Scary Movies Talk – 152

Jeepers Creepers! On today’s very Beer Thursday, everybody’s favorite wise-asses of whimsical whatnot discuss scary movies.

  • What movies scare Shayne?
  • What movies scare Jay?
  • What does TV’s “Starsky & Hutch” star David Soul have to do with any of this?
  • Jump scares, creepy clowns, and toasts.

Oh my!

Fear not. All of your questions will be carefully avoided on this, the very next special round of…

Question: What is the scariest horror movie?

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Today’s Toast

“Here’s to the good times we’ve had. The good times we’ll have. And the good times we will have had too. So here’s the good times and the good old days. Cause may we always be living in them?.”

Jay Ray

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Round 152 Transcripts

[The show is transcribed with artificial intelligence. It’s not accurate, but a lot of it sure is funny!]

Jay: Hey, man, what’s up. It’s Beer Thursday and you are here. I am here. And Shayne is here. How’s everybody doing I don’t think we could hear what they are a reply from them because I, I just realized that we’re recording this in front of a dead studio audience. So.

Shayne: Is one of the drawbacks of the podcast medium, is that yeah, but there are different ways they could find us on Facebook interact with us. We get quite a bit of interaction on in our Facebook page.

Jay: Yeah,

Shayne: as much as our Facebook group, but

Jay: Instagram. We get we’ve one of our one of our patrons

Shayne: oh, yes. Yeah.

Jay: We get and feel free to message us, message us. Anytime comment, ask if you have suggestions for a, a round for us to do,

Shayne: We do take requests.

Jay: if you have advice that you need,

Shayne: Hmm

Jay: feel free, you know, ask, ask away.

Shayne: We’re wise in the ways of earth

Jay: We are wise beyond our years.

Shayne: are wise behind the ears.

Jay: Yes that I did say beyond our ears. Right. That’s what I

Shayne: I dunno.

Jay: So, Shayne, one thing I love more than anything in this world.

Shayne: yes.

Jay: Well, that’s not true, but one thing I really love is horror movies.

Shayne: Ah,

Jay: I like scary movies. Shayne do you like scary movies? Why did I sound like tiger woods?

Shayne: I do. But I’m often disappointed because, when they finally explain the situation, somehow they always get cheesy. And then I’m just like, okay, like even the ring started out really good. And then when it got to the point, at certain point, I just went, okay. It was really cool. Now this is dumb,

Jay: Yeah.

Shayne: but when a movie is scary and then doesn’t do that, then yes, love that.

Jay: Yeah. I want to be. I want to be creeped out scared. I’m not talking like somebody jumps out in front of somebody and you know, or you, the person opens the refrigerator door, they’re looking and when they close it, somebody’s standing there with a knife. Not the jump outage is scary because that’s just, that’s not scary.

That’s just. Cheap thrills not, it’s not scary. I’m talking the things that just frighten you. I, the supernatural stuff

Shayne: the things you don’t see

Jay: Things you don’t see or the slow build, you

Shayne: mm-hmm

Jay: it doesn’t have to be all about the special

Shayne: Are fixed

Jay: One of the scariest movies I’ve seen now. I, I it’s been years, so I don’t know if it holds up, but it was a movie called the strangers

Shayne: Hmm.

Jay: and it had lived Tyler in it.

And I can’t remember who else, because it had lived Tyler in,

Shayne: I could see that happening.

Jay: it was about this couple that were living in a house, sort of in the suburbs, sort of out there, kind. I mean, they had neighbors, but they were, you know, I guess kind of separated a little bit. And these, someone knocked on the door and these people asked, you know, is someone such and such there and you know, and then they’re wearing masks and it just got increasingly more intense and scary and creepy.

And it’s, it’s all about the you’re alone in your house. There’s nobody else there and somebody’s outside and you don’t know what their intentions are. Somebody’s trying to get in. Are they trying to hurt you? What is happening? And this movie did a great job. Portraying that the, and it was, it was a good movie.

And of course they said it was based upon a true story, which I think is probably bullshit. Cause if you, I mean, if you say that, I mean, pretty much everything is based upon a true story. Everything has hap yeah. You know, you can everything’s happened in certain. It was way maybe,

Shayne: people get the ideas from something from somewhere

Jay: Yeah. Oh,

Shayne: the living.

Jay: But, and then there was a sequel to it.

That was not great. It was, it was bad, but, but the first one that was good. Jeepers creepers. I don’t know if you ever saw that one.

Shayne: I.

Jay: I recommend that one. I either recommend that one

Shayne: Oh, I thought that one, I guess just because of the name seemed like it

Jay: would be

Shayne: might have been kind of cheesy. Yeah.

Jay: It had some witty dialogue. It’s a brother and sister on a cross country road trip.

Shayne: Now you talking about just the first one or any of the other.

Jay: just the first one, the rest of them were kind of dumb. The there’s, there was two more, supposedly they’re gonna do another one. I don’t know. But the first one was really good and it’s, it’s one of those movies, like, like with a lot of movies, not just horror movies, you don’t really have to have a sequel just make a different type of movie

Shayne: Or five

Jay: or. Because some movies are good, like Poltergeist. We didn’t really need P Poltergeist too.

Shayne: Not at all.

Jay: Although that preacher in Poltergeist too was creepy as hell.

Shayne: He was, yeah. True.

Jay: You know, you don’t need Halloween two was pretty good, but you don’t really need it. About the only one you really did need was. I think was, was Friday the 13th part too, because that’s the first appearance of, of Jason. So that’s

Shayne: So was a little.

Jay: yeah, it was a little different and you don’t need, no, you don’t mean remakes. There’s just too many remakes, you know, but like I want a movie that’s really gonna scare me. I want original. Did you ever see a movie called the Baba duke?

Shayne: No

Jay: I recommend that. I, I can’t re I’m not sure what platform it’s on, but it’s really good.


Shayne: Baba duke.

Jay: the Baba duke. Yeah.

Shayne: I’ve not

Jay: Or Babadook duke or,

Shayne: Baba Guch.

Jay: yeah, it’s about a, I think, I think she’s a single Bob and some creepy Crawley is, is trying to haunt her inner child. It’s it’s pretty good.

Uh, the first and second conjuring movies were pretty good as well.

Shayne: Yeah. That. I didn’t, I didn’t finish the second one, but the first one was, was scary. And then towards the end, I didn’t go, oh, wow. That’s stupid.

Jay: Yeah. Yeah.

Shayne: it was kind of good all the way through.

Jay: It’s like with some of these movies, like the, the, the people that are making them, like they get, and they’re doing such a great job and it’s so intense and they’re like, Oh man. Now what do we do? Oh, I know. Let’s just you know,

Shayne: Yeah. What do they not think them all the way through or what what’s the deal.

Jay: I don’t know, man.

Shayne: And, and then there’s some where I, to me, they’re not horror, I guess they’re maybe they’re scary or something like it. People talk about it being scary. and, and maybe it was because I read the book and kind of knew what to expect, but just didn’t seem

Jay: Well a, a lot of it. Yeah. Me mean either. But the thing is there’s there are people that are genuinely terrified of clowns,

Shayne: True.

Jay: so that’s, that’s part of it. And they did a good job with the little, it was kind of creepy, you know,

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah. And I never got to a point where I thought, okay, well that’s stupid.

Jay: Yeah, but I, I never thought I never thought the shining was really that scary nor did I think the book was scary.

Shayne: Yeah, no, well, I don’t know some of the parts, like the lady in the bathtub

kind of creepy the, the twins,

Jay: But like,

Shayne: creep kind of creepy, but.

Jay: Salem’s lot the book I didn’t think. All that scary. It was good though. It was really good. But the movie, the, the made for TV movie with David soul, in the seventies

Shayne: look back on me, baby.

Jay: as a kid that scared the living shit out of me. It just, it, you know, the, the, the kid, the dead kid.

Shayne: Okay. Well, kids are stupid though.

Jay: oh yeah. I, I don’t think that’s necessarily.

True. Not, not might have overstated your,

Shayne: I might have overstated my welcome

Jay: yeah. Overstated. You’re

welcome. So have you seen any movies that have truly frightened you and like, to your point, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a horror movie, but a thriller, something intense, something psychological or so.

Shayne: There, there was a series and there was one scene from this series where, and it was one of those jump scare things where it did. I did. like cry like black, cuz it was, I did not expect it and it was awesome. And I think I should tell what it is after this toast.

Jay: oh, nice packaging. And I hope you can what it was. Oh, Hey.

Shayne: timing? Hey

Jay: did you just press that or that was that really the


Shayne: that is, depending on how much I cut out of this, that eight minutes.

Jay: Do you want a toast that I have prepared

Shayne: always.

Jay: or do you want one that I make up off the

Shayne: Ooh, no. Yeah. One that you make up off the top of the spot is.

Jay: man. Okay. All right, Shayne, I’d like to ask you to raise a glass because I’m gonna do a toast, perhaps the most important toast of our young adult lives.

Shayne: Oh, my not so young.

Jay: Here’s to the good times we’ve had. The good times we’ll have.

Shayne: Mm.

Jay: And the good times we will have had too. So here’s the times and the good old days. Cause may we always be living in them? I tried to salvage it. I. Ask me to make wood up the

Shayne: It started out so good.

Jay: that’s what I, I think that’s why I messed it up. I was like, Hey, this is going well.

Shayne: might as well veer off the side of the road, whoop

Jay: yes. Tell me the, tell me the name of that movie.

Shayne: And this, this series did actually creep me out quite a bit. And then.

Jay: Oh, that’s right. Series

Shayne: point where the cinematography was so fascinating that I forgot to be scared. I, I don’t remember which round. Nope. Which episode of this? yeah, I can’t get it right for our show, but I get it right for their

show. I can’t remember which episode it was, but the, the cinematography of this series was so awesome that I forgot to be scared. And then there was one scene in it where there it is just kind of. There’s these two ladies driving down the street and they’re arguing. And then this ghost from the back seat just sticks its head in between him and goes blah or so to scream.

No, she says shut up. I think, I think maybe that’s what it is. She sticks her head between him and goes, shut up, you know, and of course the two ladies scream and then pull over like, what the hell? What was that? But that was the haunting of hill.

Jay: Oh, the sh yeah, that was great.

Shayne: Yeah. And, and I saw the other movie, the, the movie before, I guess that was also based on the book, the haunting of hill house, and also read the book and the series was completely different from the book. So even though it was very loosely based on it, it was different enough that I had no idea what to expect.

And the new story was great. the reasons behind why it was haunted, the hauntings and the scary stuff was great. And then the, the acting and the cinematography was just brilliant.

Jay: That, that’s what I thought of being you, you, the ghost that you’re seeing, there’s a very different. Thing that happens when they, the reveal so to speak it’s what you’re seeing. There’s a explanation that you’re not really expecting.

Shayne: Like Christopher Nolan level.

Jay: Yeah.

Agreed. Yeah. Did you see the follow up on a series? The haunting of life? I, I Bly man. I never saw that.

Shayne: no, I didn’t. Cuz I don’t watch a lot of things

Jay: Now I’ve got one for you, Shayne. This is more of a psychological horror movie. It came out in 2018. It’s called hereditary. And the only name person that I know on that was in the movie was, oh, two was Tony Colette and Anne Dowd. Oh, and Gabriel burn was in it. But anyway, it’s about this little creep.

It is a very creepy kind of girl. She’s just kind of odd and they’re normal, you know, they’re normal family and. The, her older brother Relu reluctant reluctantly takes her to a party with him. And they’re coming back from the party and something happens and it just gets increasingly more and more creepy.

I, I dare not say very much about it to, without, because I don’t wanna to uh, ruin it, but it’s truly one of those movies that sticks with you in its creepiness,

uh, it’s called hereditary.

Shayne: Hereditary.

Jay: Yeah. It used to be available on Amazon prime. I don’t know if it still is or not, but I recommend that one.

I also recommend the, which. Or which I don’t know if it’s which, or the witch

Shayne: Which, which do you recommend? Me? Me, me, me, me.

Jay: and that one was set in like the 17 hundreds or something like that.

Shayne: Okay. Yeah, I do remember that one.

Jay: Yeah, it was gosh, no, that’s not it.

Shayne: is it the one with Onya Taylor joy?

Jay: It is it’s on your Taylor drew and it’s, it’s,

a, it’s a slow burn.

Shayne: of hers.

Jay: Yeah, me too. It’s a slow build. But it’s, it’s creepy. Some of the best movies are the ones that are slow build or they don’t rely on the music. You know, the movies that have the music that the music, the, the sudden. Bursts of sound of the music that also coincide with the jump that scares you more than anything.

It’s not really as scary, more than a, anybody would be scared. If somebody just comes up, be behind you and says, boo, you know,

It’s gonna

Shayne: It’s the. Yeah. It’s not as, not as good.

Jay: but I recommend the, the witch. The problem is that there’s just not a lot of movies these days that really. Scare me and, and I, I, I like movies that, that, that stick with you and those movies I mentioned, I think kinda stick with you a little bit. But then there’s some movies that stick with you and they’re just not, I’ve got a couple for you. I recommend that you don’t see one of them You know what? I don’t remember the name of the other one, so it doesn’t matter. But one of them was it was human Syed

Shayne: Yeah, I was just about to say

Jay: yet. Yeah. Don’t see that ever.

You can’t unsee that movie. I’ll just say it when you see it, you can’t UN and it’s not that it’s scary. It’s.

Fucked up. It’s fucked up.

Shayne: Yeah. I don’t like those, the torture movies I saw, I guess in those cuz it’s just, yeah, I don’t like those. There’s nothing. It’s it’s just the violence or. The slashy this, I, I, I don’t care about seeing that.

Jay: You know, another movie that was great and there was violence to it, but it was really, really great. And it was Rob zombies. Debut was house of a thousand corpses. And that one was great. There was a guy in the movie who they made like a, it ended up being sort of a trilogy of mu movies with the same characters.

And one of the guys in the movie, he played a, a clown and. His name was captain Spalding. And there was a

lot of, yes, there were a lot of Mark’s brothers references

Shayne: oh,

Jay: in this movie. And the guy who played him was a guy named Sid Hague. And he, he died back in 2019, but he was brilliant. And Rob zombie’s wife.

Was in it as it she’s in pretty much all of his movies Sherry moon and I highly highly recommend house of a thousand corpses. It’s not so much scary. I mean, I think Mike creepy out a little bit kind of chainsaw horror or creepy a little bit, but it’s just, it’s a nice mix of scary and humor. Again, the captain Spalding, his greatness. And I don’t know what it is. I, I heard years ago. And I don’t know if this is true, that, that Rob zombie wanted to make a movie about the Mark’s brothers. And if, if that happens, that would be fantastic. But I love there’s a lot of Mark’s brothers references in that


Shayne: awesome. Captain Spalding. That’s awesome.

Jay: Those are some I recommend, but in conclusion what I was gonna say is I just don’t think there’s there. There’s very few and far between movies that really scare me. Now. Some television vision shows have gotten better at that. Like to your point with the Haunting of Hill House in, in that I also like a new show it’s called American Horror Stories.

And it’s more of an anthology and it’s just different separate stories each, each episode. And some of those are pretty good and creepy.

Shayne: Yeah, a lot of those look good.

Jay: Yeah.


Shayne: watch them,

Jay: and not so much on the creepy side, but the, the underappreciated Twilight zone hosted by Jordan peel was, was quite good. Oh, and one. Before I let you go.

Shayne: don’t let me go again.

Jay: I love everything Jordan peel does.

And the last movie I saw, we saw Nope,

in O PE. Nope. And that was really good. It wasn’t cuz you didn’t know what was gonna happen. It, it, it’s just good. That’s what I love about his movies. You really don’t really know. Okay. Where’s he going here?

Shayne: And I was gonna ask you about that one before we stopped. I was gonna ask you about Nope, cuz I knew you were seeing it soon

Jay: Yes, I saw it. I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. And it wasn’t what it wasn’t what you thought it was gonna be. I really think he is the best new, like new he’s fairly newcomer.

I would say he’s, he’s already one of the best movie makers out there. And I, and I think if he just keeps pounding away at it, his name’s gonna be mentioned going down.

He’s gonna be mentioned with Spielberg and, and, and COA and Sam Hagar. Or maybe not semi Hagar cuz that’s, you know?

Shayne: Tiki Waikiki.

Jay: Oh, TKI Waku yeah.

Shayne: easy.

Jay: I can’t say his name. Can you say his name? Robin can say it

Shayne: Waikiki,

Jay: to qui what

Shayne: Thai, Thai.

Jay: Kitti?

Shayne: I think we are digressing

Jay: Yes. Well, anyway, that was great. I think that was a great job. Bringing up that subject.

Don’t you Shayne

Shayne: Yes, we did so good at bringing it up again. Real good. Insane.

Jay: Oh, are we, are we done?

Shayne: Oh, are we done? Oh,

Jay: did I start or do you start? I think it’s time to

land a

Shayne: you started it. Yes. Yes. Well, we hope we have

Jay: Ooh, I hear the music.

Shayne: you, yeah. Oh, hopefully this, this will be, we’ll play this around Halloween. I reckon because horror movies are scary sometimes. Not very. We hope you enjoyed it. Please share Beer Thursday with a friend who could use a laugh or some special insight of their brains subscribe.

And that way you can make sure that next Thursday morning freshly out of the oven and onto your phone comes the next piping hot round of. Me? Me, me, me, me.