The Case of the Haunted Toaster – 45

Our scary heroes continue to get their Halloween fright on! Fear the next part of our paranormal talk and “The Case of the Haunted Toaster!”

Dread this thrilling third part of our conversations with NTParanormal‘s Lead Investigator, Ashton Rogers.

Topics in Todays Paranormal Investigation Conversation

  • Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs) psychosis
  • Understanding other dialects
  • Do recording studios capture many EVPs?
  • Ozzy Osbourne still sounds great!
  • Ashton’s dream investigations
  • Paying vs. charging for paranormal investigations
  • The Case of the Haunted Toaster!

Be Sure to Haunt all the Paranormal Conversations

Today’s Toast

“Let’s toast to good ‘ol ‘Douche’ Bagans, and may he Bro Up all the ghosts that require Bro-ing.”


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