Stories of Cruise Customer Service Experiences – 40

Interested in taking a cruise, but don’t know if it’s right for you? Check out these stories of exemplary cruise customer service experiences.

Our friends Gene and Chris are back to share a few of their experiences of cruise customer service.

Gene’s Disney Cruis Line Experience

On a Disney Cruise Line cruise, you have the same wait staff for each meal. The staff quickly learn your preferences and cater your experience to best suit you.

The room stewards and room service staff always quickly completed every request Gene’s family asked of them.

Chris’ Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line Experiences

The staff learns your name. They recognize you and help you even outside of the table dining times.

Chris’ son got sick during a cruise. The staff went above and beyond to help him have a great cruise experience. The medical staff took care of Chris’ son. The cleaning staff cleaned their room well. The dining staff made sure that Chris’ son got to enjoy the same meal as everyone else.

Even several years ago. Royal Caribbean followed safety procedures and quarantined Chris’ son to their cabin until they knew he wasn’t contagious. He wasn’t contagious. The cause of his getting sick was spending too much time in the sun.

Taking Kids on Cruises

Both felt comfortable letting their kids participate in the kids’ activities without them.

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