Paranormal Investigation, Part 2 – 43

Get psyched for Halloween with the 2nd part of our paranormal investigation conversation with NTParanormal’s lead investigator, Ashton Rogers.

Fear this second part of our conversations with NTParanormal‘s Lead Investigator, Ashton Rogers.

The Truth About Paranormal Investigation

Topics covered today.

  • Heightened awareness vs. a meditative state and Paranormal Investigation
  • Has anything happened in an investigation that has affected you?
  • Ghost Hunting equipment
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Fear Cages
  • Ashton explains Jay’s experience that he’ll tell in an upcoming episode
  • Sleep paralysis
  • What NTParanormal can tell you after a paranormal investigation
  • Recording and validating Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs)

Be Sure to Haunt all the Paranormal Conversations

Today’s Toast

“Here’s to taking everything in moderation. Including moderation.”


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