Ryan’s Multi-Generational Disney World Trip Report – 19

Want to take your parents to Disney? Today Ryan tells us about his recent multi-generational trip to Walt Disney World, and he tells us from Disney World.

Topics Covered

  • Where Ryan is Staying (the palatial Old Key West Resort)
  • Overview of their itinerary
  • Comparison of Disney crowds this week to Shayne’s trip a couple of weeks ago.
  • Comparison to previous Octobers at Disney
  • Disney’s COVID-19 safety measures
  • Current lines and wait times
  • The daily activities of their multi-generational Disney world trip
  • Accommodation suggestions for a multi-generational Disney world trip

Friends’ Questions During Our Live Show

  • When do we think Disneyland will reopen?
  • For someone who suffers anxiety, which Disney Park is better?

What do you think about taking your parents and kids to Disney World?

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