5 Essential Tips for Multigenerational Trips – 55

Travel can truly be a full family affair! More and more families are taking multigenerational trips together, and today we discuss the tips you need to know to plan and enjoy these memorable trips!

What are Multigenerational Trips?

As Travel Advisors, we’ve been talking to more families who want to take vacations with EVERYONE (grandparents, parents, kids, sibling families, and more!). This type of multigenerational vacationing is wonderful for everyone to reconnect or celebrate a special family milestone!

Ideas for Multigenerational Vacations

  1. Cruises
  2. All-inclusive vacations
  3. Vacation Rental homes
  4. Heritage trips
  5. Camping


See multiple destinations while letting someone else worry about getting you there. Plus, food and activities are all taken care of!

All-Inclusive Resorts

Again, something for everyone, and one bill takes care of every aspect of your vacation!

Rental Homes

Vacation together and have enough space for everyone.

  • Beach
  • Cabin

Heritage Trip

Explore history and culture by seeing the important places in the life of a family. Maybe it’s the home country or another region of the United States?

5 Top Tips for Planning Multigenerational Trips

Need help planning this type of trip? Here are our top 5 tips and also our suggestions for vacation types:

1. Include as Many as You Can in the Planning

As much as possible, get input from a variety of family members.

  • What do people want to do?
  • What’s important?

While you may not accommodate everything, getting feedback is important in helping everyone be on the same page!

Don’t leave out anyone.

2. Plan a Variety of Activities

Not everyone will want to do the same activities…and that’s ok! Make sure to have active and restful activities. Maybe each family chooses an activity? Mix it up throughout your trip.

Have a plan for leaving.

3. Think About Accommodations

This is really where you can get creative in multigenerational families.

  • Who needs more privacy?
  • Who sleeps in or are night owls?

Maybe the grandkids stay a few nights with the grandparents to give the parents some much-needed adults-only time? Multi-bedroom suites, vacation homes, and connecting staterooms can each enhance the entire family’s together or private time on vacation.

Include pets in this discussion.

4. Talk About the Budget Early

When planning a multigenerational vacation, the finances do come into play a bit more.

  • Is grandma paying for everyone?
  • Is each family responsible for their own way?
  • Are different families handling various aspects of the planning and payment?

Having this conversation early in the planning process can avoid possible conflicts later.

5. Elect a Travel Planner in Your Group

Once you’ve included feedback from everyone (see #1), it is a good idea to have a point person to help organize everything.

If you’re the planning type, you will enjoy getting everything checked off the list. If you don’t like planning, then relax and know a family member has you covered! Regardless of who in your family is organizing…always work with a travel advisor to save time, money, and stress!

Question: What is a fun multigenerational trip experience you’ve enjoyed?

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