Missing in Madrid! (A Travel Story)

Even though I had no idea where I was, I was exactly where I wanted to be. Here is the story of the time I went missing in Madrid.

(This story 1st appeared on my Travel Leaders Profile.)

When I Fell in Love With Madrid

I fell in love with Madrid the moment my first flight there touched the ground.

My in-laws took me to visit the parks and pubs near their piso. (That’s Spanish for where they live. 🙂 )

From Madrid, we took day trips to Toledo, Avila, and Cuenca. They’re all historical, magical places, full of culture and wonder.

After living there for a summer, it would be easier to tell you all my Madrid travel stories.

Fuente de la Cibeles

One of my favorites is the first time I saw Fuente de la Cibeles (Cibeles Fountain). I can’t tell you what it is about Cibeles that entrances me. Maybe it’s the lions, the goddess Cibele, or the dancing waters. The architecture in Plaza de Cibeles is spectacular. Looking west from the fountain, you can see the famous Metropolis building. Maybe it was that.

Walking to the Plaza, we passed Metropolis first. It’s one of my favorite buildings. When we got close enough to see Cibeles, I fell into immediate fascination.

While my wife and her mom rested, I decided to venture up the street to get pictures of a building in the Plaza. The arched Puerta de Alcala of Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Square) caught my eye, so I ventured a little farther to snap photos of it.

Parque Retiro

Then I saw Retiro Park and wandered in.

I was in huge trouble when I returned to my wife. I had been gone for two hours! They made me stick pretty close to them for the next few days. It is one of my favorite memories, though.

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