Olivander’s Wand Shops at the Universal Resorts

Which Harry Potter wand is your favorite? Mine is…well..a mystery.

Check out all the wands in Olivander’s Wand Shop. It looks just like the movies. And lucky you, they’re all on sale. I should know. My kid collects them. They have wands for over 20 Harry Potter characters. Each one is unique and most of them are super cool. I think I enjoy my daughter’s collection just as much as she does.

If you plan and book your Orlando vacation through me, I might be able to tell you a good way to get your kid picked for the wand ceremony along with many other tips. Message me and let’s talk about your Universal Orlando vacation!

“The wand chooses the wizard.” The wand choosing ceremony is one of the most fun parts of Universal Studios Orlando. Especially if you go through it a few times and figure out how to get your kid picked. Or you can ask someone who has already done it. I recommend spending $50 on the interactive wand that chooses your Wizard because that’s just the beginning of the fun!