Top Items to Buy Before Your Theme Park Vacation – 20

Concerned about paying inflated prices for everyday items! Here are the top items to buy before your theme park vacation to save you money and stress!

A Packing List Just for You!

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Comfort items

  1. Cooling Fan $15.00 at Disney/8.29 (6.71)
  2. Cooling Towel 16.90/6.99 (9.91)
  3. Poncho 8.45/.97 (7.46)
  4. Notebook/Autograph book 19.95/8.50 (11.45)
  5. Sunscreen 14.50/3.98 (10.52)
  6. Disney T-shirt 14/20 (cheapest) (6)


These prices including packing items, Instacart, or delivery), WDW and USO let you bring in food

  1. Soda 4.50/1.88 (2.62)
  2. Water 3.50/1.68 (1.82)
  3. Candy (Mike and Ike) 6.49/2.49 (4)
  4. Animal crackers 2.99/1.62 (1.37)
  5.  Individual cereal 2.99/1.00 (1.99)
  6. Orange 2.29/.66 (1.63)
  7. Apple 2.29/.97 (1.32)
  8. Banana 2.29/.20 (2.09)
  9. Ritz 3.49 one sleeve/2.69 whole box (.80)
  10. Chips 4.29/2.50 (1.79)
  11. M&M candy 2.49/.88 (1.61)

Total savings if purchasing one of each $88.11!

What important items have you forgotten to pack for a vacation?

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Download your copy of this list at Shayne.Fun/Shopping

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