Is Logan the Best X-Men Movie? – 51

Our powerful prestidigicasters face off adamantium claw to adamantium claw, battling the forces of evil to determine: is Logan the best X-Men movie?

Is Logan the Best X-Men Movie?

  • The first X-Men movie came out 20 years ago, in the year 2000.
  • Why we think Lin-Manuel Miranda should write the songs for Wolverine Vs. Deadpool: The Musical.
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix wasn’t so memorable.
  • The problems with the early X-Men movies.
  • Did any of the other X-Men movies come close to Logan?
  • How intense was the horse scene?!

What is your favorite X-Men movie?

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Today’s Toast

“Here’s to Hugh Jackman, and may he come back for Wolverine Vs. Deadpool: The Musical.”


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