Movies that Do Hold Up, Part 1 – 153

In today’s round, your favorite geriatric generators of gibberish discuss two comedy movie films that stand the test of time. Probably.

Movies that Do Hold Up, Part 1

Which two movies did they pull out of their azaleas? You guessed it:  “Three Amigos” and “The Big Lebowski.”

  • What Earth-shattering conclusions will our humble heroes make?
  • Who is The El Guapo?
  • Who is mustache guy?
  • What’s with all the questions?

Prick up your ears and grab a cocktail. It’s time for another most excellent round of…

Question: What 70s or 80s movies do you think still hold up today?

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Round 100 Transcripts

[The show is transcribed with artificial intelligence. It’s not accurate, but a lot of it sure is funny!]

Jay: You know, it is just a pleasure to be here once again with you, dear, dear listener

Shayne: Mm-hmm

Jay: and, and, and Patreon and future Patreon. Every Thursday morning with this beer podcast.

Shayne: oh,

Jay: And we hope you look forward to it as much as you know what it sounds like I’m winding down, doesn’t it? We did that the last, I believe the last round

Shayne: winding down, you should be winding up,

Jay: just be winding up,

Shayne: to the sky.

Jay: but we are so excited that you are here another week to listen to our, our gibberish.

Shayne: Jabar sh

Jay: our, our gentle musings about topics of various subjects sizes. And that’s pretty much it subjects and sizes, but

Shayne: should size it.

Jay: I would like to say, I believe in our last round, if we’re gonna do these back to back, Shayne, we could, you don’t know. I don’t know. Shayne knows. I, I don’t.

Shayne: I don’t know right

Jay: We discussed in a recent round of movies that we thought were greatness back in the day that didn’t really don’t really hold up anymore, which made me think of a couple of movies that. I didn’t really think we’re all that great back in the day. I’m like, yeah, that’s good. Yeah. That’s but people, you know, especially one of them, people it’s a cult classic. But then I go back and watch them recently and I’m like, oh wait, this movie is great. Why did I not like this movie? Or why not? Why did I not love this movie? And. Both of them are comedies actually. And uh, see if you can guess one of them, Shayne.

Shayne: caddy shack. just kidding.

Jay: Yeah,

Shayne: Caddy Shack is one of the movies that didn’t hold up funny that we’re, that all of these we’re talking about are comedies too. Well, there is one that I happen to know that I do know, you know, and I

Jay: I know, you know,

Shayne: and I think. probably mentioned it or at least I’ve mentioned it a few times

Jay: Yeah. When we had Steve Martin talk, I believe

Shayne: yeah.

When we had Steve Martin on the show,

Jay: Yeah, no, we, he wasn’t on the show, but if he would like to join us and talk about his great series on Hulu murder, only murders in the building, we would love to hear him on his podcast, on our podcast to discuss his television show about a podcast.

Shayne: Yeah, Steve Martin might not be on this show.

Jay: He probably will never, ever hear of us.

Shayne: might never be on this show.

Jay: He might never be on the butt. Here’s a, here’s a thought

Shayne: Mm-hmm

Jay: he might

Shayne: point.

Jay: You didn’t think about it that way? Did you

Shayne: no. I thought about it a lot of ways and that wasn’t it. Also the three Amigos.

Jay: The three amigo shame. So I saw the three Amigos in the theater many years ago when it first came out. And I was, I was a little disappointed. I was excited because it had Steve Martin ch chase and Martin short. Now I wasn’t a huge Martin short fan back then. You know, just the fact that they had Chevy chase and Steve Martin, that was I, I went in with high expectations and after I saw the movie, I came out very, very disappointed and I didn’t think it was that funny. But then you, I, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t that one of, one of the movies that one of your favorite movies.

Shayne: yeah, we watch it. We’ll watch it a few times each year. It’s true. It’s true.

Jay: Well, so because of that, and because of the fact that on my phone, you are known as the El Guapo

Shayne: Hmm

Jay: Um, because of that,

Shayne: it’s.

Jay: I went back and watched it and Shayne,

Shayne: Yes.

Jay: I was wrong.

Shayne: Oh,

Jay: very, very wrong.

Shayne: oh

Jay: That movie was complete greatness.

Shayne: yeah. It is hilarious.

Jay: Yes. There’s so many. I don’t know if it’s, when did that come out? It was in the early, I guess it was the early eighties, right?

Shayne: 1986.

Yes. we were juniors in the high schools.

Jay: now, maybe the humor was over my head back then or. Maybe I, I don’t know, but it just, I, I didn’t realize how funny it was until, until recently. And just some of the, like some of the funny lines, I don’t know if I can say some of them on podcast, but some of the funny, it’s just, oh my God, it’s just so good. And Martin short now that I’ve watched only murders in the building and some other stuff with. I I have unrated underrated him as a comedic actor. He is. He actually, I’m sorry, Steve

Shayne: Oh

Jay: actually funnier than Steve Martin.

Shayne: really? Really? Maybe you’re just going through a phase.

Jay: I hope so. Well, he’s a different kind of funny, Steve Martin plays more of a straight guy, man.

Now he, I like Steve Martin’s humor better than I did back the wild and crazy guy. I like him better. The he’s SU especially on only murders in the building, but I digress, Martin short, Steve Martin and then of course, Chevy chase. I was more disappointed, I guess, in him than anything. Cuz he was my favorite at the time. And so I didn’t think it was that funny, but there’s so many great things and lines and in situations in that movie, that just the fact that these three actors, these Hollywood actors, it set in the 1920s, thirties.

Shayne: Yeah. It’s hard to tell because there’s no cars yet. There’s planes, but no cars,

Jay: well there, wait a minute. There’s planes, but there’s no cars.

Shayne: Yes. There’s no car. Oh yeah, no, there is the car there. There’s a couple of cars. Yeah, that’s

Jay: I think the car might have come before the plane

Shayne: what’s called.

Jay: horse might have become before the carriage.

Shayne: And the tail might wa then

Jay: But no you’re right. I mean, it’s, it was there, weren’t a lot of cars back then. And especially where they were, they were the old already.

Shayne: what

Jay: not even halfway through. Well, hell

Shayne: how it works? Is that how works.

Jay: you know, but yeah, it, it It deserves a little bit more talking about and we, we will do that, but I think maybe we need a toast right now.

Shayne: Oh, need to toast. Oh, and I suppose you’re gonna tell me, it’s my turn. I

Jay: I could tell you that

Shayne: I like to do quotes for my,

Jay: I love quotes.

Shayne: yeah, I’m gonna quote hunter S Thompson

Jay: Hmm.

Shayne: Jay’s drinking while I’m quot. Which is okay, you gotta have a good prep dog.

Jay: That’s what I do.

Shayne: And he said, and I quote, good people drink good beer hunter as Thompson

Jay: that was it.

Shayne: Yeah.

Jay: Amen. All right.

Shayne: So what yeah. Is it, I mean, it’s not really quick.

Jay: No.

Shayne: and maybe there’s just so many jokes in it that you don’t realize that a lot of the things they say are jokes until.

Jay: Yeah, I can’t, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but yeah, it’s something like that. Like, there’s a scene, it’s little things like this. Again, they they’re actors and they, they get called, they’ve been fired from the studio, Joe by the way, from criminal minds he was the he was their boss. I forgot he was in that anyway.

They got fired.

Shayne: Fluger.

Jay: Yeah. They were quite popular, you know, movie stars and they got fired. They got offered this gig. To where they had to like do a gun fight or whatever to save this town. And they were under the impression that it was just a acting job because they’re famous actors, but as it turns out, the people thought of the town thought that they were real gun slingers.

And so they hired them to save them from the evil El GU. and hilarity ensued, but they go to this small town in Mexico and they walk up to a bar they’re in a bar and they walk to the bar and Steve Martin walks up to the bar and says, excuse me, we’re not Mexicans, but And I’m like, that’s just, I don’t know why that’s so funny.

Shayne: plus it’s the way that he says

Jay: so OB yeah. It’s, it’s very obvious, sir. That you’re not know. And the little, my little

butter cup

Shayne: has the sweetest smile.

Jay: I don’t know what it was about that movie, but I just. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just funny, but I have to go back and watch it again because it’s been it’s, it’s been a couple of years.

Shayne: Yeah, and we usually we’ve, we’ve probably already seen it twice this year and we’ll probably at least watch it at least one more time because we’ll probably watch it. We all get together either for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We’ll watch it again.

Jay: So, is it a sort of become of like a family tradition for you?

Shayne: Not so much a tradition where we watch it for every holiday or anything like that, but it will just have been long enough since we all watched it together

Jay: So it’s a family


Shayne: Yeah.

Jay: of thing. Yeah, that’s cool.

Shayne: Probably as often as we watch the Harry Potter movies, I would say, yeah. Yeah.

Jay: It’s so funny, whenever those, the, the Harry Potter movies are on, they’re usually in the house they’re on all weekend, just kind of as background noise. And I’ve gotten to where I’ll, you know, I love those movies too. And my wife has gotten now to where she does that with star wars.

She’ll just have ’em on it’s background noise, you know, all the star wars movies, but,

So there’s that I was so very wrong about that. It was funny. And the other movie was a movie called the big Leki

Staring one, Jeff Daniels and bridges. Bridges, not Jeff Daniels. Jeff Bridges. And it had Steve Boi as well as John Goodman. And it had a very funny unexpectedly funny Julian. Oh my God. What was her last name? Julian. The redhead.

Shayne: More

Jay: Julian Moore. yes. Thank you. Julian Moore.

Shayne: You’re welcome.

Jay: And she was hilarious, but I saw the movie in the theaters when it first came out. And I guess I wasn’t there humor wise and it just didn’t stick to me.

And it became a cult classic and I’m thinking I hadn’t seen it since. And I’m thinking, why do people always talk about how great this movie and people quoted all the time and. So recently, and I’m talking this summer recently, I decided to sit down and watch it. And it is absolutely everything everybody says about it.

Greatness. It is. It does. It totally stands up. It’s funny. It’s funny. It’s just good. It’s so great. And there’s so many, so many funny lines in there and just the acting the again, Julian Moore, she’s funny. The character she plays is very unlike anything I’ve ever seen her do. And of course, Jeff Bridges is the dude and at the beginning it opens up and it, you hear this like Western sounding. Yoing whistle. I forgot what it was, but it, you see a tumbleweed, little tumbling tumbleweed. It’s tumbling through the, through the desert. And so it looks like a Western and then all of a sudden it pops over a hill and California Hollywood’s down there. and it tumbles through the town and, and it’s got the great oh my gosh.

What’s his name? Mustache.

Shayne: Which mustache guy.

Jay: Oh, my gosh.

Shayne: Who’s mustache guy. I don’t think I know who mustache guy.

Jay: He’s great. I cannot believe, I can’t remember. He’s got the, the best mustache ever and the best voice. It is

Shayne: I

Jay: he’s he does a lot of westerns. He was in tombstone and he was in. What else was he in? He was in, it was, and I quote, oh, I forgot ju also John Touro and

Shayne: full of Seymour Hoffman.

Jay: Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in, and I had forgotten that that he was in this movie, but I’m trying to

Shayne: May, may he rest?

Jay: Who

Shayne: This is may rest in peace gone too soon.

Jay: he was or he is anyway, so yeah, it’s it. I wasn’t expecting it to be in the person I was trying to think was Sam Elliot. I wasn’t, I, I, I didn’t, I completely underrated it and it was just. It was so funny. It was so and good and so well done. And there’s so many lines in there. There’s this, there’s a line where he, the dude it’s a mistaken identity situation. And these dudes, these break into his house and they, they they’re shoving his head down a toilet and pull it up and, and kept asking where’s the money. Where’s the money. And then they shove his head down the toilet. They do this a couple of times and they pull up where’s the money. Where’s the money he goes.

He goes, I don’t know, man. I’m sure it’s down there. Let’s give it another try. let me take another look. it’s just stuff like that. It’s just one of my favorite scenes that you was one of, one of the funny things was. He, he catches a cab and the cab driver’s playing the Eagles and he goes, I fucking hate the Eagles. And the cab driver pulls over and kicks him outta the cab. It’s like, I can relate to you, sir. But that was absolutely brilliant. Have you seen that movie?

Shayne: Yeah, it’s been a while, but

Jay: I highly recommend that you go

back and watch that

Shayne: I think I will. Yeah, cuz yeah, I remember liking it a lot and then I will sometimes use the due to divides or I think that’s my favorite line from it. The de to divides.

Jay: dudes about it. I, I like the, there’s a one there’s one. He says they’re trying to kidnap him or trying to take him. And he’s he, his, his beverage of choice, which I have to ask our friend, Tim, if that’s why he loves the white Russian, but his beverage of choice is the white Russian.

Shayne: Really

Jay: Yeah.

Shayne: I D

Jay: And at one point, somebody like tries to grab him and throws him into a limi limousine.

He’s got his white Russian. He is like, Hey, man’s beverage here.

Shayne: Yeah.

Jay: or is like, Hey man, beverage.

Shayne: Yes.

Jay: So great. So great. But yeah, that movie was one that I was completely completely off base on that one. And of course the great Regos.

Shayne: I did see it kind of late too. I didn’t see it when it first came out. It was several years later. So, I, I knew that there was some appreciation for it and I kind, I bought in the first time, but it was, it was a lot later.

Jay: And it wasn’t just, it wasn’t just Jeff Bridges. I mean, John Goodman was, he was always,

he was always cussing at Steve Rashmi’s character and, and it was just, I don’t know. I don’t know. It was just, it was a brilliant movie and I think it’s one of those movies. Like there’s very few movies these days, since you can stream everything that you, I want to own where I can just watch it anytime I want, no matter what if I don’t, if it’s not available on a platform that I have or whatever.

And that’s one of the movies that I probably will eventually download, like another movie, like that would be like the jerk or, or of course Arthur, which. Talking about movies that hold up.

Shayne: I haven’t seen that. I need to see it.

Jay: We should discuss movies that hold up sometime.

Shayne: what, what yeah, we should

Jay: sorry,

Shayne: should. Well, and, and then I wanna do rounds on naked gun and Arthur.

Jay: Yes.

Shayne: So yeah, we have homework. We have

Jay: Are you sure you wanna be a nightclub comic

Shayne: I am, must have hated that Mo. We were somewhere, oh, we were at some talent at some, some antique shop type thing and that a moose. And I was like, oh man, I wish Jay was here.

Cuz had the stuff to moose. was

like, you must have hated that moose

Jay: Something that stuck out about that movie that cracked me up is I had never heard a man refer to a woman as an asshole, Susan, such an asshole.

Shayne: yes, this.

Jay: that was great, but I

Shayne: Now you’re up

Jay: digressing I’m aggress.

Shayne: up aggressing,

Jay: Duke. Yes. So I believe who was it that did all the work and got their pilot’s license.

Shayne: That was you. It would

Jay: Oh,

Shayne: put upon the me to close this thing out, to put the plane back into the hang.

Jay: exactly.

Just don’t crash. It Just don’t

Shayne: you will. Well, you landed it. So I, I can, if I, as long as I don’t get it off the ground, I can leave it on the ground and put it into the hanger safely. I do believe so. Dearest, dearest beer, Thursday, friend in compartment to Madre, Madre, compadre Subscribe with the show to make sure that you get ’em all that you, that they all just show up right there on your phone. Tell a friend so that the two of you can talk about are around and just laugh and laugh and laugh. And we will all be there together to have a good laugh, just mere minutes on the next Thursday morning when you get that next.

Ex salad. Excellent. Round of.