Madrid’s Parque del Buen Retiro

Although not Madrid’s largest city park, Parque Retiro is the most fascinating. It contains 291 acres of winding trails, fountains, lakes, statues, playgrounds and monuments.

I spent 5 days walking in the park and saw maybe half of it. I’ll share the photos I have and all the history and intrigue I can find about that park.

This looks like a sculpture, but it is a playground. You must be 8 years old or older to climb. It’s near Puerta de Madrid, an entrance on the northeast side of Parque Retiro.


Fountain of the Little Triton

At the north side of the park, near the entrance at Calle de Alcala is the Fuente del Pequeño Tritón.

The Artificial Mountain

In the northeast corner of the park, Montaña Artificial is a man-made mountain built by Fernando VII.

This is the entrance to the Artificial Mountain.

The building has since been turned into an exhibition hall. I will need to explore this corner more and take more pictures next time I’m there.

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Puerta de Madrid

A monument guarding Puerta de Madrid, an entrance to the northeast corner of Parque Retiro. As I find the names of these gates, monuments, and statues, I’m tracking them.

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Cuesta de Moyano

A lovely carousel! Just south of Prado Museum and east of my favorite park, Parque Retiro, is Cuesta de Moyano!

Cuesta means hill. Along this rather steep hill running from Paseo del Prado up to Parque Retiro is a market. It’s mostly books. There is also jewelry, clothes, and–big surprise–a bar! ⁠ ⁠ It is a lovely place! A little hidden. I walked past it and rode busses past it dozens of times without knowing it was there. Before stumbling across it after a walk in Retiro one day.

Retiro Trees

A lovely tree in Madrid’s Parque Retiro.

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