Growing Up in Hawaii (I Wish!) [Travel Stories] – 73

In today’s travel story, Tom Srsich shares a couple of hilarious travel stories with his sons in Hawaii as well as some surprising parenting tips.

Tom’s Travel Stories

  • I can go to school here!
  • We can just camp here?

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Episode 73 Transcripts


Well, we have brought back our friend 2 Tall tom.

Ryan: 2 Tall Tom.

Shayne: We just did an episode about the big island of Hawaii and we’ll have another Hawaiian episode coming up and here on this bonus story episode, Tom is going to share with us a couple of Hawaiian stories.

How are you doing today, Tom? 

Tom: I’m doing wonderful. I’m so glad to be back. It’s always a lot of fun chatting with you guys. 

Shayne: It is. Isn’t it.

Ryan: Yes, we are fun to chat with.

Tom: Only the finest. 

Shayne: So we hear you’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times and you probably have some good stories.

Tom: Yeah. One of my favorites is, and this is one of the very first trips that we did with the whole family. I’ve got two boys. 

Ryan: Okay. 

Tom: My oldest son was probably in first grade at the time. And so, and the other ones, probably three and a half four. So it was, we went with little kids at this time in Hawaii and we were on the big island and the older boy decided that he was Hawaiian a 100%. 

Ryan: Okay.

Shayne: Well, I get. 

Tom: And so, me being a good dad, I was trying to give him all the reasons why he really wouldn’t want to live on Hawaii. That, you know, it’s a great place to go on vacation, but it’s really not the best. And so we decided to take them out for a ride and we showed them where the schools were so that he would have to, You know, go to school here and with the bus stops were, and you know, he was a first-grader and his eyes got gigantic.

He’s like, I could even go to school if we live here. 

Ryan: Kind of backfired, Dad. I was going to say, gosh, I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times. I think that’d be a pretty short list as to why I wouldn’t want to live there. 

Tom: And is hysterical. He, that was one of my, my favorite all-time, Hawaiian moments to know that you have to be really, really careful with that. So, we’ve had just so many wonderful, you know, just crazy experiences there that have been just so much fun. You know, when I was talking about the big island about, the black sand beach, 

Ryan: Yeah. 

Shayne: Yeah.

Tom: And some of the times that we have been there heart walk, it really is a hard walk down to the black sand beach.

And so we did that with the kids once and the kids were old. This was an older trip and they just didn’t want to leave. Like the black sand beaches, just ridiculously beautiful as I can. We could just camp here.

It’s like, well, we don’t have anything to camp. He is hot.

Ryan: Yes.

Shayne: Just

Tom: We’ll just sleep on his side. that was another good, not a solid lesson to know is you can’t get 

Ryan: But the, the reasoning with children on vacation sometimes defies reason. 

Tom: Oh, absolutely. It’s just a hysterical, a great way to go about traveling, traveling with kids. It’s also great now that there are both adults that we don’t have to travel with them anymore. 

Ryan: I know, I thought, I thought you were going to say it’s great to travel with them as young adults. 

Tom: We won’t put that in. Right. 

Ryan: I

Shayne: did not go the way.

Ryan: talk about traveling with your young adult sons, but he took it. He took it to, I don’t have to see those chumps ever again when my wife and I go on vacation. 

Tom: Um, 

Ryan: awesome. For more parenting tips, you can read Too Tall, Tom. 

Tom: Well, unluckily, my son goes to school in Rome. And so we do go visit him in Rome. 

Ryan: I was going to say he, he is now in the vacation spot. 

Tom: Yes, he is in a great vacation spot.. The worst thing that we’ve ever done. I think his parents was, he was studying in Rome and we had been there a couple of times. He’s like, well, are you going to come to Rome this year? And we’re like, no, I’m tired of Rome.

And that is as grossest statement as. 

Ryan: Yeah. 

Tom: So instead, like, no, you have to fly to Spain and meet us. We have a wonderful trip to Barcelona on that one, but 

Ryan: I love it. There you go. Well, Tom, thanks for those stories and the impromptu parenting tips, I both appreciate it.

Tom: yes, 

Shayne: not expect 

Tom: I’m here for all sorts of parenting tips. 

Ryan: Right. Hey, have a great day. 

Tom: You too. Thanks a lot. 

Ryan: Bye bye. 

Tom: bye.