National Paranormal Day! – 23

Do you believe in ghosts? In one of the most frightening rounds of Beer Thursday History, we celebrate National Paranormal Day by sharing a few of our own ghost stories.

May 3rd is National Paranormal Day!

Strange Stories on Today’s Round

Do our fearless, logical heroes believe in the paranormals? Listen and find out!

Ghost Stories

Jay tells a story that Shayne believes that Jay believes is true and happened.

Shayne tells stories about a house he lived in as a kid with some strange goings-on. (The house had strange goings-on, not brave, young, little kid Shayne.

Jay tells a story of a house he and our other friends lived in that freaked them all out sometimes. And also a practical joke. Jay and his friends used an Ouija board in that house, something you should never do in a movie or in real life, but something we will probably do live on an upcoming round but definitely not.

Shayne tries to say, “linearly.” It might be the most frightening moment of the round.

Be Sure to Haunt all the Paranormal Conversations

Today’s Toast

Here’s to Hell. May my stay there be as fun as my way there.

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