Top Tips for Planning Disney Dining – 42

Are you confused about planning Disney dining and overwhelmed by all of the options? This episode covers everything you need to know about dining and the rest of your plans 60 days before your trip.

What You Need to Know 60 Days Before Your Disney Vacation

60 days out from the first day of WDW vacation is an important day!

Today we are continuing our discussion of planning a WDW vacation, and it’s all about Disney Food. We’ve brought our friends from The Happiest Plate on Earth podcast to help us digest it all!

What You Need to Know About Planning Disney Dining

The next step is dining plans (at 60 days right now).

Disney Dining Has a Variety of Options

  • “Everything for Every Taste”
  • Snacks, Quick-Service, Table-Service, Signature Dining
  • What would people be surprised about Disney dining?
  • Is there really something for everyone?
  • Examples of different Disney food for different palettes

Eating in the Parks vs. Resorts vs. Disney Springs

  • Examples from each of the options?
  • Cost:
    • Snacks: $6.00 per person
    • Quick-Service $10.00 – $15.00 per person
    • Table Service $20.00 – $30.00 per person
  • Best “value” for budgeting food costs?

Overall Tips for Planning Disney Dining

Kristi’s Disney Dining Planning Tip

Portion size. Even if you share, you’ll get plenty to eat.

Shayne’s Tip

Share meals and order child’s plates.

Ryan’s Tip

When planning, choose 1 table server each day or several special meals for the trip, as a suggestion)
-other ideas/suggestions for planning dining “framework”?

Wendi’s Tip

Be smart with your snack choices and what you have in your resort room. Be sure to plan dining around your other activities.

Reservations for Planning Out Your Dining

Dining reservations used to be made 180 days before your vacation begins. Yes, some fill up that fast!

Wendi’s Disney Dining Planning Tip

First and foremost, you have to have your park reservations made.

Kristi’s Tip

Don’t stress. Pick the few that you want to focus on and get those. Don’t stress if you don’t get what you want right away.

Shayne’s Tip

Let dining be part of your Disney vacation experience. Don’t make it a vacation afterthought.

Reservations for Table Service at 60-days

Shayne’s Disney Dining Planning Tip

Make reservations in the order of importance, not in the order you will dine.

Kristi’s Tip

Don’t stress if what you want isn’t available. Pick something else, then periodically check back on the My Disney Experience app. Someone may cancel a reservation and open a reservation for you.

Wendi’s Tip

People will book several reservations and later cancel them, so keep looking. Book meals a little outside prime dining times.

Ryan’s Tip

Many restaurants in Disney Springs also take reservations on Open Table.

It’s better to make dining initial reservations on your computer than on your phone.

Watch your dates when making your dining reservations.

Tips for getting reservations?

What do I do if there are no reservations for where/when I want?!

The Mobile Ordering Process

  • What do people need to know about mobile ordering?
  • Tips/tricks for being successful with mobile ordering?
  • Mobil ordering is easy. Just start getting familiar with the app.

What is the Dining Plan (and Will it Be Back?)?

  • Experiences with dining plan?
  • Is it “worth it”?

More Items to Consider at 60 Days Before Your Disney Vacation

  • VIP Tour
  • Golf (not mini-golf)
  • Fishing
  • Savi’s Workshop (Lightsabers)
  • Droid Depot (droid building)

What questions do you have about planning your Disney dining?

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