Don’t Do This On Social Media When Traveling!

Part of the fun of travel is collecting memories in the form of photographs and videos. And then sharing them on social media! As fun as it is to show off living that travel life, more people than your loved ones may be watching. Get ready for: “Don’t do this on social media when traveling!”

Don’t Do This On Social Media When Traveling!

These aren’t just about personal safety. They are to protect you from crimes such as Cyber Crimes.

We know you’re not going to do all of these things. Be mindful that criminals may be watching and of how Social engineering works.

  • Permanent Address (Yours, Friends, Family)
  • Numbers (Certifications, Licenses, Identification)
  • Dates
  • Think of any question you’ve been asked on sites for if you forget your password. Try not to mention those things.
  • Other social media and security don’ts when traveling
  • Protecting your home while you’re away

Question: What is your biggest tip for social media when traveling?

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