Response to Tim’s Response to Concert Talk- 89

Today our fabulous heroes of bravery and pretending to be brave go face to virtual face with their best nemesis Tim and his response to Concert Talk.

Response to Tim’s Response to Concert Talk

  • Our old friend Julien (May he R.I.P.)
  • Jay apologizes and remembers a Kiss concert
  • Shayne confirms Tim’s assertion that the Julien Morgan and Fantasia show in New York was the only one there ever was in New York.
  • An epic rock tour with one show.
  • Should Tim take a rest?
  • Does Tim know the difference between INXS and Pink Floyd?
  • Michael Hutchins, gone too soon.

Question: What’s the best concert you ever forgot about?

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Today’s Toast

“Here’s to nipples. Without them, breasts would have no point.”

Robyn Ray

Today’s Second Toast

“The first draught a man drinks is for thirst, the second for nourishment, the third for pleasure, and the fourth for madness.”

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