How to Maximize Your Time at Disney World – 47

Do you want to ensure you get the most out of your Disney vacation? We share the best ways to Maximize Your Time (and minimize your stress) at Disney World in this post!

How to Maximize Your Time at Disney World

Today we continue our series on planning an amazing WDW vacation by discussing what it is actually like when you are ON your vacation. We will give you lots of tips and suggestions to maximize your time and minimize your stress.

We’ve been discussing WDW planning for a while now, intentionally breaking down the planning process into bite-sized pieces. Check out past episodes. We provide the links below. We have intentionally

Know Before You Go

We are recording this during COVID Guidelines time! Procedures for the current policies and procedures for the COVID situation, always check this site before you go. Disney keeps this site updated, so it is always the latest and greatest information.

You Have Arrived at Walt Disney World!

What’s the one biggest mistake that you think people make when planning out park days/time at Walt Disney World?

You will feel this tension on your Walt Disney World vacation that you have not planned enough, planned too much!

Planning out Park Days

You have made park reservations with your booking. Those are changeable! Be sure to listen to the episode for instructions on how to make changes to your park reservation.

  • Do you have a park hopper ticket?
  • Park hours do change!
  • Time we recommend getting to parks (if you are rope dropping, which you should be doing?)

How to Maximize Your Time at Disney World

  • Pick one “must-do” to start the day
  • Do the opposite of everyone else (wait times)
  • Take a mid-morning break if you arrive at the parks early
  • Take a midday break if you arrive at the park later (snack/sitting/shopping)
  • Order your food/plan food time much earlier than you think you need to!
  • Don’t forget about shows (inside/seated). Adds a good balance.
  • Your pace is your pace, and that’s ok.
  • If you are rushing here or there, you will miss the Disney Magic.
  • What if you didn’t get what we wanted (virtual queue, wait time, etc.)…what should we do?

What If People Are Not Having Fun?

  • Are people bonking (hungry/thirsty)?
  • Split up? Park Hop?
  • We have often had to mentally regroup at lunch (what do people want to do?)

Overview of Each Walt Disney World Theme Park

We share a little info on each of the parks to give you an idea of how to plan your day at each park.

Magic Kingdom

Classic Disney characters, movies, and princesses. If this is your first Disney trip, you’ll want at least one day at this park if not two.

The most popular rides are:

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Splash Mountain
  • Peter Pan
  • Space Mountain

Maximize Your Time at Disney World in Epcot

Made up of two primary sections:

  • Future World
  • World Showcase

Lots of construction as of May 2021 in World Showcase. They are adding a few new attractions and features to celebrate Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

Epcot is the place to go if you love food and drink, or if you want immersion into the cultures of the World Showcase countries. Epcot may not be the best park for younger kids.

Most popular attractions at Epcot.

  • The Frozen Ride
  • Soarin’

Animal Kingdom

Attractions based on Disney animal characters and the movies they’re featured in. Animal Kingdom used to be considered a half-day park, but there is plenty to do here to fill a full day.

The most popular rides in Animal Kingdom:

  • Flight of Passage
  • Expedition Everest
  • Safari

Hollywood Studios

Themed by Disney’s newer film franchises. Hollywood Studios is the smallest park with the newest attractions. These new attractions include Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers’ Run in Galaxy’s Edge. That makes Hollywood Studios feel like a busy park.

Most popular attractions in Hollywood Studios:

  • Rise of the Resistance

If you have park-hopper tickets, you may want to visit this park early to secure Rise of the Resistance boarding passes. Either way, Black Spire Outpost is a beautiful park at night. You’ll definitely want to see it at night.

Spending Time at Your Resort to Maximize Your Time at Disney World

Your resort is awesome! Don’t forget about it.

  • Pool time (do the opposite of what others do)
  • Using a resort day to your advantage (rest, pool/activities/laundry/special meal/shopping/family time)
  • Mobile ordering is just as important (if not more so) at the resort
  • Lots of public spaces for picnics/breather space (I drink beer while I do the laundry)

Consider a day relaxing by the pool, catching up on laundry or work, or spending some quality, family time.

Remember to use mobile ordering for food at your resort.

Other Quick Tips To Minimize Stress  During Your Disney Vacation

  • External Batteries!/cords
  • Practice MDE app navigation before your trip (mobile ordering)
  • Screenshot reservation info
  • Plan for the weather!!!!
  • Pack extra face coverings

What is YOUR favorite piece of advice for visiting the parks and maximizing time at WDW?

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