Lavender Fields in Texas (Beautiful, Fun, and Healthy)

Want to enjoy the beautiful blooms and calming aromas of these perfect purple flowers without a passport? Find out how you can enjoy lavender fields in Texas!

One of my favorite Calm sleep stories is the “Lavender Fields of Provence” story. The story really makes you want to visit France to enjoy the beautiful blooms and calming aroma of the lavender plants.

The two go perfectly together, Calm and lavender. Calm is the meditation app that hopefully helps us find peace and presence. Lavender is famous for the calming effects its scents promote.

What is this Lovely Lavender?

Also a member of the mint family, lavender is a blooming plant with many medicinal and practical uses. Its sweet and floral scent is often used for its calming effect. In addition to its calming effects, lavender is used for flavor. Chefs use lavender buds and greens to liven up their dishes. On my return home from Madrid a couple of years ago, I enjoyed a tasty lavender macaron in a Paris airport.

Lavender fields in Texas thrive thanks to their plentiful sun and dry ground. Lavender thrives particularly well in the Texas Hill Country.

Benefits of Lavender

In addition to being a gorgeous purple flower, lavender scents and oils help promote well-being. Ailments commonly treated with lavender include[1]:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • dementia
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal

While the data on the health effects of lavender are inconclusive, its use goes back 2,500 years. [2] Egyptians used lavender in mummification, and Romans used lavender in bathhouses. Even the Bible’s Gospel of Luke references lavender by its older name, spikenard[3].

Visiting lavender fields has a few other benefits:

  • Supporting local/small business
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Quality time with loved ones

When is the Best Time to See the Lavender Fields in Texas?

During the Texas lavender season, you’ll find a few varieties of the purple plant. The best time to see lavender blooms depends on the category of lavender and where it grows. This article will focus solely on the lavender fields in Texas.

The three varieties of lavender:

  • English
  • Non-English
  • Hybrids

Two hybrids found in Texas are Grosso and Provence. You’ll have plenty of time to see them from the early spring and early summer through the Fall. You’ll find more Grosso blooms in Texas from mid-April through June.

Provence lavender, the most common type grown in Texas fields, blooms from July into October. As do many Texans, Provence lavender loves the Hill Country!

Provence thrives so well in the Texas dry climate (if you don’t count May 2021) and alkaline limestone soil that you can easily try growing it. Even if you don’t get into lavender farming, you can grow a little for the calming aroma and cooking. [4].

Where are the Best Lavender Fields in Texas?

While you can enjoy local lavender farms throughout the central part of the state, the Texas Hill Country is the lavender capital of Texas. Thus the city of Blanco, TX, hosts the annual Texas Lavender Festival.

There are a few lavender farms to choose from in the Blanco area.

Lavender Ridge Farms & Cafe

Blooming Season: late May  – July

Open season: Friday – Sunday, March – December

Gainesville’s Lavender Ridge Farms & Cafe is on a county road a few miles north of Denton, TX.  It’s about an hour and a half drive for a delightful day excursion from Fort Worth or Dallas.

It started as a strawberry and melon farm in the 1900s. Now it hosts a variety of perennial gardens, including irises and lavender. Lavender Ridge also offers a garden center, a cafe offering sweet and savory dishes, and a gift shop. Their gift shop includes beautiful handmade lavender products from their farms.

From their cafe menu, a cool glass of lavender tea and Lavender Lemon Gooey Butter Cake sound delightful!

For current information and their cafe menu, visit

Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farm

Hours: currently by reservation only.

This one offers twice the fun: wine and lavender! Becker is a 56-acre vineyard founded in 1992 by an endocrinologist and his wife. Becker’s impressive winery boasts 3 tank rooms and a barrel warehouse containing over 4500 oak barrels! Its located in the heart of the hill country in Fredricksburg, TX.

While visiting France to learn more about the Viognier grapes, they noticed the beautiful lavender fields in Provence, France. They loved the lavender so much that they wanted to start growing their own. Becker’s lavender vision came to fruition in 1998, when with help from friends and their daughter, they planted 10,000 lavender plants.

Becker Vineyards offers an onsite wine tasting room, another tasting room on Main St. in Fredericksburg, and virtual wine tastings. Besides winery and tasting rooms, they also have an online lavender shop with various products made from their lavender.

For more information on Becker Vineyards’ shop, reservations, hours, and events, visit

Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Fields

Rough Creek Ranch is a working horse ranch and lavender fields. You walk through the Rough Creek Lavender fields, browse their store and even pick your own lavender.

From their online shop, you can purchase lavender essential oils, soaps, and air fresheners.

For more information, visit

Wimberley Lavender Farm


Like much of Texas, Wimberly suffered droughts in recent years. Their website announced Wimberley Lavender Farm’s closing in 2019 after the annual Blanco Lavender Festival. They announced that they were replanting their fields. Hopefully, they will return soon.

Stay up-to-date by visiting

Hill Country Lavender Farm

Hours: Thursday – Saturday, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Blooming Season: mid-May until July

The Hill Country Lavender Farm in Blanco, TX, is Texas’ first commercial lavender farm. During the blooming season, you can walk around the aromatic lavender farm, enjoy the panoramic views, and cut your own fresh lavender.

Although Hill Country Lavender Farm is open in the summer of 2021, they implemented some special rules for 2021. You can find those on their website.

Even if it’s not the blooming season, you can visit their store, where you’ll find lavender honey, seasonings, and soap.

For more information, visit

Lavender Fields in Texas Near Dallas\Fort Worth

Fields of Fidelis

Fields of Fidelis is a boutique lavender farm, owned and run by Army veterans, in Anna, TX. Visit their Facebook page.

Farmers Lavender Company

Hours: SATURDAY 10 AM – 6 PM; SUNDAY 11 AM – 5 PM

Farmers Lavender Company in Rockwall, TX is an operating Lavendar farm and coffee roaster. Lavender coffee doesn’t sound the best to me, but I’m certainly excited to try it. They also make tea, honey, and bath products.

The drinks they offer when you visit their farm look delicious. They have outdoor space you can rent for gatherings.

For more information, visit

Texas Lavender Festivals

Blanco Lavender Festival

The annual Blanco Lavender Festival, hosted in the Lavender Market on the grounds of the old blanco county courthouse, occurs every summer. It’s returning for 2021, from June 11 – 13.

The festival includes:

  • live music
  • Speakers offering tips on growing and using lavender
  • food
  • drinks
  • shuttles to and from Hill Country Lavender

For updated information about the festival, visit

Hill Country Lavender and Wimberly Lavender Farm participate

Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival

Becker Vineyards usually hosts the Becker Lavender Festival the first weekend of May. For 2021, it is tentatively scheduled October 16 and 17.

There aren’t many details about the festival yet, but you can visit this page to sign up to receive more details.


What do you use lavender for?

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