7 Steps to Enjoying a Lifetime of Family Travel – 64

Travel with family is a fulfilling activity! How do we make the most of our time together? Here are the steps to begin enjoying a lifetime of family travel.

Time Is Fleeting

I’ve learned the fasted fleeting resource is time (especially this past year). My family loves to travel. Trips have been moved, canceled, morphed, etc.!

How does a family start to map out travel across the years as children grow and extended family gets older?

We’ve got a few ideas.

How to Plan a Lifetime of Family Travel

1. Start With a List

Whether it’s the whole family or just the parents; start by making a list.

  • National Parks?
  • Europe?
  • Seeing all 50 states?
  • The family’s heritage country?

It can be as adventurous (or not) as you want. It’s your list and it’s a brainstorming start.

2. Look At Your Usual Time Off

Does your family follow the school schedule? Are some work calendar times busier than others? What times of the year make sense for your family to travel? Do you use all of your work vacation time?

3. Sketch Out When Trips Could Occur

Do you want to take an annual family trip?

Would you like to get to the beach when it’s cold at home?

Sketch out where trips might occur. Think about your family and ages.

When will the kids be ready for that first big trip? I would start this process by thinking about the next three years in order for you to think about saving.

4. Start Saving for Larger Trips

My family takes a variety of trips and some have more financial commitment than others. Develop separate savings account for travel (or even a larger trip by itself). Monthly payments towards a trip make the vacation so much more enjoyable because you’ve already done the hard financial work.

5. Let Everyone Have a Say

As kids get older let them have a say in where you travel (setting boundaries is fine though). This can help them think about what’s important/interesting and learn about planning and budgeting.

6. Don’t Forget About the Rest of the Family

Travel can truly be a whole family experience! Think about trips with extended family or friends. However, also keep some time for just your family (related or chosen) too!

7. Dream and Start to Plan!

This is the bottom line.

Do you have a young family?

Start to think about important trips you want to plan for.

Are your kids getting older?

It’s time to think about those trips you want to make sure to accomplish as a family while they are still in school.

Are your kids out of the house or do you prefer traveling with a friend group?

Solo, couples, and adults travel have many benefits as well.

Question: Where do you want to travel with your family?

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