Your Romantic Maine Elopement (A Dream Made Reality)

Do you want your wedding ceremony to be a magical memorable experience without overwhelming planning? Here is why you should consider a Maine elopement.

Why Elope in Maine

Firstly, Maine a beautiful state. If your dream wedding is a romantic getaway with spectacular surroundings, Maine is the perfect place for a destination wedding or for adventurous elopements.

Additionally, Maine is full of stunning landscapes, miles of coastline on its gorgeous rocky coast, fascinating architecture, and lighthouses. How often do you get to enjoy a lighthouse?

Moreover, maybe your state doesn’t recognize your marriage or wedding for some reason? Plan to enjoy your big day in Maine!

Whether you want a traditional wedding ceremony or an intimate elopement for your special day, Maine is an ideal location for your special occasion.

What Do I Need For a Maine Elopement

What do you need for a Maine Elopement? You need a marriage license. Marriage licenses are granted at the city or town level. You both have to visit the office in person, so plan ahead. Contact the town or city where you want to get married to see if you can apply online, if you need an appointment, or for anything else you’ll need to know.

Maine law requires that you meet these requirements to get your marriage license:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old
  • You’ll need a valid photo Identification
  • If this won’t be your first marriage, you’ll need a certified copy of a death certificate or of your divorce from your previous spouse.

On the other hand, Maine doesn’t require a blood test for a marriage license. Always call ahead to verify with the local office any additional requirements they may have or helpful tips they can offer.

Best Places to Have Your Maine Elopement

Every happy couple can enjoy many options for hosting their wedding in the great state of Maine. Truly, it is a great vacation state with plenty of beautiful locations to serve as a romantic backdrop to your special day.

If you’re not having your Maine elopement at one of the hosts listed below, many of Maine’s national parks and state parks play host to some beautiful weddings. Keep in mind that these places do require fees and or permits. I found an excellent resource for knowing what permits and fees are required.[1]

Still, there are plenty of beautiful places to serve as a venue for your intimate ceremony.

Casco Bay

Casco Bay is a gorgeous bay on the Gulf of Maine, with Portland lying on its south side. It offers lovely views of the gulf and coast and several historic lighthouses to enjoy.

Photo by Nanda Firdaus on Unsplash

Acadia National Park

About 130 miles up the Maine coast from Casco Bay lies Acadia National Park. It’s a 47,000-acre recreation area on the Atlantic coats.

Here you can enjoy rocky beaches, lush woodlands, and granite mountain peaks.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a gorgeous, quaint town on Maine’s Frenchman Bay. It sits practically adjacent to Acadia National Park. There is plenty to do here for the wedding couple, before and after their wedding.

You’ll find several hosts for an affordable Maine elopement package in Bar Harbor and nearby Acadia National Park.

Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park is a 209,501-acre state park. It features forests, mountains, beautiful ponds and is famous for its hiking trails.

You’ll want to make reservations early to experience this wonderful park. You can make reservations on their website.[2]

Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is the second-largest lake, not just in Maine but in New England! Among its gorgeous terrain, you can enjoy numerous trails and enjoy seeing some Maine wildlife.

Recommended Hosts for Your Maine Elopement

For a more inclusive, done-for-you, ranging from romantic elopement package to an intimate wedding package, check out one of these hosts. They can host multiple types of ceremonies for smaller wedding parties and will offer many amenities.

Most will require at least a 2-nights stay along with your elopement or wedding package. That will make for a lovely, romantic weekend getaway!

Wolf Cove Inn

Wolf Cove Inn is a Bed and Breakfast on Tripp Lake. It’s in the Lakes Region, so you know it’s gorgeous.

Enjoy your intimate celebration on the stunning Tripp Lake lakefront. Wolf Cove Inn offers excellent elopement packages, ranging from $799 to $1499. They allow up to six guests and require a minimum of two nights stay at the Bed and Breakfast.

Each package is a generously inclusive elopement package.

For more information about their packages, visit Wolf Cove Inn.

Beachmere Inn

The Beachmere Inn is a family-run Inn in a secluded area in the heart of Ogunquit, Maine.

For more information about their Maine elopement packages, visit Beachmere Inn.

Inn at Sunrise Point

This gorgeous boutique oceanfront inn near Camden features 5 manicured acres of stunning gardens and ocean views on the coast of Maine.

Although closed in 2020, they are taking reservations for 2021. Their elopement packages range between $599 and $2350, and they even have the option to upgrade with a private sailing charter for an additional fee!

For more information about their packages, visit Inn at Sunrise Point.

Linekin Bay Resort

Let Linekin Bay Resort’s experienced team of planners take care of everything for you! This gorgeous venue overlooks the Linekin Bay and offers everything from rustic cabins to lodge-style homes for accommodations during your wedding.

The prices for their all-inclusive elopement packages range from $850 to $2,250.

For more information, visit Linekin Bay Resort.

Maine Elopement Planning Services

To ensure the success of your day, I recommend using the services of a wedding planner.

Maine Elopement Collective

The Maine Elopement Collective are experts ready to help you plan your wedding or elopement in Maine.

For more information, visit Maine Elopement Collective.


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