Fun Things To Do In Madrid [With Rosanna and Dave] – 105

Madrid is a wonderful city and travel destination, full of history, culture, dining, and shopping. Today, 4 travelers discuss their favorite things to do in Madrid.

Fun in Madrid

  • A beer at Mcdonald’s!
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Bars and tapas
  • Mercado de San Miguel
  • Getting lost
  • Plaza de Cibeles

Question: What is your favorite thing to do in Madrid?

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Episode 105 Transcripts

Episodes are transcribed with artificial intelligence,s so there are likely some highly amusing translations!

Shayne: Hello, and welcome to All Things Travel. We brought back our friends, Dave and Rosanna today to discuss one of our favorite travel destinations, Madrid, Spain. And we’re just going to go around the table and tell you what our favorite memory or favorite thing to do is in Madrid. You’re listening to All Things Travel, episode 105 original. April 20th, 2022.

Well, Dave and Rosanna, we had so much fun with the last two episodes we thought we would schedule another time to record and do this all again. How are y’all doing today?

Rosanne and Dave: we’re fantastic I actually do wish I was in Madrid right now, having some tapas


Ryan: Yeah.

Shayne: Love tapas

Ryan: nice, nice, nice Stella the market at the

Rosanne and Dave: So

Shayne: Mahou

Rosanne and Dave: drink favorite place to drink in Madrid. McDonald’s

Shayne: Cause you can get a beer.

Rosanne and Dave: seriously

Ryan: Because it’s taboo.

Shayne: Yes.

Rosanne and Dave: McDonald’s. I am all in. That was

Ryan: you go.

Rosanne and Dave: place.

Ryan: Rosanna’s traveled to.

Rosanne and Dave: Right.

Shayne: in


Rosanne and Dave: the very first place we went when we were together. And I said, wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Does that McDonald’s seriously have a sign for beer in the window for 99 cents right there.

I want a beer with my happy meal here, but they just won’t give it to me.

So, I mean, if I’m somewhere that I’m going to get a beer, I McDonald’s, I’m

all up for that.

Shayne: is definitely a fun thing to do is when you can go somewhere and have a beer and McDonald’s no doubt.

Ryan: I like it. first Shayne before we talk about majority, Where in the world is All Things Travel

Shayne: Lavonia Michigan.

Ryan: Hey, well, very


Shayne: right there. I guess a suburb of Detroit, maybe.

Rosanne and Dave: That’s why.

Ryan: to Michigan state as a graduate student and my wife is from Oklahoma, Michigan, just down the road from Livonia. So I am very.

Shayne: Reach out to us, Lavania contact Ryan or me on social media, or be an email because Ryan has a nice gift. He would like to send you.

Ryan: I do.

Shayne: Thank you for listening to us today is to make sure that you never miss an episode of All Things Travel. Be sure to click that subscribe button. All right. Well, you told us that you had a kind of your Madrid routine that you’d like to do.

when you visit. So why don’t you let us know what that is?

Rosanne and Dave: all right. So for me, Because it’s career, whatever I have to have a layover, I ended up always end up in the same routine. I tell, I tell my fellow fighters, Hey, I’m going out. You’re welcome to come with me. And are like two different bars that I like. I’m just like, I have to hit these bars. I just liked them.

the bull bar. We call it the bull bar and I actually don’t know the real name,

Shayne: Does it have a big bull head behind the bar?

Rosanne and Dave: Oh no, no. There’s a ton of bullheads on

Shayne: Yes.

Rosanne and Dave: pictures. They actually celebrate the bowl, not the fighter.

Shayne: Ah,

Rosanne and Dave: it’s actually in the square where they burned people for not being Catholic. Do you guys happen to know the name square?

Shayne: I don’t know that.

Rosanne and Dave: If you actually look up YouTube videos of people in Madrid, like it’s like Vegas acts or whatever, though, they’re like that, like on the street and they’re, they’re doing different things that funny.

Maybe they’re dressed up or whatever,

Shayne: Sure.

Rosanne and Dave: all along these buildings are also paintings. These paintings actually represent what happened during the Spanish inquisition

Shayne: Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah. So like in, in this squares where they burned people and there’s different things around whatever. And I actually have some pictures, I think of it, but there’s a bar there.

We call it the bull bar is flight attendants and pilots and airline personnel. And we go there, but they celebrate the bull. So when you go into this bar and you’re looking at the photos and stuff, it’s, if they’re not clean photos, they’re very gory. One of my most memorable photos is bull’s horn went through this man. Chin between the, the bones of your chin when you feel your bones and out of his mouth. Right? And so they’re showing photos like that and they’re, they’re celebrating the fact that the bowl did that to him. And so they’re celebrating the bowl, not the fighters. And it’s just a great bar to go to. It’s very friendly. Go in, you have your beer and they give you olives and everything. And then we’ll go to the mushroom bar next and.

It just leads you along this path and there’s a bunch of food and markets on there. Yeah. Plaza, New York, you

know what I’m talking about now?

Ryan: the most famous Plaza in

Rosanne and Dave: Thank you. I mean, I thought you guys would freaking know about it, so yeah. So like that’s where I tend to start. Sometimes it’ll go backwards, but that’s where I tend to start.

And then from there, we’ll go to the mushroom Barton. We call it the mushroom bar because it’s like, you’re going inside of a mushroom. It’s like you go down and then it’s like, you’re in a mushroom. It’s a very small bar, great group.

Shayne: Okay.

Rosanne and Dave: It’s very near, it’s not, there’s a market over bio. The thing is, is I know this stuff by just going,


Shayne: just walk to it.

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah, exactly. I don’t know the names or I just go do it. And then of course, when you’re having a bunch of topics and drinks, you really just don’t remember


Shayne: and they don’t have the names.

of the bars. There’s no big signs. They

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah,

Shayne: of beer that they serve.

Rosanne and Dave: no.

Yeah. You just go.

Shayne: Yeah.

Rosanne and Dave: And so one of the trips Rosanna came with us. The pilots were just, and it was, what’s so funny. It’s, it’s the same little routine. And as politic as this place, that kalimari, Roseanne is not a fan of Kalamara. She doesn’t like it, but when you go get fresh calamari, it’s not chewy.

Calmar should never be chewy. As she reluctantly tries this Kalamara and falls in love with it. And now of course, no place can have.

I have never, but Madrid had calamari that and it, so they had ordered these poor boys sandwiches that had

just big.

Ryan: was going to say that the Boca Dios with the Khalil Murray in it.

Rosanne and Dave: And proper so bad right now. You just think your teeth into it. It’s just like going through hot butter. It’s I never had. Kalamara saw you. Haven’t been to Madrid and you go to Madrid. That is something, especially as an American. That you should know. So topis is nothing more than a bunch of appetizers.

That is pretty much what it is and that’s how they eat. They don’t eat, they don’t go to a restaurant and pretty much sit down and eat meals. They eat, they just go to different places, eat a bunch of appetizers that topis. And so you get a, it’s like a buffet. It’s amazing. So like you, you order small things and it’s just a different lifestyle and oh my God.

Every time I go to Madrid, it’s the same thing. I fell in love with that routine. So that’s what I do.

Ryan: Well, for me, I follow along the same thing, w with eating now that we’re talking about food, w for me, what I fell in love with, with at is the San Miguel market. The Mercado. Which is kind of the, the air stalls jamonhe lemon and the tapas like you were talking about Dave and the drinks, and it’s just, you can get your sangria there and everybody’s standing at tables and it’s just, it’s just such a cool place.

One of the things that I really like about Madrid, this is going to be a little geek out session here, Madrid is one of the. Most recent European capitals. So instead of being built in a medieval city, European capital. It was built as the capital of Spain in and of itself. so it’s very walkable.

It’s very easy to navigate because there’s no twists and turns going through, ports and all that kind of stuff that you get in major capital cities. And so it’s very walkable. Dave, you talked about the Plaza, my, or, to churro your chiro and chocolate and all that kind of stuff.


Rosanne and Dave: Oh, Charles, I forgot all about


Ryan: to wander in a city like Madrid.

Rosanne and Dave: Yes, but you can wander and you won’t be.

Ryan: Yeah. Yep.

Shayne: And if you’re

Ryan: So for me, that’s my biggest

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah,

Ryan: Madrid.

Rosanne and Dave: exactly. It’s just like Shayne said, if you wander and you get lost, you just don’t care. Especially now, now these days with Uber and all that, it’s easy just to go,

Shayne: And have you ever felt unsafe anywhere? Just wandering around.

Rosanne and Dave: not in Madrid and Barcelona. Yes. Not Madrid Barcelona. Yeah, I’m sorry. I have an American accent.

Ryan: Well, Shayne you’ve spent the most amount of time in Madrid.

Shayne: Yeah, I was working there and are working remotely. They’re all visiting some family and I fell into a morning routine because when I would wake up there, it’s still, it was so midnight back here in the state. So I’d go wander around the city for a bit before I came back to work along with the late risers here, back in the states.

Family lives on the west side of the river. So I’d take the bus over to the Plaza that the Cibeles which is the fountain with the goddess, with the lions right there, this is where all of the parades usually end up this Plaza. I love the fountain. I could sit there just for days staring up at fountain.

Ryan: It’s The

Starbucks that you and I have both been to

Shayne: Yes,

Ryan: at different times. Yes,

Shayne: That’s our favorite landmark?

Rosanne and Dave: Where’s the Starbucks. I like Starbucks, Starbucks.

Let’s talk.

Ryan: episode, Shayne was telling a story about Madrid and we realized we had both been to the same Starbucks, two completely different times before we even knew each other.

Shayne: Yes.

Rosanne and Dave: Have we all been to the same? McDonald’s.

Shayne: Was it, was it

Ryan: I have never eaten to McDonald’s and Madrid. No.

Rosanne and Dave: The one image reading. It was across the street from a Holiday Inn, I don’t know where we were.

Shayne: was

Ryan: Sorry, Shayne. I took you off your


Shayne: okay. That’s okay. I mean, it’s about having a

Rosanne and Dave: like how Shayne actually looked like he was thinking about where this McDonald’s. He’s like, wait,

I know for holiday.

Shayne: big one at at Sol and it’s where the, the statue is of the bear up the tree.

Rosanne and Dave: I dunno, it’s by the holiday. And I’m speaking of is by the bull fighting arena.

Shayne: Okay. Yeah. So not the same one, then

Rosanne and Dave: No,

Shayne: not the same one, but have, we do have our favorite McDonald’s there too.

Rosanne and Dave: McDonald’s. I have been, I have been to McDonald’s all over the world. I think it is, it’s crazy how the menus are so completely different.

Shayne: Yeah, you can get completely different food.

Rosanne and Dave: think it’s actually fun off of his story.

Shayne: That’s

Rosanne and Dave: should not do that. Please get you into your story, Shayne.

I’m so sorry. I don’t know if it was you or what, but.

Shayne: also on that Plaza, there is the old post office, which is this. Building you can there’s a bar up at the top of it where you can have some drinks and look down on the fountain. It’s gorgeous, there was a, a restaurant, a little cafe behind the post office.

I would go to this cafe every morning, I’d have two coffees and sandwich with jamon on it, which was just my mouth is watering right now,

Ryan: It’s other worldly.

Shayne: Yes, it is otherworldly. And then all right there behind it is the Parque Retiro. And I would walk, I’d usually spend a couple hours just walking around the park, taking pictures and trying to read up as much of the monuments and statues and everything were there.

And then I walk around to the other side of the park and catch a bus back to my apartment to have a work.

Rosanne and Dave: See look the sandwich. I don’t even know what was on it, but it just sounded delicious.

Shayne: Well, it has, so the

Rosanne and Dave: I’m

Shayne: is they?

Rosanne and Dave: back to a lot. I’d have to go to New York now because I don’t think Philly flies there anymore, but I’d have to read based in New York, but I’m feeling like I’m going to rebase just to go back to the.

Shayne: Yeah. You can try

Ryan: So they, they take the bread and then they rubbed the tomatoes on it.

Shayne: Yeah.

Ryan: it saturates the bread and then they put that thinly sliced ham on top with where you see the shanks of, of leg around, where

they cut

Rosanne and Dave: What does

Ryan: on hum. On J

Rosanne and Dave: come on?

Ryan: O.

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah, we were talking about the other day was in one of our shows. That’s not pursued. She’s like, no, like, well, what is it? We ate it. And it’s delicious.

Shayne: the closest thing to. But it

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah. That’s

Shayne: Yeah.

Rosanne and Dave: yeah. Oh

Shayne: fantastic.

Rosanne and Dave: Is, it really is.

Ryan: Rosanna. You had brought up Madrid before. Why is that on your travel list? What experiences have you had.

Rosanne and Dave: I’ve only been there with Dave. And so definitely the food was top notch. And I do remember that also we brought wine back from Madrid and I think

Shayne: Hmm.

Rosanne and Dave: and something else. And we had been given this tip to basically go into any grocery store. And buy olives to buy olive oil and to buy wine. And you can buy the cheapest of any of that.

As long as it was a product of Madrid, it would be better than anything we could buy here

locally. It wasn’t.

Ryan: When I travel abroad and correct me if I’m wrong, world travelers, I think a good tip. Regardless. I just love going into grocery stores doing some of my grazing and shopping directly.

Rosanne and Dave: Right. I love doing that too. Honestly in any grocery store, you still have to be wary of where your product is coming from. Even if a, unless you’re at like a farmer’s market, if you’re not careful, you will pick up something that was still made out of the country.

Shayne: Sure.

Rosanne and Dave: matter if you have someone with you that knows.

all it takes, buy, the products that they’re famous for that are made locally. But in that case, Spanish, Spanish, olives, and Spanish wine and Spanish, olive oil, all really, really good.

Shayne: And especially the olives, I don’t know about where you live, but here we can find Greek olives everywhere, but I can not find Spanish olives to save my life.

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah. Yeah. It’s all pretty delicious. If you bring them, someone pointed out to me McDonald’s and they’re like, traveling a lot to Europe. And they’re like have a McDonald’s cheeseburger or big Mac, whatever you eat a quarter pounder in Europe and then go have one in America. It does taste different.

And it’s because of the preservatives. There are a lot of preservatives in America that the FDA allows that the European union has banned so, and vice versa. So when you get, when you have something very simple, Oh, That’s a

Shayne: yeah. Forgot

about the Coke

Rosanne and Dave: everywhere you

Shayne: Okay.

Rosanne and Dave: Yeah. Oh yeah. Well, if you, if you go to the Coke store at Disney world and you try the coax around yeah.

Don’t, don’t let someone talk you into trying and don’t try to Beverley.

Shayne: funny.

Rosanne and Dave: Thank you, Mickey for that.

Shayne: Well, this was fun. Thanks for coming on again. It was mostly me. I wanted to geek out about is my favorite place. I could, I

Ryan: It’s a beautiful place. It absolutely is.

Shayne: wanted to geek out about Madrid for a little bit. So I appreciate you doing

Rosanne and Dave: Shayne yeah, I look, I’m going to have to find a time to go to Madrid with you since

Shayne: Oh, oh, you know, what? You, you would love my brother-in-law because. Just as insane and fun you would, we would have such a great time probably

Rosanne and Dave: Or

Shayne: trouble, but you know what that’s chance

Rosanne and Dave: look, you only live once. Okay. There’s a reason YOLO was the thing. And kinda is.

Shayne: truer words have never been spoken.

Ryan: Well, Dave and Rosanna. Thank you so much for spending time with us again.

Rosanne and Dave: Thanks for having.

Ryan: So as you know, both Shayne and I are travel advisors with Creating Magic Vacations, and we would love to help you plan your next trip. I know Shayne would specifically love to help you go to Madrid. can reach out to me, Ryan, R Y A N at or S H A Y N E at .

Shayne: Most families are confused and overwhelmed. When they want to plan a vacation, we work with you to plan a trip that’s perfect for your interests and saves you time, money, and stress.