Musicians Gone Too Soon -24

On this new most spectacular round of the year this month, your fighters of all things dull discuss musicians gone too soon, the deaths of artists who have had the most impact on them.

Influential Musicians Gone Too Soon

This is the second round in which one Dull-Fighters springs a topic on the other and the first that SuperJay springs on BatShayne.

Our fearless heroes begin with a nod to time and it’s slow crawl the first few months of 2020 and give a shout-out to The Jerk.
Listen closely and intently and find out for yourself why are their favorite artists gone too soon. 

Also, listen intently as Shayne interrupts Jay’s number 2.

Shayne’s Most Missed Musicians

(Since he so rudely interrupts Jay.)

  • Michael Hutchins of INXS.
  • Layne Staley of Alice in Chains
  • Chris Cornell

Jay’s Most Missed Musicians

  • Elvis
  • Prince
  • Tom Petty

Speaking of Significant Musician Deaths

Soon, we’ll talk about Foo Fighters.

Today’s Toast:

The care workers and first responders during the pandemic.

Line of the week

I wanna hug somebody’s hand.

Who are your picks for musicians gone too soon?

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