: Most families are confused and overwhelmed when planning a vacation. We work with you to plan a trip perfect for your interests, saving you time, money, and stress.

Shayne: We would love to help you planning your next amazing vacation.

Ryan: Reach out to me That’s R Y A n, at creating magic

So this first River cruise Shayne is more of a traditional river cruise. It’s with scenic cruise line, which offers tons of stuff in the price. And so I wanna talk about this. The Daniel River cruise that I looked up is an eight day river cruise.

And I looked up somebody cruising in June of this year. And they have several different options. They can. From the west to the east, so starting in Budapest and working their way towards Germany. Or they could start in Munich, or they could start in Nuremberg. Now, the one thing I’ll say is if you’re starting in Munich, basically what you’re doing that first day is you’re going up to Nuremberg.

But for a lot of people, it’s easier to fly into Munich. So that’s why they would choose that. So an eight day river cruise. So this is basically how it breaks down the first day. You’re a Nuremberg. You get onto the ship. You meet your guide, you meet folks that you’re gonna be with, and you have a full day in Nuremberg exploring the city.

Then you’re in Rogen and Rotenberg offers a rich tapestry of experiences from a meaningful old town to a. Bavarian Forest, and you can join your guide that will talk you through all these things. You can see different types of architecture and all that good stuff. Or if you’re feeling active, you can hop aboard an e-bike for a self-guided tour.

Um, Different monuments or things to see. Now, I’ve already talked about a few things. Shayne here. When I talk about your guides, we’ll show you this and you can do this. That’s all included, so you’re not paying extra for these excursions. And the e-bikes are also included. So if you just want to go and have a ride and explore or bike along the river, you can certainly do that as well.

Shayne: and then all inclusiveness of these river cruises is one of the things that we mentioned last week that we love about river cruise.

Ryan: Absolutely. So on day four, you’re traveling from Pasal to lens. So you can choose a visit to the medieval Czech city and discover World Heritage listed Old Town or journey to Salzburg and explore the birthplaces of Mozart or the sound of music. Or you could stay on board for a cooking demonstration as you cruise from passau to lens.

So you can be on the ship. You can be off the ship, whatever you’d like to do

Shayne: Although I think the Von Trapp family will be highly disappointed with you if you don’t go and take a look at the


Ryan: know. I know. That’s of one of those things, but imagine if you are a sound of music nut,

you know the

Shayne: can imagine.

Ryan: being able to see that and

Shayne: Yes.

Ryan: it. and half everything taken care of for you. And again, we keep stressing that over and over with this type of vacation, day five, you’re going from milk to Bernstein.

So you could go to a Benedictine Abbey you can go to a castle, you can go see where Arch the home of Arch Ferdinand assassination sparked World War I. So again, you’re seeing all these historical things. Day six, you’re in vie.

Shayne: They have the sausages, right?


Ryan: And one of the cool things that happens in Vienna is you have an experience that’s just for scenic, just for the folks on this river cruise. You go to the PA Lichtenstein and enjoy a glass of fine Austrian insect, and then you’ll be enthralled by the en an enchanting private classical evening concert featuring the timeless music of Strauss and Moza.

seven, then you’re in Budapest. You spend the day exploring Budapest, having tours, seeing everything that you want to see with Budapest. And then day eight is the end of your cruise. You’re leaving the the cruise and either spending time in Budapest or heading off for either home or the rest of your adventure.

how does that itinerary sound to you to experience the Danube?

Shayne: That sounds just perfect. It sounds so much fun. That concert there in Vienna, that’s one of the features of the scenic cruise line, is on every one of their itineraries, they have this special cruisers only event in a super unique location. That’s gonna be an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had.

Ryan: here’s what I like most when I work with clients and, and have scenic. It’s because of everything that’s included. They make it very, very inclusive. you have included in your price, you have a scenic river cruise ship that holds up to 163 guests. So you’re talking well under 200 passengers are on this cruise ship.

You have your choice of a variety of state rooms, but all our suites and all are outside state rooms, so you have at least a window, if not a balcony. For your for your state room based on the level that you choose, you have exactly what we talked about, the scenic enrich experience of an enchanting private classical evening.

You can personalize your trip with 23 included free choice activit. You can dine at your choice of up to five onboard venues from casual to fine dining. This cruise that I just talked about includes seven breakfasts, six lunches, and seven dinners, and none of those meals cost extra. There’s no specialty dining on this cruise.

You have Butler service in every suite. And remember, every state room is considered a suite, so everybody has a butler that’s helping them take care of things and, and keeping things chip shaped. , you have a complimentary full mini bar throughout your cruise. There is a salt therapy lounge and fitness area on board.

There’s an app that you can use and download that will give you more information about your crews and help you learn about the places that you’re visiting. You can use the e-bike. You have a cruise director on board that will work with, with passengers to develop experiences and also you’ll have expert local guides that will get on and talk to you about about things.

You have complimentary wifi throughout your cruise. You have your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included. You have return airport transfers. That are already included and all of your tipping and gratuities both on board and off the ship, anything that’s included or that’s anything that is having to do with the crews, tours, meals, things like that, that are both on the ship and off are already taken care of to me, that sounds pretty, gosh darn, all inclusive.

Shayne: and a lot of those are common among other river crews partners. But there’s a few of these that others don’t have. And one of those is the number of restaurants. Most river cruise ships are smaller, so they’re not gonna have a lot of options as far as the number of restaurants. But this one, having five onboard venues for dining is, that’s nice.

Also the complimentary premium onboard beverages all day, every day. Most of the other river cruises only allow those during the mealtimes.

Ryan: Most places you can side up and say, Hey, I really want a beer, or I’d really, and they’ll, they’ll accommodate. But the fact that Scenic comes right out and says this is included, have at it. And the fact that there’s butler’s. , that it, it ups the level of, of experience to not just have a state room attendant, but have a butler that you know is gonna take care of everything that you need, gonna help you with, with your particular requests is really, really good.

So, Shayne, let’s talk a little bit about pricing here. So,

Shayne: these costs?

Ryan: I mentioned you can do several different things. You can go west to east, you can go Budapest to Nuremberg and Munich, or you can go Munich or Nuremberg to Budapest. And as I broke these down and I looked at three different cruises throughout June, I realized they’re all the same price for.

The level of state room that I would expect to book somebody, and that’s a balcony suite. So that’s a a, a state room where you can actually sit out on your balcony, especially if you’re cruising during the summertime. You’re gonna want that again. You can get ones where there’s a window or there’s a, a fixed larger window.

But my gosh, if you’re doing something like this Shayne, you’re gonna want a balcony.

Shayne: That’s in my dream, is sitting on the balcony, sipping some coffee as those European landscapes slowly stroll by.

Ryan: So same price for all of these cruises, all these options. And that is 55. 45 per person. So you’re looking at just under 10 you’re looking at just under $11,000 for two folks to go on this amazing Daniel River Cruise.

So, yeah, I, I think it’s, it, it, it’s, it’s not an inexpensive trip, but it is definitely the value is there. And we often talk on this podcast about the difference between price and value. The value is strong here, and if you want to have this, this Daniel River Cruise experience, I think scenic is the right way to go.

And these are really good options.

Shayne: Sure. It’s a luxury ship with exquisite food and butler service on a European river cruise. Yeah.

Ryan: So Shayne, I want to talk about a cruise closer to home, but first I wanna know where in the world is all things travel.

Shayne: Amsterdam, Ohio.

Ryan: / Amsterdam, Ohio. Well, welcome Amsterdam, Ohio. We are so glad that you’re here.

Shayne: I love small towns. And in the last census, Amsterdam had a population of 436.

Ryan: 436. Now that’s pretty small, but I bet there’s a great place to meet our listener in Amsterdam, Ohio.

Shayne: I did find this a great place. Grammy’s, kitchen,

Ryan: Grammy’s kitchen. I bet there’s biscuits and gravy there.

Shayne: There’s all kinds of great diner food, breakfast food, and I think it’d be a blast to sit around, drink some coffee and talk, travel with our friends in Amsterdam.

Ryan: I love it. Well, Amsterdam, Ohio, thank you so much for listening to all things Travel. One of my favorite things about this podcast is every week Shayne gets to share a new location where people are listening from. And I’m so glad that Amsterdam, Ohio is on that list. Do me a favor, reach out to me. You can do that via email.

or you can do that on Facebook because I have a little thank you gift for being featured on the show today, and I really think I would enjoy my breakfast at Grammy.

Shayne: Definitely and to make sure that you hear where in the world as All Things Travel next week, be sure to follow the show so that you never miss any of our travel tips, travel ideas, or travel stories.

Ryan: So Shayne, I like the idea of Danube River Cruise, but I really like this cruise that you’re gonna talk about. Especially because I really like wine and I know that this river cruise has a lot to offer with this.

Shayne: It does go through a part of the country. That would be good for that. Yeah. I have a lot of friends and family members who have no desire to leave the United States, and I want you all to know that you can still enjoy a river cruise.

Ryan: Very cool. Where are we going on this?

Shayne: Well, this cruise Like you said earlier, it’s with American Cruise lines and this is a Columbia and Snake River Cruise

Ryan: Very cool.

Shayne: This cruise goes along the Columbia River. It starts in Portland, Oregon, and you spend eight days, seven nights along the Columbia River and end up in Clarks. Washington,

Ryan: Very cool.

Shayne: American Cruise Lines is one of those cruise lines that does include the, the pre cruise one night stay in the cruise in the port city so that you don’t have to worry about getting there the day of. So you would spend that first night in Portland. On day one, you would board the ship in Portland, where if it’s not raining, you’ll be able to see Majestic Mountain Hood in the background.

I remember being in Seattle for a week and my friends kept saying, you’re gonna love it when you can see Rainier. And it rained the whole week Portland situated between the waters of the Columbia and William at Rivers. There’s a lot of history in this part of the world. The Columbia Rivers gonna take you down the path of Lewis and Clark.

So lot of history to learn there. Day two, we’ll take you to Astoria, Oregon, which is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies that’s got some colorful homes on a hillside that helped it earn the name little San Francisco. So it’s probably a fun, quaint

Ryan: Huh. Cool.

Shayne: You’ll get guided exploration to the National Park Service replica for Fort Clatsop, which is an 1805 to 1806 winter camp from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. And in, in Astoria there’s a red trolley that you can ride around in to see the beautiful waterfront. And take your in. I’ll take in all the, the bluffs and scenery from Astoria.

Ryan: And again, what I like about this is this is not someplace I would probably seek out on my own, but I bet if I was on this river cruise, I would absolutely love this day.

Shayne: Yeah, and I’ve been to Portland and I’ve seen one of the major sites that’s gonna come up here in a few days on this itinerary. But I don’t remember going to Astoria and it sounds like one of those places where I would love to spend a lot of days. And there’s several excursions in entertainment that you have available on this first day.

Uh, There’s the a story at Local Luke. Which is a complimentary excursion through Astoria some onboard entertainment by some local artists. There’s the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which is also complimentary part of the cruise. And then just walking around and exploring Astoria.

Ryan: and I, I, I’ve had clients on. Cruise line, and one thing I’ll say, Shayne is there are multiple complimentary excursions every day, and even those that you pay for are not even half of what an ocean cruise excursion would be. I mean, these are very, very economical cruise excursions,

Shayne: Because you’re, you’re on a smaller ship, of course, and you’re going into these smaller places, and you’re not coming in with the thousands of people that might be on your cruise ship, or they would just love to mark up the prize for you. Day three, kama Washington, or maybe Kalma Washington.

I apologize to the Washington Heights for my pronunciations. From the dock in Kama Washington, you can see the great landscape of the Cascade Mountains take Ace at drive to view remnants of the nearby Mount St. Helens, where you’ll get a guide that’ll help you understand the story of the volcanoes 1980 eruption and how it impacted the local area.

You’ll also get to enjoy a massive city park and enjoy some local artwork. In Koala Washington, or you can venture out to a nearby family Vineyard Ryan, for

Ryan: I do believe I.

Shayne: wine tasting. I remember that I’m old enough to remember when Mount St. Helen’s erupted

Ryan: Oh, I thought you were gonna say you, you remember being old enough to visit a winery?

Shayne: I hoped to be old enough to visit a winery


Ryan: Shayne, I, I, I have to tell you my friend, I’m not quite old enough to remember Mount St. Helen’s erupting.

Shayne: realize that, so quit showing off

Ryan: you walked right into that one.

Shayne: Day four in Stevenson, Washington. And it’s funny, I’ve been here before and didn’t know it because I was able to stand in awe at the glorious Mol Noma Falls. And I’ve been there and I’ve stood on that bridge that you see in the famous photograph that some people think is an an Adams, but it’s not. And it is incredible to see.

And visit the Bonneville Dam visitor Center to ponder the wonders of hydroelectricity and explore the intriguing exhibits of the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum.

then you can hang around the village Stevenson, which is easily accessible from the river cruise. Also on this day, there’s some onboard entertainment. In addition to the excursion to Bonneville Dam or to Multnomah Falls.

Day five, cruising the Columbia River Gorge. we talked earlier, wanting a balcony where you can sit and enjoy these views. And from here you can admire the bluffs of the Columbia River Gor.

Ryan: and what to know about American Cruise Line. Every room is a balcony room.

Shayne: Every room is a balcony room and they’re pretty big rooms

Ryan: They are the largest state rooms in all of cruising, except for sw. I mean, the largest one, but if you’re just talking about a a, a double occupancy room, they’re the largest.

Shayne: Unless you’re really upgrading your trip to stay in one of the larger suites,

Ryan: Yeah. Ab absolutely. you think about, well, why would I want a day where I’m just cruising the river? Well, it’s, it’s the same thing as a sea day, right? It’s a day to relax, sleep in, it’s a day to maybe take a little longer with breakfast, and you’re not having to rush off to do something.

There’s gonna be lots of things going on in the ship. It’s just gonna be a relaxing nice.

Shayne: and it also reminds me of when you’re driving through the mountains, driving through a forest and somebody has to keep their eyes on the road.

Ryan: I know. Yeah,

Shayne: And you’re driving, I don’t know, I mean maybe 55 or 60 miles per hour, but maybe you’re even driving 30 miles per hour. Whereas this gives you a chance to just sit on your balcony and not have to worry about anything.

But enjoying the view. And like I said, last, last week’s episode is fun to also, you’re close enough to the shore. Where you can see the sides up close, but you can also see all the action along the way. And then around here, there’s gonna be a lot of wind surfers and kite borders in this area also. So lots of fun to watch. Day six, Pendleton, Oregon and Richland, Washington. Richland sits at the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia River and the American Cruise line Ship docks just a few steps away from a scenic waterfront with walking trails and shops and local wineries. Ryan, in case you know

Ryan: Ooh, well, I will, I will be parched after that river day. I’ll need, I’ll need to have some some local.

Shayne: And there’s a few excursions. One of them is the Reach Museum, where you can discover Eastern Washington’s rich landscape and history from the Ice Age to the atomic Age. Or the Pendleton Experience, which is a scenic ride through the countryside to witness the striking contrast in landscape as you make your way to Pendleton for the day’s excursions or an excursion to the second interpretive center, which the more I find out abouts Jo’s contributions to that trip, how Louis and Clark’s trip probably wouldn’t have made it

Ryan: would not have happened.

Shayne: Yeah. The more I would want to know abouts day seven in Clarkston, Washington. And this is where you’ll get to cruise the Snake River.

And you can watch the remote wilderness and canyon hillsides glide by in an ever-changing scenic panorama, which is one of those reasons why you’d wanna sit on that balcony and en enjoy your your beverage. Admire the steep hillsides dot the white pelicans. Oh spray bald, bald eagles, cormorants blue herons and more.

Have you ever seen bald eagle?

Ryan: I have.

Shayne: Yeah, it’s quite a, quite a sight to see if you ever get, if you’re lucky enough to see those. And then a couple of excursions that day Hell’s Canyon Jetboat Adventure

where you can explore the deepest canyon in North America and admire breathtaking scenery, including bighorn sheep, ancient rock formations, and Native American pictographs. Along the way, you’ll be treated to a lunch at a private ranch within the canyon.

Ryan: I don’t even need to hear about the other excursions. I know you’re gonna talk about them, but that’s what I’m gonna choose.

Shayne: Or Ryan, it’s funny you should mention that This next one is gonna sound super tempting too, but I, I do think I would, I would go along with you, however, it would be a tough choice. A Hell’s Canyon Flight Seeing Adventure,

Ryan: Ooh.

Shayne: a new option from American Cruise Lines, where you can enjoy Hell’s Canyon from the top, from a helicopter tour.

Ryan: Oh man.

Shayne: That’s a tough one. I, I, I want two days there because I wanna do both.

Ryan: Here’s the thing, I, I’ve been on the water for days at this point. The helicopter might win out,

Shayne: Man and helicopter rides are so fun. It’s just, it’s the only way to fly. How? How many different modes of transportation have I

Ryan: It’s the only way to fly straight up.

Shayne: Well, J eight is the end of your cruise last day in Clarkston, Washington, so you are still there. You could go back

Ryan: Okay. There you go. That, that Saul, that solves our conundrum.

Shayne: And then on this day, if you’re not gonna stay in Clarkston, Washington American Cruise Lines does take care of your transportation back to the airport for when you are ready to fly back home.

Ryan: And like scenic. One of the things that I really like about American Cruise Line is the price is the price and there is so much include. With this cruise, one of the things you didn’t mention, Shayne is a lot of these cruises with American Cruise line also include flight credit. So they will either include your flights to the port, or they’ll give you a credit towards your flights so that you can book them yourself.

I mean, it doesn’t get much more inclusive than that.

Shayne: Yeah, including the flight to get there. And then other things included daily entertainment, which I’m always talking about going to see local bands. You know, It’s fun to see the, the big national acts when they tour and come through, but for me it’s just as fun to go see your local artists and local entertainers.

And one of the things you get on these river cruises is daily entertainment from local entertainers. Another. Great amenity from American Cruise Lines that we mentioned earlier is spacious amenities. their ships have bigger rooms than you’re gonna find on the river cruises outside of the United States, unless you’re really upgrading to a larger suite.

Ryan: Right. And really with that, the advantage is not only do you have a larger room, but that also means fewer passengers. So, you’re, you’ve got, you’ve got the same amount of staff for fewer people. You have a higher level of service. You’re not fighting over shore excursions. You really feel like you’re being taken care of.

Shayne: And then great cuisine, great service. And if you, if you don’t wanna leave the country, if you don’t wanna have to worry about getting a passport and flying overseas, and you can have the. Great river cruise experiences right here in America. And if you have really patriotic sentiments like runs through my family, you’ll be proud that they’re all American built ships.

They’re all flagged in the United States and all of the employees are American.

which also means there’s a lot of river cruises where you have to have a passport if you’re going to stop in Canada somewhere. But with American cruise line, if you’re gonna take a an Alaskan cruise, you’ll only stop in United States ports and won’t need a passport.

Ryan: So I had two clients this fall, Shayne do the Mississippi Cruise with American Cruise Line, and you talked about entertainment, and it made me chuckle a little bit because this couple, one of the things that they do is they do competitive ballroom dancing.

And so at night when there was music. They would start to dance. And I talked to the, the wife afterwards, and she said by the end of the cruise, they had actually become part of the entertainment because every night people wanted to watch them dance. And these were passengers on the, on the, on the cruise line.

But they enjoy dancing so much and they’re, and they’re good at it. And so by the end it was, let’s watch Bob and Genie. That night and so they would actually get up and dance for folks and it was, it, it sounded like such a really good experience.

Shayne: And that’s one of the things that sounds fun to me about these river cruises is having that smaller ship with a lot fewer passengers where you’re gonna. Have a little better chance to make some friends and traveling companions for the week like that.

Ryan: So Shayne with this cruise, what’s the price breakdown?

Shayne: Well, I picked the same dates. I tried to pick the same dates as your scenic cruise lines on the, the Danube New River, and this is about the same Colombian Snake River cruises that start in Portland and one of them eight days, seven nights, eight ports of call.

There’s currently a sale on, it’s usually 6,330 per person, and currently the price is 5,830 per person, and then leaving a few weeks later, that same. Starts from $4,730 per person. So depending on when


Ryan: this, do these include the flights?

Shayne: there’s a pretty big price difference there between those two. And that’s probably because with that more expensive itinerary, the one earlier in June, the domestic airfares included with that.

So it seems a little more, seems a lot more expensive. But that also includes your airfare there. And then it’s gonna include your night

Ryan: yeah, I

Shayne: your cruise.

Ryan: you’re leaving your house and you’ve paid for your entire trip, other than incidentals along the way, some souvenirs, may, maybe a few extra short excursions that you’re willing to, to pay some money for, but everything’s taken care of from the time you leave the house till the time you get home.

That’s a pretty gosh darn good.

, so Shayne to wrap up here, which of these two sound good to you?

Shayne: I think for a European river cruise I would choose scenic. And for an American River cruise,

Ryan: Ah.

Shayne: Cruise Line. No, I don’t wanna, I am not gonna cop out on you. I, I’ve driven along the Columbia River and I’ve seen how gorgeous even driving along the river is and seen Multnomah Falls and a lot of other things in that area, and that’s a gorgeous part of the country.

I love that part of the United States, but my dream is still that European River cruise mainly so I can go see where those scenes from The sound of music was.

Ryan: Very cool. Well, I agree with you with a twist. The Daniel River Cruise sounds really cool to me. However, when I envision going on a European River cruise, I envision going on a Christmas markets cruise. And the idea of going along the Dan going to Budapest, stopping at all these little towns and visiting their Christmas markets that we’ve talked about on this show in the past.

Just sounds magical to me. So I would love both of these cruises, but there’s just something about that Daniel River Cruise. When it’s, when it’s wintertime, it’s Christmastime. Get me some wassel and let me walk around and see the lights.

Shayne: And that’s what I would expect. You and I have been to Europe and love Europe and would love to see it more so that that’s the answer that I would’ve predicted from both of us.

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