13 Mistakes to Avoid When You Visit New York City – 116

Chances are NYC is on your travel dream list (even as a repeat destination). There is so much to do and see that it’s easy to make some mistakes on your next trip to NYC. Today, Ryan and I discuss the top 13 mistakes to avoid when visiting the Big Apple.

13 Mistakes to Avoid When You Visit New York City

  1. Assuming New York City is one type of vacation
  2. Planning to do too much during your NYC
  3. Not using public transportation
    a. hop-on-hop-ff
    b. subway
    c. taxis
  4. Not packing comfortable shoes (aka, underestimating how much walking you can/should do)
  5. Staying outside the city to save money
  6. Only eating at chain restaurants
  7. Not making reservations ahead of time (including show tickets)
  8. Not having small donations of cash (tips, cabs, vendors
  9. Assuming New Yorkers are Rude
  10. Not knowing the AirBNB rules
  11. Not preparing for the weather
  12. Thinking you can see Central Park in one day
  13. Safety and security mistakes

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