Conversations with a Paranormal Investigator Part 1 – 42

Gather round the flashlight, True Believers. This is the first part of the conversation our heroes had with a real-life paranormal investigator!

Conversations With a Paranormal Investigator

Introducing Ashton Rogers of NTParanormal.

This was a conversation more than an interview. These are the topics we covered:

  • Ashton’s thoughts on beer.
  • Explanation of NTParanormal’s investigative services.
  • The members of the NTParanormal team.
  • Is Ashton a believer or a skeptic?
  • Debunking other groups’ work.
  • Television ghost shows
  • NTParanormal’s invention, monowavelength photography (see below).
  • Does the Heisenberg Principle apply to paranormal investigations?
  • Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures drinking game, bro!
  • The Fight or Flight state and paranormal activity.
  • Humans seeing blue is new!

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Monowavelength Photography

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