Disney World’s Memory Maker is a No-Brainer

When planning a Disney World vacation, a common question is, “Is the Memory Maker worth it?” That is an easy YES! Here is why I highly recommend Disney’s Memory Maker.

It’s Convenient!

Our phones are great. With them, most of us have better cameras than we would have ever wanted otherwise. We no longer need to lug a bulky camera around our neck to get great pictures, to make great memories.

As great as they are, though, even the best phones can’t capture as beautiful a picture as a professional photographer with professional equipment.

Disney allows you to focus on the fun. You don’t want the weight of a camera giving you a sore neck.

When you’re at Disney, time is money. You don’t want to waste time before photogenic moments digging out your phone and trying to find the perfect settings. Then you have to stretch your arm out as far as you can to make sure everyone fits in the selfie. Then everyone has to move again and pose again as you find the perfect positioning with everyone in the picture and Main Street’s amazing Christmas tree fully visible in the background.

Keep Your Phone Safe!

And don’t you love handing the device for which you paid over $1,000, with all your family’s and business’ personal data, your treasured photos, and your credit card info over to a complete stranger and asking them to snap a picture for you? They’ll smudge your camera with their thumb. They probably just ate a Mickey bar, and you probably blinked.

What if they drop your phone?  What if you drop it while messing with the settings stretched out in front of you in a selfie pose?

Use the Memory Maker and focus on the fun. All you have to do is let a professional photographer scan your Magic Band and pose. Walt Disney World’s professional photographer will frame you and your family or friends perfectly in the frame with a perfect view of Cinderella’s Castle and the perfect settings for the current lighting and time of day.

Scan, smile, snap, next.

One, Good Photo for every moment

You want a perfect picture. Your phone can hold thousands, so go ahead and take about 20 shots of the same picture so that you can later look through hundreds or thousands of pictures, deleting hundreds of duplicates, comparing angles, smiles, and shadows to find the perfect picture.

Or you could allow Disney’s professional photographers to take one perfect picture. Then later In the day or when you return home from your trip, download all your perfect pictures.

The (OverPriced) Ride Photos are Included

Even the ride photos at Six Flags Over Texas are overpriced. You could select your favorite few amusement attraction action photos, or for the same price, you could purchase Memory Maker and have ALL of your action shots. Plus, all the professionally snapped photographs throughout the park in front of Disney’s iconic attractions.

When to Not Get Memory Maker

If you’re only spending three days or less in the Disney parks, you might be justified in not purchasing Memory Maker. With only one or two days in the park, it is possible you could think you wouldn’t have missed it. Possible.

Capture Your Moment

Disney recently added the Capture Your Moment Photo Experience.

Book a session in Magic Kingdom with one of Walt Disney World’s professional photographers. For $50 (as of June 23, 2921), you’ll have 20 minutes with a Disney World photographer with their focus solely on you.

Capture Your Moment is a great way to get spectacular shots of your special occasion. You’ll have the opportunity for photographs customized just for you and otherwise not available.

All of the photos taken during your Capture Your Moment photo session are included with the price of Memory Maker. You have to pay for the session, but the photos are included!

Here are a few examples of Memory Maker Photos

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This is a stunning table setting from the Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Grand Floridian. We dropped our kid off at the Grand Floridian’s 1900 Park Fair restaurant.

My wife and I didn’t get to attend the party. We instead wandered around the Grand Floridian. Since we had the Memory Maker Package, we were able to download all the pictures from the party!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

We did not take this awesome photo from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party with our phone or camera. A cast member took it. She knew exactly where we needed to stand. She had the correct settings on her camera. She snapped a perfect picture.

We love this picture! We love all the pictures from the Memory Maker package.