A New Orleans Teaser – 110

What do you think of when you think of New Orleans? Chances are, you’re right! However, the Big Easy probably offers a lot more. Today, we regale you with anecdotes about the Crescent City.

How Easy is the Big Easy?

  • Why we Love New Orleans
  • Eating in New Orleans
  • A few of our favorite things about New Orleans
  • Music in New Orleans

Question: What do you think of when you think of New Orleans?

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Episode 110 Transcripts

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Ryan: Hello, and welcome to All Things Travel. There are a lot of cities around the United States that have a sense of personality, but one city in particular sticks out with so much soul, so much culture and so much to do today. Shayne and I are doing a little reminiscing about our times visiting new Orleans, Louisiana.

We may be talking about food. We may be talking about bourbon street and Shayne’s going to talk about some jazz music. You’re listening to all things. Travel episode one 10 original air date May 25th, 2022.

So Shayne, we just wanted to talk, travel like we did several weeks ago with Madrid and just talk about some highlights from our visits, with this really unique American city, we’re going to do a deep dive into new Orleans in a later episode. So if you’re planning a trip there, look for that.

If you just want to get what your appetite with a Ben yea or some crawfish listen up to this episode, but first Shayne, I want to know where in the world is. All things travel.

Shayne: Washington.

Ryan: Welcome, Washington.

Shayne: It’s on non-North end of Liberty Bay and there is an awesome place with an awesome name. You’re going to love where I think we should hang out The Brass Kracken.

Ryan: The Brass Kracken. And I love it. That is a great name. My guess is it is by the water and it’s got a lot of nautical stuff and I bet I can get some really good seafood.

Shayne: it’s right on the marina. So you’re looking out on the water and the boats, great views. They have an impressive look, bloody Mary, and I think the one that I’m most interested in the salted caramel espresso martini.

Ryan: Nice. I like it. This sounds like a good place.

Shayne: Yeah. And I should point out that Google says it is an LGBTQ plus friendly establishment, so we could go and enjoy some time with our friends.

Ryan: I like it. So, Hey Washington, we’re glad you’re listening. Reach out to us either via email or on the Facebook group, because I have a little thank you gift for being a feature on the show today, and also helping us learn about the Brass Kracken

Shayne: and I make sure that you hear where in the world is All Things Travel next week. Be sure to subscribe to the show so that you never miss any of our travel tips, travel ideas, or travel stories.

Ryan: All right, Shayne. So if I say new Orleans, Louisiana, what comes to mind?

Shayne: Wow. So many things. It’s a rush of activities that come to mind, but I’m going to say sitting in a bar with a giant beer and probably a giant po’boy sandwich and listening to a really good jazz.

Ryan: I love it. I love it. Yeah. It’s I love cities that have soul. To me, that’s Boston, that’s Dublin, that’s a city like Barcelona, they’ve just got a really cool soul to them. And Louisiana has that in spades friend.

Shayne: There’s no doubt. And even though. The French quarter, particularly might be a little cheesy at some times, there is still a soul there and a grit there that just makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. So I’ve only been to new Orleans once. Actually I went there during graduate school. I was there for a conference and one of the interesting things was there were three of us and one of my friends had just had knee surgery. And so she was in a wheelchair with her leg completely straight out.

And let me tell you. Giving around new Orleans, proper is not that easy. At least it wasn’t back then in 2004, I think is when we went it presented some challenges. It, it was it was an interesting place, especially trying to get around at night with her. I felt completely safe. That’s not what I’m saying, but you know, it, it was a, it was an interesting place to be for sure.

Shayne: Well, especially in the French quarter, there’s not a lot of assessability options. It’s a pretty old part of the world. In fact, the one bar there John Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is I think the oldest bar in America. So it would take a lot of reconstruction to make that safe.

Ryan: So when I think of new Orleans, have food will travel, right. Is my I’m sure I’m going to get a tattoo of that at some point in my life. New Orleans is like no other place in the world, man. I mean, I was lucky enough when we stayed there. We stay our hotel to which we picked pretty much randomly based on where we’re having our conference was right next to this wonderful restaurant called mothers.

And I went there for breakfast. You’ve got cafe du Monde with the and you mentioned Po’Boys oh my gosh. This is good food.

Shayne: So I have to ask, since we worked for the earmarked Disney agency, which do you prefer the beignets at cafe du Monde or the beignets in Disney world.

Ryan: Oh, I love the the Mickey shape. at port Orleans French quarter. Th there’s no contest. I mean, cafe, du Monde with the chicory coffee late at night and the hustle and bustle going around. I mean, it’s, that’s the place, man,

Shayne: Oh, yeah. It’s it is just incredible. And I love how the staff there is rude. They don’t care if your service is good or not, because they know that you will always go back for that coffee and always go back for those vineyards.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s true. It’s true. And I think when we were there, I created more mealtime. Than ever before. I think it was like, every 40 minutes it’s like, okay. So is it time to get a po’boy? Okay. Is it a time to get yeah. I, time for a drink time and we did the touristy stuff.

the first night we’re there, we’re walking up, you know, the French quarter Bourbon Street and we’re getting the daiquiris from Fat Tuesday and, we’re living it up, but I also really appreciate getting away from that a little bit and experiencing some quiet spots.

One of the days I actually skipped out on my meetings and I took the street car, which, from other episodes, I come from a train family. So anytime I can get on street cars, get on trains. I absolutely love it. And I went to the old cemetery in the mantra.

Shayne: Yeah. In the arts district. Yes.

Ryan: Yeah, Yeah

Shayne: are gorgeous.

Ryan: And so you see the tombs that are up above the ground because of sea level and it’s eerie and it’s majestic, it’s special. I mean, it’s just a really neat place to, to see.

Shayne: It’s an excellent craftsmanship there. Yeah. Peaceful and creepy. Yeah. And another food item. I like. Couple of blocks. I think if that from cafe du Monde, little grocery store called central grocery and they have this sandwich called the muffaletta

Ryan: Ooh, the muffle OD. I like it.

Shayne: and it.

is this giant sandwich. And I mean, It’s pretty much cold cut sandwich with this olive dressing

Ryan: got an olive spread on it. It’s very. I conic to new Orleans that’s for sure.

Shayne: And I searched for it everywhere I go. I searched for a move a letter. How did you pronounce it?

Ryan: Muffaletta

Shayne: Muffaletta I’ve searched for one that compares to it. And I’ve had, I don’t know how many I’ve had in the Dallas Fort worth area and none of them come close to the one in new Orleans.

Ryan: so as we kind of wrap up our discussion here, Shayne, cause again, we’re just doing a, teaser, if you will, for New Orleans. You’re big into music more, much more than I am. And I know that talking, but before the episode there was a certain place in New Orleans. It really stuck with you when it came to music.

Shayne: I have a couple of recommendations for that. If you want to hear and see some more serious jazz, maybe even a little better jazz, leave the French quarter. And then just east of there, there’s a a street called Frenchman street and there’s some bars there where that’s, where you hear really serious jazz music.

And if you want to catch the great music, that’s the place to go. But the other thing to do that I really enjoy if you want to stay in the French Quarter is just to walk around and watch the street musicians. Cause there are all kinds of arrangements of bands and groups there between all brass. There’s some that are all percussion, there’s other arrangements, and it’s just amazing music amazing styles that you would never forget.

If you could see them.

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I think if you have not been to New Orleans, you need to go and it is such a special place to see and experience. I think personally, New Orleans would be a great jumping off point for a cruise. We know several cruise lines cruise in and out of New Orleans as at different times of the year.

So, you go, you experienced New Orleans for a few days. You soak up that culture. You eat the food, you listen to the music, you get a little crazy maybe, and then you go relax on the cruise.

Shayne: Yeah, I’ll let my trips, there have been just two or three days, and that would be a perfect time to have right before or right after, or both a cruise from New Orleans.

Ryan: All right. So we’re going to follow this episode up a little later with kind of a deeper dive into how could you plan a trip to New Orleans? What are things you want to see? What are things you want to do? Taste and drink. And we’re going to do that with one of our special friends, Michelle who lives in Louisiana.

We’re going to talk all things New Orleans.

Shayne: I can not wait for that.

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Shayne: Or to me Shayne, I knew that was going, I was reaching for my water