Movies That Don’t Hold Up, Part 1 – 151

On today’s aerodynamic round of Beer Thursday, your scrupulous scalpers of all things great and not-so-great jump headfirst into a topic so controversial that it could very well cause a tear in the fabric of space and time. Naturally, that could only be one thing: movies that don’t hold up.

Movies That Don’t Hold Up

What can you expect to learn from this exciting new round? Not much. But one thing is for sure, you will be entertained. Maybe not by this round, but eventually, I’m sure.

  • Will Shayne try to end the round within the first 47 seconds?
  • Will Jay mess up the toast…again?
  • Find out all this and more on your very next super special round of…

Question: What 70s or 80s movies do you think don’t hold up?

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Round 151 Transcripts

[The show is transcribed with artificial intelligence. It’s not accurate, but a lot of it sure is funny!]

Shayne: Jay and I love talking about the greatest movies of all time. We love talking about ’em on pod, off pod, under pod, over pod, all around the pod. And, and then. But we’ve also noticed that there are some movies that don’t hold up and today we’re gonna pick two of those movies and we’re gonna tell y’all about ’em so you can make sure and watch them and add ’em to your cues of movie, watch and fun on your television.

Computer set.

Jay: And we’ll tell you about those on the next exciting round of

Shayne: I did kind of go into my end of the show voice didn’t I

Jay: that’s what it kinda sounded like. I thought it’s like, have we already done this? I must have fallen asleep. And I apologize. I mean, it’s not the first time, but it certainly won’t be the last, what

Shayne: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Who, so who should we do first? What should we do your movie that doesn’t hold up or what should we do? My movie that doesn’t hold up from the eighties.

Jay: I say. Dealer’s choice you, you decide. And I will go with whatever you decide.

Shayne: all right. Well, there was a movie

Jay: I don’t wanna do that.

Shayne: eighties that I loved and I don’t, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. I’ve always had great memories of it. A musical has recently been made based on this movie. My kid loves the musical and the songs ONED are great. She’s played it. She’s played the musical for me.

We’ve listened. A few times together. And so I was pretty excited for her to see this movie just because you know, she was enjoying the musical and then it had an actor that she had recently discovered through the Spider-Man movies, Michael Keaton. And it was really hard to get all the way through this movie.

And she was questioning how we could have ever liked this movie. And I’m talking about the former greatness of beetle juice.

Jay: Beetle juice.

Shayne: Yeah,

Jay: Fetal juice.

Shayne: don’t say it three times. Okay. Yeah. Have you seen beetle juice recently?

Jay: I have not, I haven’t seen it in years. I’ve been thinking about watching it again, but I have not.

Shayne: It just, it was just flat. It just didn’t work. It seemed like what? Before was Michael Keaton’s brilliant performance seemed forced. Like he was trying too. And just, wasn’t funny.

Jay: And that movie also had the, the beautiful Alec Baldwin

Shayne: it did have the beautiful Balden and the handsome Gina Davis.

Jay: and the handsome Gina Davis. I, you know, I used to have a really big crush on her. I, I thought

Shayne: Oh, I didn’t too.

Jay: She was beautiful and the, the beautiful now, because I don’t know how old she was when she made the movie, but it was about the same age as me. So it doesn’t matter Winona writer.

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah. And then the great well to the greats. So the great Jeffrey Jones and the, even more the great Katherine O’Hara.

Jay: Mm mm. I forgot about her being in that.

Shayne: Yeah, but then it just fell flat. Just did not work.

Jay: Really?

Shayne: Yeah. And she, my kid didn’t like it at all. And, and I, I think at the time the effects were meant to be a little bad. Like they, they didn’t try to have good visual effects.

Jay: Yeah,

Shayne: And for the most part that worked, but for the scenes outside the house at the big Sandor things, it was just

Jay: pretty

Shayne: overly cheesy.

Yeah. And it was kind. It was almost more mask or, or ACE Ventura than anything else. It just, and maybe it was those movies that came out and just went really wonky and dumb. I don’t know, but it is just, it just didn’t work

Jay: You know, a lot of the, a lot of the time for me, some of those movies that were great at the time, but don’t quite hold up. It may not necessarily be the movie itself more so than the, the effects, the special effects don’t hold up. They’re not believable. They’re like they look cheesy by today’s standards.

Shayne: Yeah, I don’t know, but we still enjoy star wars. Right. And that was

Jay: Well, yeah,

Shayne: years older.

Jay: yeah, but George Lucas went back and. Touched it up. So the star wars we see now is not the star wars that we, you can’t even find the original star wars, the, the, you know, so it’s not

Shayne: But I still enjoy some of the old monster movies like Godzilla. And, and what about Mothra and the old clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts. I still love those. And the, the effects don’t bother.

Jay: Well, it’s co it’s funny. You should say that. Cuz some of the old. Old old movies hold up a lot better. Like, in my opinion, like thera, the Dracula, Frankenstein, those movies, those are really good. They’re good movies. And, and they hold up. Maybe it’s because you, you never saw, you always saw ’em when they were old, they were always old.

So nothing’s changed, but.

Shayne: maybe.

Jay: But some movies to me, some of the movies with just the effects alone have caused me to not enjoy them as much. But we’re not really talking about that really. Cause you’re talking about the movie itself.

Shayne: Yeah, just overall, even the, the humor didn’t work,

Jay: yeah.

Shayne: cuz we bought, I’ve watched older movies, like the three Amigos, even older Marx brothers movies. Still funny,

Jay: Oh, my God, those Marx brothers movies are, so the humor, the quick

Shayne: yeah. Oh yeah.

Jay: they’re funnier than some of the today’s movies.

Shayne: in beetles juice, it just, just didn’t work. Nothing really seemed to work. I can’t think of anything from, it was like you know, this part was okay. Other than maybe Gina Davis stopped crushing Gina.

Jay: Yeah. She’s she’s awesome. You know, she used to be married to the great Jeff Goldblum.

Shayne: That’s a lie. Yeah. I did know that they did. They break up.

Jay: yeah. They’re, they’re not

Shayne: I’m sorry to hear that.

Jay: I love Jeff gold blue man. He is, he is, he is better now though, than he was back then. Cuz back then he was trying to be more sort of taking more seriously as like even, even in Jurassic park. He was trying to be that leading man type of guy. Now he’s just like himself and he is just greatness.

Shayne: he is a total personality, his own personality. Unlike anyone else he is aged. Well, like a fine whiskey.

Jay: Exactly. Speaking of fine

Shayne: segues? Well,

Jay: mm-hmm Shane. I have to tell you, I have this bottle that a very good friend of mine. I will, I will, I will not mention Trey’s name. He bought me this bottle and it’s it’s. It is called one 14 old grandad. One 14 means is 114 proof.

Shayne: whoa.

Jay: The highest proof that you can have in a whiskey is it can’t go.

I believe it. Can’t go above 1 25.

Shayne: nice shot tray.

Jay: yeah. So, but what’s great about this one is what’s a, is also, what’s great. About early times, early times I think is better and it’s not quite is, is harsh. It early times surprises you and how smooth it is. But regardless, both of these, about 20, $22 a bottle cheap,

Shayne: Oh,

Jay: cheap, the good just like me,

Shayne: ah, ah, so

Jay: seriously folks.

That’s what I’m drinking. What are you drinking,

Shayne: I I’m still sticking with the old, get old decks.

Jay: Man that’s good. Is that the TX whiskey or the TX bourbon?

Shayne: the whiskey

Jay: I like it. It’s good. It’s good

Shayne: I think I might try the bourbon next time.

Jay: You know what I recommend? Yes. The bourbon is really good. You know what I also recommend if you can find it. And it is really hard to find now is that we had it a few years ago when we were at the cabin and that cabin, we had the, it was the

Shayne: step at the cabin was

Jay: yeah, the basal Hayden dark Ry. It is probably my I’m not, and I don’t like rye, but I love that one.

It’s basil Hayden,

Shayne: and Trey brought that too, right?

Jay: Trey brought that one too.

Shayne: Yeah.

Jay: No, yeah, he did. Yeah. He brought that one and the bookers, which was also fantastic. All right. So is whose turn isn’t to do a toast? Shall I? Do you wanna do one?

Shayne: it’s it’s your turn, but you know,

Jay: Well,

Shayne: I’m easy. I’m easy.

Jay: Well, that’s what I’ve been told, but I, I don’t, I don’t believe these things. You know what, I’m just gonna go off of, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and if you don’t mind, I’ll just say here’s one, here’s a toast.


Shayne: Well

Jay: Another day. Another bender. No true dammit. And 2, 1 another day. Another bender, no retreat, no surrender.

Shayne: Harrah Cheers

Jay: not that I’m condoning a bend.

Shayne: No, never let that happen. So, Jay, have you watched a movie recently that we used to love that? Just doesn’t. Who that.

Jay: Why shame? Yes, I have. I for years I was trying to get, convince my wife to see this movie that I thought was one of the funniest movies. And it’s, it’s known, it’s a cult. It’s not really more, it’s more than a cult classic. It’s a classic. Everybody quotes it. Everybody loves it. And there are some great quotes. And it’s, I always thought it was one of the best movies. The funniest movies of all time. And so for years I was begging my wife, come on, let’s watch it. She finally said, all right, let’s watch it. It’s like, you are not gonna be sorry. She was sorry. So sorry. We

Shayne: you,

Jay: so very sorry.

Shayne: bet you were even sorry, or

Jay: I was, so I was shocked that one, a movie that I thought was so funny. Caddy shack was, was, did not really hold does not really hold up. At least in my opinion,

Shayne: man, a lot of people on caddy shack.

Jay: there’s a lot

of people in caddy

Shayne: good, good people.

Jay: and here’s, here’s the thing. It’s, it’s a cheesy, if it hadn’t been for the scenes with Rodney Dangerfield. And especially ch chase in bill Murray. It would’ve been just a, another cheesy eighties movie. I don’t even think. Oh gosh. What was his name? The night, last name, Knight, Ted. Knight.

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah.

Jay: I don’t think he could have saved it on his. But with the add those people and it adds the comedy and they were popular at the time. These are people that are, you know, kind of in their prime comedy wise with, with those, you know, Rodney Dangerfield and all that. So there’s that the, maybe this a nostalgia factor to it.

I don’t know. But the movie itself, you take those people out of it. It’s just a really stupid eighties. Comedy that just doesn’t hold up. But you put those people back in it it still doesn’t hold up because of those other things. It’s funny, there’s funny parts, but it is not a funny movie. Like I remember it being like there’s a lot of great funny scenes and lines with, I’d say a lot.

There’s a few great, funny scenes lines with Chevy chase and also with bill Murray. But for the most part, I think it’s only those two that really make it worth watching in, in my sometimes humble opinion.

Shayne: So I wondered if the bill Murray character would still be funny today.

Jay: See, that’s a good question. I think the it’s, it’s still funny to me. Just because I think bill Murray’s funny, but honestly, probably not. Now the Chevy chase I, I do because he’s sort of got a sarcastic dry wit that still holds over I mean, Chevy chase today may not be as. May not be as funny as he used to be, but his wit his comedy his timing to me that always holds up. But yeah, I don’t, maybe you’re maybe bill Murray would not be taken as funny his character. I don’t know.

Shayne: I would like to go see some of his older movies that I used to love. Foul play or seems like old times or modern problems and see


Jay: I wanna go back and watch modern problems again, because I used to love that movie. I I’m betting, I am betting that movie. Doesn’t hold up.

Shayne: I’m wondering if any of them do

you know, because now I wanna see, it seems like I saw fle

not long ago and, and still enjoyed fledge.

Jay: Well, I still enjoy vacation, the first vacation movie.

Um, and Christmas vacation, I think is a classic. And I think that holds up

Shayne: yeah. So I wonder what it is about those cause well, and caddy shack is a lot older than, or is it?

Yeah, I guess caddy shack is is quite a bit older than, than beetle juice. So


I don’t know. I don’t. Hmm, it looks like we have some homework.

Jay: we do have some homework. We gotta see these movies. We gotta now Shane also, there’s some movies that do hold up and there’s some movies that we’ve seen that I’ve seen recently that I didn’t like when I saw it. The first in fact I have two that I saw and I didn’t like. Like them the first time I saw and I thought, oh, these are not great.

What’s the big hubub bub, but I saw them again recently. And boy was my mind changed

Shayne: Excellent. I’m glad that I can help.

Jay: on the next

Shayne: Ooh,

Jay: exciting round of.